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  1. Some progress has been made... The first half of the unit has had most of the base colors applied and the Bones Dwarf is very close to done.
  2. I've made a bit more progress over the last few days now that the writting urge is beginning to subside a bit... The board is finished, although a bit splotchy, but that won't be too visable once I get the minis on it, next is to start on the background board. Gift zombies are finished except for sealing. The Zombie dragon just needs some base work. Preperations for the next phase once the ghouls are done. Some BattleMasters Beastmen on thier new bases. Their time in the Simple Green didn't get all the paint off, and three of them need new weapons, which will be the axes from the Reaper Bones weapon pack. Alongside some Bones Beastmen I already painted, showing the scale creep that has taken place since the early 90s. Luckily the word uniformity doesn't apply to Beastmen, so it shouldn't be an issue... ...Although the reinforcements are going to heavily test that theory. Warhammer lore had the Beastmen as being the "true" children of chaos and I've read that their design was based off of the Roman impressions of barbarian tribes but dialing up the anti civilization setting to 11. The presence of Beastmen then in the Army of the Great Pumpkin, a generally benevolent god, wouldn't make too much sense until taking a look at the other design influence that was a bit more subtle. The film "The Witch" featured a demonic goat named Black Phillip, which like most of the movie had a solid basis in the witchcraft trial records. Multiple accounts of the devil appearing to a prospective witch in either animal form, a "dark man", or a goatheaded man appear throughout the records. The Sabbats featured further descriptions of beastheaded men and Lovecraft used this as inspiration for Shub Nigguroth, the Black Goat of the Woods with a thousand young. Since part of my Witch Army pays tribute to the traditional depictions of Infernalist Witches out to overthrow civilization, and with the Spring season the perfect time to paint depictions of fecundity gone bad, (and the opportunity to paint something other than ghoul flesh), hopefully my painting motivation will continue to hold strong.
  3. Back when stealing hubcaps was a popular pastime, according to what I heard from the old guys at the coffee counter years ago, a common antitheft system was to apply shortened razor blades under the rim. Even if one wasn't able to follow the blood trail, the bandaged fingertips would give away the neighborhood hubcap thief. A similar thing could be done with plates. In a world were the insanity of reality insists on giving my imagination a run for it's money, it is reassuring that there are things that do not change and are nigh eternal...once again I have found that mowing the lawn has summoned rain.
  4. I had a similar situation in 2011, the landlord thought property taxes didn't apply to him and after the county repossessed the house he had the gall to send his minion around to try and collect rent on a building he no longer owned. Of the four of us there I was the only one who didn't pay him since losing the building broke the lease on his end.
  5. The Easter Bunny has brought us snow. I had been hoping to get to work with my new rototiller today, but it looks like that isn't happening until later in the week at best. I have carefully noted this in the Book, and next year's Easter prep is going to include some rabbit traps and a stock pot....
  6. Haven't been getting snow or heavy rains, but last week the city in it's "wisdom" started putting up new lights on the street corners. I suspect that these are all camera equipped, but the more obvious problem is that they are bright as hell. So during the day it's the Formerly Yellow, Now LED White Orb That Burns and Blinds, and in the night it's Lets See How Much Light Pollution We Can Make streetlights ensuring that the time of seeing actual stars from the backyard are pretty much over. Amusingly the day after the abomination was installed the transformer down the street blew out around 1 am. I assume that the Visible From Space streetlights had something to do with that. With the reports of heavy storms moving across the Midwest, I'm tempted to see if I can find enough copper wire in the garage to wrap the new streetlight in lightning attractant....
  7. I'm not hiding from Monday, my extended absence was due to having fallen down yet another research rabbithole. It began with reading Clark Ashton Smith's Averoigne stories, then rereading The Wolf Leader by Alexander Dumas and some other accounts of wolf attacks in French history. I then had thoughts about what may have happened if the Germans had found themselves occupying the witch haunted forests of Averoigne in November 1942 when they overran Vichy...werewolf attacks against patrols, vampires revived by ill conceived experiments by Ahnenerbe researchers who then attempt to use the chaos of the war to once again seize their ancient fiefdoms, an anarchist associate of the Bonnet Gang who fled here in 1914, stumbled into the fey realm and returned only to find himself in a world he no longer recognizes and is now being pursed by the enchantress who trapped him.... An idle thought has birthed more ideas than I expected, and all of them require me to become a lot more well read on the subject of France and its history than I currently am, so most of my time has been spent delving into books and documentaries. My painting desk has become woefully neglected I'm sorry to say, as have my original cycle of stories, but on the other hand research is fun.
