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  1. Right now to the East there is a cloud formation in the shape of a dental retainer. What this omen portends I know not.
  2. Managed to find a driver willing to indulge my strangeness, and so I was able finally to make an excursion out the the ancient and haunted town of Millington over the weekend for the first time in about 17 years. It was like stepping back in time in a way, that area has managed to resist the invasion of the subdivisions thus far, so once we got a mile or so down Fox River road, the only change from my fraying memories was that there seems now to be an almost unnatural fecundity to the plantlife, the treelines and undergrowth a stark green wall bursting at points over the fields and close to th
  3. The seed bell was again off the branch this afternoon, this time the entire top is gone. Haven't seen any grackles or parts of grackles, and the chirping of the sparrows sounds both slower and deeper than before... Weekend plans include getting the Southeast corner of the room prepped and painted, and getting the new blade attachment onto the weed whacker and resuming the Endless War.
  4. My summer nocturnalism is back in full effect. It's 2:30 am and I just got done wrestling the new air conditioner into the window. Closest thing to a fist fight I've been in for some time, it escaped out the other side of the window at one point and I had to leap out, chase it down and subdue it on the lawn... Earlier today I managed to find a suitable square of mdf board at menards to use as a desktop for the new painting area and was pleasantly surprised to find that Reaper's 09401 Dragon Red can be easily matched by Pittsburgh Paints sc147 sedona. Yes, I'm redoing my walls to match one
  5. Grackles perhaps, but the squirrel seems to have reached an agreement where he only goes for the peanuts, which the sparrows aren't interested in. The greedy little ground squirrel does attempt to vaccuum up everything in the dish, but has recently figured out that the bird seed and peanut bag are located inside of a large plastic tote in the garage, and he has moved into the garage to keep a closer eye on it. So with him I'm more concerned about the idea of him eventually figuring out how to use the air compressor and dremel cutting tool to get into the tote. The neighbor cat would pro
  6. The Saga of the Dead Router is over, and my internet hath been restored. Surprisingly this was probably not the foul workings of Mothman for once, but seeing as it came just as I was finding some interesting connections between Chaugnar Faugn, the elephantine elder god and the ancient city of Carthage, I'm inclined to suspect the interference of either undead Carthaginians, or a surviving cult in this instance. Luckily in my paranoia, I had ensured that most of the relevant research materials had been downloaded prior to the murder of the router, so I was able to further refine certain t
  7. Saw him in Chicago in 2011. I have to agree. Not sure if it was Dylan deciding to screw with the audience, or if Donovan managed to lay down some manner of curse on him. For me the most entertaining part of the show was the couple sitting next to me who kept insisting that they had seen me at a Dylan concert in 1973. I wasn't born until 81, so this has led me to wonder if eventually I will get that whole time travel thing sorted out...
  8. I'm just curious as to whether or not the Eurovision played a part in waking up the volcano in Iceland, and what if any role it may have in the increased activity of Zev the Lizard.
  9. With wood now worth it's weight in gold, I decided to try various ways of converting the ugly pale paneling into something closer in line with my "surrounded by wood" idea. The paneling however put up a fight.Stains didn't work. Neither did regular house paint... Spray paint however, worked wonderfully on the test piece. From this... ...to this. Starting to get the 70's basement look going on, a heavier energy if you can dig it....a condensing of the vibe if you will, rather than the dissipation of the vital essence brought about by the...ok maybe I ought to get f
  10. Two more Mothman sightings at O'Hare April 15, and 21st this year.
  11. May 22: ...If (1968), Cool Hand Luke, and Heathers are the top three I've subjected people to over the years.Switchblade Sisters and The Warriors run close behind, as does Night of the Lepus. However upon the slightest of provocations I will go full Robert Osbourne and unleash my collection of film noir upon my associates. If around Halloween, the Universal Horrors collections get unleashed. The Peanuts Holiday Specials are also required viewing. May 23: Unfortunately I've never had any luck in getting anyone to try tabletop gaming, or even board games, so by this point it would be a rou
  12. I think I've got the most hours sunk into Mordheim City of the Damned for ps4. I don't think I've gone two weeks without playing it since 2017 when I first got a ps4. It has it's share of glitches, and the AI goes from unforgiving to outright weird at times, but it has become a staple of life by this point. Skyrim is a close runner up, I've got my mod list more or less set now, with expanded/redone cities, a couple large dungeons, and everything relating to the Vigilants of Stendarr I could find on ps4. (except the crossbow/extended crossbows from Creation Club, I've had recent issues wit
  13. If one of those languages is that of the Tcho-Tcho people of the steppes of Leng, then that would explain the connection between the general sound of Led Zeppelin's fourth album and certain stone tablets said to have been unearthed around 1971 in the region of Bron-Yr-Aur.
  14. Ah, one of the Gateways to the Summer Court, Stairway of the Butterflies if I remember correctly. According to legend, one must only attempt passage if you have both an engraved invitation from a Noble of the Summer Court, and several people behind you in the room playing a perfect rendition of "Stairway to Heaven". There is a proper point in the song where one is safe to cross, but I am not sure exactly when that is.
  15. Close. The fire was a side effect of the Binding of an ancient horror by a confederation of shamans in what would become Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario Canada judging by scar marks on the trees there. Although bound, it still exerts a certain power at times, which tends to result in missing persons in the area. Also of note is that thirteen years later in 1793 the first recorded instance of the "New England Vampire Panic", the exhumation of Rachel Burton by her husband Deacon Capt. Isaac Burton in an attempt to save his new wife from Rachel's "unnatural attentions". Although "The ab
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