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  1. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Happy Birthday OneBoot

    Happy Birthday!
  2. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Halloween 2019: Witch Coven

    Wow!, This came out wonderfully. I love the references scattered throughout.
  3. One of the advantages of snow is that if something comes creeping up to peer through your window in the wee hours, it leaves trackable hoofprints and claw marks, so you know where to apply the vervain. I'm just glad the motorcyclists with the overly loud sound systems and atrocious taste in music will not be waking me up anymore. The shame of it is, they've got the mufflers tuned to a decent roar with a good rumble, but it gets overpowered by the speakers.
  4. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    After working several years in high turnover jobs, my ability to remember names has degraded somewhat. Oddly enough I have an easier time remembering someone's astrological sign, so they are refered to by that until such time as I come up with a new name for them. Once I have named them, I (and to thier usual dismay everyone) will remember and use the new name.
  5. Personally I enjoy having the chance to awaken fully before the yellow orb that burns and blinds ambushes me. I'm with you on the colder weather though.
  6. Urg, still haven't been able to get any hobby time in, but the dryer duct is fixed so the attic is no longer covered in piles of lint. Next up is getting the insulation around the pipes under the bathroom floor.
  7. Lord of the Dish Pit


    Agamenthar the Coffee God approves of this project! Thanks for putting this up, it'll make a great reference for my Coffee Dwarf project I've been building up a backlog of Reaper Dwarves for.
  8. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Happy Birthday SparrowMarie

    Happy Birthday!
  9. Final pumpkin count is 29! Seven of them are still not quite ready to come off the vine, but the rest have conquered the kitchen table. Hopefully I can get back to painting some time in the next couple of days.
  10. Great work on all of these, and it's good to see witch hunters/old school horror getting painted. For my own forays into this theme, I found the following movies useful for color inspiration/general tone... Season of the Witch (2011)- Takes place in the 1300s, so a bit early for the Solomon Kane period, but it has some excellent visuals, and other than Nicolas Cage, the acting is pretty decent. Black Death (2011)- 1348, so still early, but an excellent reference for a witch hunter's cart, and just what could push someone into taking up the mantle of witch hunter. Has Sean Bean. Solomon Kane (2012)- Damn good film, costumes, sets, etc give it almost the look of a live action Mordheim, and James Purefoy nails it as Solomon. The Witch (2015)- Extremely accurate witch lore and puritan costumes. Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters (2013) A humorous more steampunk take on the topic, and a good b movie.
  11. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    No. The closest I've come to such a thing was when the hippies working at the cafe would use me as a flavor tester for various foods.
  12. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not riding around the country with a group of misfits, seeking to evade the Colonel. Congratulations and commiserations where appropriate. Although my pumpkins have been as shamefully neglected as my WIP threads, the first batch was ready for harvest this morning. Thus beating last year's total of one. The rest are still on green vines, so I'm leaving them be for the moment.
  13. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Came across an interesting incident the other day. The Gorbals Vampire in 1950s Scotland. Apparently the local schoolchildren became convinced a vampire was preying on kids in the area and decided that they were not going to stand for this. So several hundred of them spent three nights hunting for it in the local cemetery, much to the dismay of parents and police. I found this to be rather heartwarming myself.
  14. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Getting to Know You August 2019 presented by MvM

