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  1. If that's the pre-cut stuff, be careful - I've found it to be thinner than the rolls, and it can tear easily after a day or so - especially when remixing paint.
  2. This. Also, I give them a sharp tap in my palm to force any paint in the tip back into the bottle.
  3. I've seen several people say those are good, probably the top choice that's not a Vortex Genie.
  4. Gone and sold off on clearance just a few months ago. They don't even offer the Mantic Points stuff anymore (missed my chance at getting the Martian Zombies)
  5. Most problematic is that they shoot the minis from a top down angle instead of straight on, completely making the tiny letter unreliable as a measuring gauge as it's nearly impossible to tell exactly how tall they are when the letters' height is obscured/inflated by 50% or more depending on the angle.
  6. Came in thinking they would be from the zombie animals kickstarter, stayed for the nice paintjobs ;-)
  7. Limited items like the repercon bag are not going to be restocked, if they have some you'd best buy them before they run out.
  8. I actually forgot that brush-only orders ship free, and they ship quickly as well.
  9. Only inventory I do is with Paint Rack (android). There is sorting option in the app that you could use, although I find it's a little hit and miss as it's based on supplied color swatches which are not always exact matches anyway).
  10. Get them from Jackson's Art - free shipping level is easy to reach, and you can get #1s for about 11 bucks and #2s for 13.
  11. Some stuff hangs in the hobby area, some gets stuck on cases and palettes, duplicates of cards and such get used as coasters. The one Reapercon magnet I got is on my vortex mixer.
  12. Got my shipping notice for the wave 2, should have my Box Full of Evil tomorrow!
  13. I've added a lot more since, but I try to keep some order to them: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/84246-how-do-i-make-a-super-cheap-paint-rack/&tab=comments#comment-1783760
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