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  1. im currently experamenting with a couple of matte sealers to see which one workds best for me. GW's, testors, and armory. the armory brand hasnt really worked out. every time i clear coat something it leaves this fine dust on anything that ive painted brown. this monk is now clear coated with GW's matte sealer and is alot less glossy. thanks alot for the cropping and gamma thing Herr, what ever that means

  2. ive only been painting for a few months now so any suggestions would be great. you cant really tell from the pic but i did highlight his pants. his staff is just a base coat because i couldnt figure out what 2 do with it....hes kinda glossy in this pic because i hadnt clear coated him at that point.


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  3. its kinda off the topic but if your looking for a mini with lots of skin that you can highlight you should check this one out. 2512: Tsuko, Male Monk by Reaper. its one of my favs. lots of def. in his abs and arms. plus his face has lots of lines and creases.

  4. with pyrite being so crumbly and flaky you should b able to use your pin vise and VERY SLOWLY drill your holes. you probably should do just one i would do a couple of small holes if possible. depending on how fragile that particular piece of rock is, do you really think you should mount a mini on it?

  5. right now the only paints im using are games workshop and reaper pro paint. very limited colors on the pro paint side. i have all the GW skin tones for except rotted flesh. but when im layering my paints it seems like its way to drastic of a color change. im not trying to do to many highlights only 3 total. my base, then the first highlight then my inking but the colors just look **blah** if i dont make any custom colors what would you suggest as a start for those 3?

  6. no i havent tried that. but the main problem is colors. i cant seem 2 find the right color combination. they either come out looking like they have been sitting on the sun for 3 weeks or PINK.. im mainly looking for a suggestion on what colors to use. the only suggestions i can find are more for monsters and the such.

  7. another suggestion for your thinner is "future floor polish" believe it or not it works great. its an acrylic wax so it doesnt seperate like water does. you can also try using a less thinned paint. some brands are already thin and some are THICK so dont use the same amount for every jar/color. if the paint is real thick in the jar ill just add a little bit of the future to the jar. then if i need it thinner i can add future to my pallette. if you want to make a wash with it you can even do a 50%future/50%water mix and then add that to your color on a pallette.

  8. im having trouble with my human skin tones. ive been trying 2 get the right color for a melorian fighter female. up to this point the only way i can achieve the effect that i want is to just use a flesh wash. anyone have any suggestions.

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