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  1. I kept my order small compared to most on here, but since its ended I've regretted not buying a few things that I was interested in but didn't get around to adding.
  2. I realized I forgot to upload pics last night. Those are all the minis I painted yesterday along with a couple of building I made a few days ago.
  3. I ended up painting for over 12 hours today and actually got stuff done for the first time in months. I ended up finishing a kill team of 6 space wolves for warhammer, and I painted up 10 pink horrors. This was a lot more than I expected to get done today so I'm really happy with how it went, and it also shows me I have no excuse for having any unpainted minis since I finished 16 in 1 day.
  4. I finally got stuff prepped and primed to he ready to go tomorrow. I have 21 minis ready to paint , gonna get the airbrush out and get to work tomorrow and see how much I can get done. I was planning on doing 12 hours, but I have a lot I want to paint and a free day, so hopefully I will be able to get basics down on everything and then actually finish a few of them.
  5. I think I will try the half marathon. I have a few projects that I've been working on so hopefully I can finish one or two in that time.
  6. I found a lot of amazing stuff in this box that I will hopefully get painted up soon. I took a few games workshop orks, a boar, and horses. I love the way all of these look and I'm already planning out how to paint them. I got some bones kobolds and goblins, along with a skeleton archer, a few mummies, and a translucent ghost. Then for the metal stuff I got a great looking beggar, a pirate skeleton, a fun little zombie, and then two amazing clowns that I am going to have to work into a game because they are too great to not use, and a really cool little hed
  7. @Rob Dean box arrived a few minutes ago. At first glance their is a lot of things that interest me so it will probably take me a day or two to sort through it all and try to find enough stuff to add back in.
  8. Where: Tennessee International: No Box starter: No
  9. I would be interested in joining whether it starts now or if you decide to wait on it.
  10. Shipped mine out, it should be there within 2-3 days.
  11. I got my gift from my secret Santa today, I’m not sure who it’s from but thanks a lot! I really like that Ogre mini and the dice, and the dwarf and angel are gonna be fun to paint. A lot of stuff has came up these past 2 weeks but I should be able to send mine out tomorrow.
  12. I have everything ready to be shipped out as soon as I can find a day to do it, hopefully I can get it sent out by early next week.
  13. I went through my collection and this is the start of what I want to get done. Since I've been painting I've only did smaller figures, so I think things like the frog demon, jungle titan and frost giant are going to be fun, and Solar has been one of my favorite minis since I first saw the concept art of it, so I'm really looking forward to that one. I doubt I will come close to finishing them all, but I think I will get a lot of painting done to have at least a few of them looking better.
  14. Got my order in and hopefully I will be able to start working on painting within the next few days.
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