    My most recent ones, a young couple whose basement I was renting, or rather half of it. There was no interior wall, but enough old cabinets and such I could fashion a half elfed wall of sorts. Blocked vision but nothing else. -the wife would snoop thru my things when I was at work. The day I got a job greeted me with the question "How much are you getting paid?" in an attempt to try and muscle more rent out of me than was already agreed on. -the wife would also run the laundry equipment and the vacuum cleaner in the other end of the basement when I was trying to sleep. (I was working 6pm to 6am, and constantly exhausted because of this) On one occasion, burst past the wall and vacuumed right by where I was sleeping just to be a *&^%$. -once the wife learned my usual schedule, arranged it so that either her or the kids would be monopolizing the bathroom so I couldn't shower after work. (I was working at a biodiesel production facility and hence was covered in a fine layer of vegetable oil residue. Unless I wanted to wait 4 to 6 hours, I was stuck wearing that %^$&. So the choice became, get clean or get enough sleep cause I wasn't getting both.) -on weekends this problem intensified. From 6am to almost noon, the bathroom was taken and by the time I got to it, hot water was an impossibility. - the husband had a habit of practicing pool on the table in the basement on weekend afternoons when I was trying to catch up on sleep. -the two of them were admittedly willing to take me on grocery runs, but at the cost of me being pretty much taken hostage for 6-8 hours. -I was dragged into losing my day off, (I did not have many), by being forced into "helping" them with some yardwork the wife's parents needed done. Doesn't sound so bad except it was made clear that if I didn't I was getting tossed out, and after 11 hours, trip and work on site, I was paid a measly 20 bucks. -basically the idea that I was a person, not a housepet/slave worker/someone to look down on to relieve their own insecurities never crossed their minds. They felt they were in a position of power over me and exploited this as much as they could. The husband was someone I'd known for a long time at this point, and up until all this considered a friend. I hadn't realized just how much he had changed, although I wasn't paticularly suprised by it either. But various factors, mainly his wife although he had these tendancies to begin with, caused him to devolve into someone not that much different from the usual Northern IL ripoff artist/wheeler dealer wannabe. After having dealt with 4 years of bedbugs and crackheads in Austin, and 4 years of crackheads and elfhole landlords in Dekalb previously, I reached my breaking point and snapped. So was evicted back to Yorkville the next day, losing my job in the process, (even if I stayed in town I was working for the husband's father), and there was a whole continuing saga regarding getting my tax return that I won't go into. Runner up would be the roommate I had in Austin my first year there. He seemed the sanest of the Marketplace dwellers and was fed up with staying there as I was. He was also worried about how his leading on the granddaughter of the landlord was going to play out. (She took him seriously. He wasn't, and she held a grudge. Can't blame her really, although to be fair she was quite a piece of work herself when it came to scamming folks...) So long story short, we wind up in North Austin at another pay by week/month joint, this one far more expensive. Now he'd gotten out on parole and was having trouble keeping a job. His PO kept having him called in for random tests, and employers don't much care for that kinda thing when you're constantly missing days, and a couple places he just walked out of for whatever reason. Since one of the conditions of parole is to maintain employment, this can be a catch 22 and if your PO is a *&^%$ a nice way of getting it revoked. To be fair, The Leo, (not using his name), more than likely brought this on himself I imagine in a similar way to what went down with the landlord's granddaughter. He eventually said screw it and deliberately took up drinking again, breathalyser box or not. (he had to tote this thing with him and test every couple hours) He said he was gonna go back inside and serve out the rest of his time, which left me in the lurch cause I was not going to be able to carry the rent on my own. Also for those who know Austin, we were up on Rundberg,* and I was tired of dodging muggers, (had it attempted twice, and a bike stolen once in the two months we were there), so I wound up back in the hell of the Marketplace, only this time I landed in the bedbug infested building and three years of hell began from there. (I'm just going to skip the whole "The Leo's smartphone stolen by prostitutes saga, which somehow became my problem, because in the end the title is more interesting than the events, and this is going to become a novel if I don't restrain myself soon. I will add however that watching a man in his 50s go into full angry teenager breakdown mode over not having a smartphone for a few hours ranks up among the saddest things I have ever witnessed.) *For those unfamiliar, Rundberg is the highest crime section of Austin. While not as bad as certain parts of Chicago, it is bad enough. Less chance of getting hit by a drive by, but a very good chance of getting jumped or ambushed if you're not known/connected to the local gangs.
  15. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Getting to Know You August 2019 presented by MvM

    I have principals. They don't match society's in certain ways and I don't back down from them. So most often it's my inability to tell others what they want to hear that causes friction.