  8. Today was an interesting day. It started with finally being able to catch a good movie from the beginning for the first time in months, that movie being Fallen (1998) with Denzel Washington. I haven't seen it since it came out, and had forgotten how good it was. Two hours later I get a knock at my door and find a kid about 15-18 years old I don't know. He tells me that he saw a black and white cat crawling under the house, and wanted to let me know it was there and that he had left it some food. I thanked him for the info and the feeding, thinking to myself that this solved the mystery of why I had been hearing scratching noises under the floor the last few weeks, and revising my plan to throw some mothballs down the burrow until I can hopefully lure out the Nesting Cat and determine whether or not it's taking a vacation from home or if it requires one. One of the plot points in Fallen involves a cat underneath a cabin however, and the odds of seeing that in a movie two hours before learning I now have a cat under the house is a level of synchronicity I haven't had in a long while. I'm pretty sure that the cat isn't the demon Azazel because that title belongs to the mouse in the kitchen. The mouse has so far resisted being lured into the live trap, ignoring peanut butter, seeds, nuts, saltines, cheese, goldfish crackers, and pretzels I've tried to bait it with. Either this thing is possessed by a fallen angel level of intelligence, or this is the pickiest eater in the history of mice. I discovered this morning it had gotten the mac n cheese boxes, and I'm half convinced it's just elfing with me by this point. So the morning my patience with the mouse starts to run thin...I learn I have theoretical access to a cat...almost as if the universe is attempting to balance itself here... All I know is if I start to hear a squeaky little voice singing "Time is on my side" coming from the back of the cupboards I'm going to have to figure out a way to not only catch the mouse, but to deposit it somewhere more than 500 cubits from another living thing....
  9. My dreams have gotten weird again. Even by my standards. Driving the roads of Atlantis prior to it's sinking in my old 78 Cadillac with my friends from high school was more or less the usual level of oddity. Having to flee when the saucers started landing that were disgorging legions of dark armored beings that were attacking everything in sight...still not above and beyond. Learning that they refered to themselves as the Algol is what took it over the top due to the fact that each time I've woken up I've been repeating to word because apparently I'm supposed to remember it. Algol is another name for ghoul, which I've been painting on and off for awhile now. It is also the name of a star. When I did some digging after I awoke, I learned it is one of what Agrippa refered to as the Behenian Stars which played a role in medieval astrology, being used in magical talismans. The plant related to Algol is the black hellebore which is poisonous and causes among other things burning of the eyes. Dry eye itchiness has been bothering me this last week something fierce and now I'm starting to wonder if maybe someone or something targeted me with one of these Algol talismans.... Either that or my subconscious is really having a field day with associations and is trying to encourage me to brush up on my research again.
  10. As I feared would happen, as soon as the snow melted and before the temperature could get stable above 40 for more than a day, the rains have come. The machinations of the channel 7 news time have been finely honed when it comes to inflicting of monsoon season here, thus giving the weeds a head start on the Spring Offensive. Combined with the way the dry air has done a number on my eyes, thus interfering with my painting time, and the chaos of the time change destroying my sleep schedule, I am getting the suspicion that Mothman and his foul minions are stepping up thier efforts to get me out of the way this year.
  11. So it wasn't enough that they extended daylight savings time in 2005, despite the war being over for 60 years at that point, now they want to permanently destroy our hour of sleep. The cycle needs to end, yes, but end it in such a way as to return us to the natural cycle, not damn us to eternal sleep deprivation in the name of the foul demon Productivity! After the events of the last few years stressing everyone out, after current events are stressing everyone out, do these fools really think throwing eternal sleep dep into the mix is a wise idea? Whether this is stupidity or malice, I have my suspicions, but this is not the place to utter them.
  12. Began flocking the board... ...and attending to the cemetery details... Nightfall craft paint on the roof, and Rotting Wood on the door and frame. Rotting Wood on the coffins, and Pavement Grey on the loose bricks in the wall gap. The rocks were based in Shadowed Stone. More loose bricks.
  13. I have achieved my goal of sleeping through the majority of the day, thus avoiding the Ides of March and pies.
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