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  1. So on top of everything else, someone went and woke up Godzilla and now the mech units are being called out....
  2. There was a small gathering downtown of protesters today around noon, around 10-15 people, everything was peaceful. The local police have a series of roadblocks and ad hoc fortifications on the North side, protecting the main business district and watching over the main routes into town. I didn't hear about any trouble in Aurora since they turtled up, so hopefully that stays the same tonight.
  3. There will always be larger events in this world we cannot directly do anything about. Either brought on by societal issues or natural events. But that doesn't mean that we as individuals are necessarily helpless. Already there are a lot of here who are paying more attention to our gardening than usual, a few I think who have set up vegetable bartering pacts with their neighbors, etc. In doing so, even at a small level we are counteracting the chaos, bringing food into being where there was none before, and even though our individual efforts are but small drops, we are still doing something to provide for ourselves, others as well perhaps. This is not helplessness. What we can do in situations like this is first, look after those we live with the best we can, in whatever way we can, then extend that out to to our neighbors, focus on actual community consisting of real people, not pixels on a phone or screen.* Either start or strengthen existing ties in our neighborhoods,** because, and I do not in any way mean to either incite fear or panic by saying this, we probably aren't out of the woods yet as far as the way things are going. Strong communities, however small and modest, even if just one's block or building, can weather far better the whims of fate than individuals, however strong they may personally be. This year has brought more change and disruption than then a great many people ever thought was possible, and we have not yet felt the full consequences of what has already occurred from the virus, and the aftermath of the current ongoing unrest will likely bring more as well. Feeling overwhelmed by it all is understandable, each day seems to bring another event thought to be unlikely or impossible, and everyone has their limits. But think back on Frodo and Sam and their journey across Mordor. (Wisconsin) Tolkien wrote that in order to remind us that it requires extraordinary events to bring out what is best in us, just as it can bring out the worst as well in some. The year of 2020 is our opportunity to do exactly that. Yes, the general sense of normalcy has been lost, yes, each day can seem as if it is more dire than the last, but it is under these conditions, that we can perhaps find the unnormal and extraordinary with ourselves, and even though our reach may be limited, we still each of us have a reach. I cannot say that all will be well, I cannot promise that the world will ever return to what we were used to, I cannot say that there will not be further trials ahead, but I can say that we have it within ourselves to face them and deal with them when the time comes. It may not be comfortable, it may not be easy, but as humans***, we are nothing if not adaptable. * I'm not saying we need to abandon the forum, but the encroach of technology has had a detrimental effect on the way most people usually socialize, and taking steps to reverse that process is something that we as a society have a need for, if for no other reason than our individual mental well being. **Bear in mind this is coming from someone who does not paticularly like his neighbors, so the fact that despite my cynical nature and general low expectations from humanity at large, the fact that I have begun to do so should have a certain weight to it. (In truth the above screed is something I am rather shocked in writing in the first place, as I thought whatever Aquarian idealism I may once have possessed was long dead and gone, and the thought it may not be is conflicting on several levels.) *** I refer to humans, but considering the amount of food posting on the forum there are times that I seriously wonder if the majority of you may not actually be hobbits. (yes this played a role in my Frodo and Sam example.)
  4. Wasn't there a trend of taxidermy around that time involving adding fur to fish, to show how odd the creatures of the new world were? Perhaps those were presented as "beavers"....
  5. Reports that downtown Naperville had rioting break out. Aurora closed off entrance to the city, and National Guard has a large presence in Mooseheart, between Batavia and North Aurora. But so far west of Rt 59 has been quiet.
  6. Wait until the Food Channel finds out about them and makes them a "trend"....
  7. Looting in Dekalb last night, fires set in Aurora, which is just over the East edge of the county, about 20 miles from where I am. Local police were moving around in numbers today, apparently threats had made online to loot the Target on the North side of town. Seems there are somewhat organized groups that have a target list, go in smash and grab and get out from what I was hearing both from others in the area and on the scanner. Made a quick supply run today, ahead of my schedule as I expect that all of this is going to have ramifications on the supply chain, not to mention a second wave of infections, whatever good the lockdown may have done has been tossed in the gutter by this point... I'm not too worried yet about things really going sideways where I am, we're on the edges of the Chicago area, and large groups would find it difficult to navigate the 60 miles from the city through the various roadblocks and defenses being set up in the suburbs to the East. However the targeting of our grocery stores is a concern as is possible spillover from Aurora making it's way into Oswego. I spoke with some of my friends who live in the Eastern suburbs and told them that if they needed to, my door was open if they want to hole up here. Past that, I'm still in wait and see mode, depending on what happens over the next couple of days.
  8. All you need now is a bowler hat, and to start incorporating the word "youse" into your usual speech. Bonus points if you can learn to flip a nickel George Raft style. From the sound of things, the intimidation effect is probably deliberate, which wouldn't surprise me if the local necromancers are acting up again and this is part of your employer's response. What are the restrictions on exporting live beavers? Because I might have a use for around 20 of them.... (There's a few places I can introduce them around the county where their antics will benefit my schemes to conquer it.)
  9. Excellent weather here as well, grey, cloudy, and Falkreath-like. It seems that something has awakened the muse, so I managed to get some writing done last night. The story I was working on a couple months ago, I managed to revise a bit of the first encounter with the entity and start getting down the aftermath before the inspiration petered out. Or so I thought, about an hour later I found myself cranking out a rough first draft for a middle part of book 4, about 30 pages worth, mostly inspired by my attempt to try and set down just how exactly vampirism and necromancy work in my deranged little setting. Which once my characters started speaking, quickly turned into a lore dump on other topics, a segment from some other antagonists, me accidentally figuring out how to incorporate some characters from book 2 into things, and a cozy domestic quarrel over just what constitutes "crimes against food" when attempting banana bread. As if that wasn't enough, my mind shifted gears again and I found myself with a page and a half from book 3, going into one of the secondary antagonist's response to her failed attempt to summon a wendigo against the main character and some interesting tendrils into how to tie her into the cult of mammon, and some ideas as to make her more well rounded as a character. The "gardener" philosophy of writing doesn't usually work for me all that well, too easy to go off track and write myself into corners, but it seemed to go alright in this instance, not that my brain gave me much choice in the matter. Now the challenge of the day shall be to see if I can get back to the painting table after my nap....
  10. I don't have much trouble recognizing who's who, mask or not....but unless I've given them a name I never remember what it is. The same goes for others recognizing me, I tend to make an impression it seems, for good or ill.
  11. Note the stance and expression as well, obviously a descendant of the Great Northern Fur Dragons.
  12. Something must've really irritated the Unseelie then....I'm thinking the unicorns again. This sort of thing keeps up, the Summer Court is going to start throwing down against both sides, and we're gonna be in for one helluva ride weatherwise.
  13. The way this year is going I would not be surprised if my "Great Lakes Homicidal Mermaid" theory or some of the other crazed ramblings turn out to be actually more fact based than I thought... It seems like reality is trying to make me up my game. Worrying as that may be, perhaps I will have the opportunity to face down mothman in a bout of fisticuffs after all....
  14. Put down Bronzed Skin where white will be. Stormy Grey on the Sheriff's bag and Harvest Brown on his scabbard belts. Misty Grey on the Ripper Nun's belt sash and habit, Dragon Red on her wooden stake carrier, Ebony Flesh on the stakes, and Stormy Grey on her gloves.
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