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  1. It's been rainy, grey, and cold this last week, which I've been enjoying, having been denied such by the Menards weather wizards for so long. However, while snow on Halloween itself is not unheard of around here, the general vibe attached to today's, as well as the timing give the impression that this was a disgruntled show of force by the Great Pumpkin* and not the 2020 thoughtform. (enough people have blamed 2020 for things that by now a sizable thoughtform is likely running about.) *The fact the snow melted early on is proof of this as well. The Great Pumpkin isn't the angriest of deities and sometimes has trouble with extended wrath. Also I was talking quite a bit more than usual today, so the hot air from that may have had an effect on the melt speed...
  2. Snow has come. A sign of the intense displeasure of the Great Pumpkin over the cancelling of the Peanuts Special. I was somewhat expecting this, instead of the usual visit to the Pumpkin Patches, this year in His Wisdom, He hath unleashed the Unseelie upon humanity in Punishment. Even a deity of the Great Pumpkin's Benevolence can be pushed too far, and that has now happened...
  3. I've been almost fully nocturnal the last few months, I can't remember the last time I actually stayed awake a full day and slept at night. Usually pass out around noon-2pm and wake up between 7-9pm. Years of working 2nd shift have probably screwed up my sleep cycle beyond repair. But on the other hand, I'm not paticularly fond of bright daylight anyway, and the social isolation that came with spending most of my working years on evening shift, while hellish for a younger me, is also probably the reason that I've felt no real "cabin fever" at all this year from the lockdown/quarantine.
  4. This level of heresy against the Great Pumpkin is unthinkable. What we are seeing is the result of an organized conspiracy to try and prevent a new generation of Pumpkinites from forming, as the Halloween Special is our primary means of getting the word out about the Benevolent Might of the Great Pumpkin. Possibly the strings here are being pulled by Corrupt Santa.
  5. I've done similar. On Grandparent's Day in years past, I'd take grandma's box off the mantle and take her down to the restaurant for coffee. The waitstaff, being well used to me didn't have an adverse reaction, but several customers were somewhat freaked out by this.
  6. Still overcast/rain, with occasional thunder and looks to stay that way until Monday. Mayhap the dread powers of the Menards weather wizard has been finally broken...which I am enjoying as I find vitamin D to be rather overrated. Looked outside this morning to find the neighbor's cat lurking around the feeder, before wandering off with a peanut in it's mouth. Occasionally I've seen it eating a few seeds, but this is the first time I've seen it carry off a peanut. Perhaps it's trying to elf with the chipmunk and squirrels.
  7. The clouds have finally returned! Last few days have been overcast, and chill enough for me to once again break out the space heater.
  8. I've now given myself homework. All this talk of writing got the ideas flowing and now I find myself needing to do some in depth research on Pope, Hardin, and Williamson Counties in Southern Illinois. In one of my earlier stories, a group of bank robbers holes up in an abandoned motor lodge in Shawnee National Forest that is the den of a very hungry eldritch entity. The entity ties in with my version of Cahokia, and while another of it's ilk plays a large role several years later, the one in Southern Illinois didn't return except for the occasional mention. Well, now I've got a rough outline for it's history from 1600 to 2004, and the few snippets of interesting things I've been able to find out about the area are tying in nicely so far, and ideas aplenty for a series of short stories about it. Which on one hand I'm quite happy about, on the other, I'm having a hard enough time finishing what I've already been trying to work on as it is. I did kind of see this coming though, I've been bingeing on old school psychic detective stories, Dr. Taverner, John Silence, etc, and recently hit the collected works of Manly Wade Wellman. I hadn't read too much of Wellman's work until recently, and it's kind of interesting how many of my ideas run so close to his at times. I was surprised to find he liked to use Montague Summers' works and the Compendium Maleficarum as reference or in one case, a direct story seed, as I'm fond of trying to keep the supernatural element in my stories grounded in the same or in line with the ideas of the Golden Dawn. I was also trying to think up a way to use the "Bloody Benders" of Kansas in something, only to discover Wellman wrote a novel about them around 1960. Ninja'd by several decades... Of course this project isn't made easier by the fact that the furthest South I've been in Illinois is Pana, so I'm not exactly sure if the layout of Shawnee could hide an abandoned motor lodge for decades...
  9. Perhaps something about half painted miniatures coming to life, and the house cat finds itself in the position of having to try and keep them in line, while getting blamed for whatever mischief the minis cause, written from the cat's point of view? With my own writing I rarely get the whole thing written in order, usually it's random scenes somewhere along the timeline and I just concentrate on working those together into a coherent whole. As to gathering ideas, try taking two or more things that seem to have no connection or a very odd one and try to combine them in a way that makes "sense". Such as, salt being a major ingredient in foods, but also useful for fending off the malevolent unseen, so perhaps something like a baker or cook finding themselves on one of those competition cooking shows, and the elfhole host is some manner of metaphyical nasty and so using only common ingredients, the cook has to stop it's nefarious plot. Hope this helps.
  10. Since we're supposed to be getting a frost in tonight, I gathered the remaining pumpkins... Which brings me to a total of 16 this year. They appear to be hybrids of the Jack B Littles and the Pie Pumpkins of last year, and all came from seeds that had been outdoors all winter, as I left last year's pumpkins to rejoin the soil. In comparison to last year, the ones that survived the heat had a slightly longer growing season, up until the first frost a week or so ago, they were still flowering and two tiny proto pumpkins were on the vines, and they had started growing earlier in the season than I'd expected. So after Halloween, I'll do the same with these, and mix in some fresh topsoil.
  11. The vampires are almost finished, and all six of the skeletons are ready for the next step... Highlight layer of 50/50 Stone Grey/Weathered Grey, and Black/Stormy Grey on her sandals. Same light grey mix on his sleeves, several layers of Pure Black/Stormy Grey mix on his pants and outer cape, Shadowed Stone on his boots, Cursed Gold on the metal bits. His hair got a highlight of Misty Grey then a dousing in Black Wash. As usual, my black/grey mix is either too subtle or too blatant, but it shows well enough in person.
  12. Nah, the Worms of the Earth summoned by Bran Mak Morn's descendant took out the ninth legion. The Welsh following Prince Madoc, might be different, although I've not heard anything about them heading further West than the Appalachians.
  13. Ah, the joys of "mouse season"....nothing quite like having determined scratching abruptly start from underneath one whilest relaxing in the tub. Given the turns my mind normally takes, I had a "fun" moment or two as I desperately prepared myself for mortal combat with something coming up out of the floor.... Pretty sure it was a mouse though, this house isn't quite old enough to have a hidden temple to the Magna Mater hidden beneath the crawlspace, and I'm rather certain that the romans never made it into the area.... Still, I now have the reoccuring thought that perhaps I ought to see if the name "de la Pour" shows up in the genelogical woodpile...and maybe "borrow" the cat that occasionally wanders around the bird feeder, just in case Lovecraft's "Rats in the Walls" was actually a prophesy of some kind...
  14. Slathered the bike in P3 Armor Wash... Drybrushed Woodland Brown over the fur... And the non mounted version...
  15. Vampire skin is done... After the adding Vampire Skin, went over with a Snow Shadow wash, painted in the eyes, and final layer of Vampire Highlight, and picked out the fangs in Pure White. Also slathered some GW Druchii Purple wash on the cape. Her hair was based in Ebony Flesh, then Dark Highlights layered over. Three of the skeletons have gone thru the Dirty Bone/Graveyard Bone highlight stage.
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