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  1. IgwanaRob

    Devil May Cry boardgame by Steamforged Games, Kickstarter

    They didn't run D&D, but they made/fulfilled it.
  2. IgwanaRob

    Bones mini turning sticky after a while

    I got stickiness from using Reaper Black and White primer to make grey when painting one of the D&D boardgame sets, which are also PVC plastic minis. I mixed the primers together, came back a few days later and they were all sticky. Nothing but primer on them, and they were washed before painting, but I coated them with the Folk Art G&T and they've been fine ever since. Hard to tell when it's gonna happen, but it's most likely off-gassing due to the curing process possibly combined with the interaction with whatever is in the plastic.
  3. IgwanaRob

    Andrea Paint & Army Painter Paint

    AP has a bunch of licenses, but I don't see Andrea on their list of paint sets. They're both European companies, so the same bottle source is most likely.
  4. IgwanaRob


    Dude, whatever you issue is with them, public slander is more than a little over the line. I've been watching them for a few years, they make great minis (I have several myself), and they've never scammed anyone the way you are apparently accusing them of doing.
  5. If every company only worked on one project/product at a time, the economy would slow to a crawl with nothing being made/sold. As long as one does not interfere with the other it's a non-issue. Especially if it's an experienced creator - CMoN have half a dozen running campaigns at a time, always run into production issues, and yet they still deliver. If being part of the production process, including delays, retail releases before rewards are delivered, and other projects being started/completed that have zero impact on the one you backed are not your thing, then Kickstarter is not either. It is not a pre-order system for customers, it's an investment process for the creators to bring this to market. There are the occasional problematic campaigns, but the warning flags are usually easy to read - production delays are not warning flags, they are normal and to be expected in any manufacturing endeavor.
  6. IgwanaRob

    Shiny anti-matte

    How many minutes did you spend shaking it first? I just used a 2 year old can yesterday that worked fine on my D8 High Roller - only needed a few seconds on the vortex mixer followed by imitating a 'shake weight' for a minute or two.
  7. Still waiting for a shipping notice for Hellboy, my Kimera Kolors is marked shipped (won't see anything more until it lands stateside), and as of now the only thing with a delivery date is Reaper, but the FedEX/USPS team-up rarely scans my stuff until it's about to be delivered. Scheduled for Thursday, but I wouldn't be surprised if it showed up today or tomorrow. In a perfect world, all 3 would show up this week so I can put off painting them faster :-p Edit, just noticed is UPS/USPS - I'll be lucky if the package make it here this week (the USPS doesn't work kindly with UPS round here)
  8. You;re nearly 3 times as heavy as mine :-p
  9. They're already selling board games, not too big of a jump.
  10. Ticker just moved, Game on!
  11. Some packages are more important than others, hope it goes smoothly. ;-)
  12. Lol, just got the shipping email from Reaper, just over 5 hours after the UPS email. Is it Thursday yet? Better than watching a video of myself opening a box of Bones!
  13. My date was 12-13-17, and I've only gotten the UPS email so far - although it did show in the Pledge Manager a few seconds before I got the email (yes I have the tracker, the PM, and the UPS sites open in tabs :-p )
  14. Shipping notice says I'll have my meager 3.5 lbs package on the 18th (only got the stuff I really wanted, will pick up as the rest are released). Do I win for smallest package? (I don't really want that title, but a win is a win :-p ) BTW, my first lock-in was 12-13-17, with 1 Tree of Despair
  15. Oh hey, I got a shipment notification! It's for Kimera Kolors, but it's something! I do wonder what will get here first - Bones4 , Hellboy, or the paint...