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  1. Full coat of Black Wash on the cemetery... Undercoated 8 Marx Toy Factory trees... and the Beastmen back from the garage... Not a bad night's progress.
  2. ...I have returned. (Waitstaff in two states have learned to fear this statement, as it portends the emptying of the coffee and sugar stockpiles...) With the weather doing it's best immitation of the Sun's Anvil, (I don't want to hear any namby pamby boohooing about the 12 inch guns at Aqaba, they're pointed at the sea and can't be turned inland....), I've been driven into a nocturnal existence except for brief excursions to water the tomato plants. So I've returned to my old habit of sitting and basking in the moonlight these last few nights. Or tried to anyway. First there was the obnoxiously bright streetlights the city put in, which meant that I'd have to do this on the back porch. No problem, that was my usual spot years ago. However the next door neighbor to the West has decided to light up their porch like a Reno Saturday night, which nessesitated me finding a spot in the back yard shielded both from the streetlight and the neighbor's lights. Irritating, but doable. Tonight I go out to find that now that neighbor has begun lighting up their backyard as well, leaving me with no spot where I'm able to properly bask, illuminated only by natural light. I don't know if this was deliberate on the neighbor's part, but there is definately a higher force attempting to ensure that no matter what attempt I make to relax in my old ways, that they will be foiled. This also means that I cannot kill the forsythia, since that's the only blockage from the backyard light I've got. (Well played my ancient foe, well played...) I need to look into getting some lattice boards, create some kind of privacy wall that won't trigger the city's zoning goons... Other than that, it was a nice night, lightning to the West, yellow moon with a face remnicient of a Jack O Lantern rising over the trees around 11:30 pm, ominous whispers of the tree branches in the wind, lack of traffic and noise...
  3. After I finish the Beastmen, I'll probably be moving on to zombies. Waiting for the 20th to put in an order for the Learn To Paint Zombies box. Speaking of Beastmen... 77254 Haab Beastmen Champion on one of the new 2 inch squares. I'd have left him unbased, except he has a tendency to tip over. Undercoated the bases on the previous Beastmen... ...and on the BattleMasters ones. Got the new axes from the Reaper Weapons Megapack in place. Leaving them alone for the next 24 hours so the glue sets. Figured I'd attempt that zenthal thing the kids are into these days. These are the new 44152 Bones Black Beastmen. I didn't base these since they're stable on their own, although a bit of carving on the bases would've fit them on the 1 inch squares.The BattleMasters Beastmen got the same white coat and are drying now.
  4. Finished the last three Ghouls...(pics taken before flocking and sealing) Some more progress on the Ghoul Queen... Brown Wash on her crown bits, Ebony Flesh on the scabbard... Same on her accessories, with Shadowed Steel on the metal bits. Moving on with the Beastmen, wood putty on the bases.
  5. The windstorm that hit Chicago yesterday was NOT my fault. I have not made the Thunder Beef Marinade so far this year. I did however get the garden plot cleared after letting it go fallow last year, and got the tomatos and green peppers planted so there might be a slight possibility that the resulting weather was revenge from the woody weeds, although they usually are unable to summon such potent storms...and I cut down three weed trees this morning that were entangling themselves with the power lines, so there might be another wind storm incoming if the yard has recieved the power boost I fear it has...
  6. Some more progress in the wee hours... Started on the cemetery details... Then began with the Black Wash... Finished the skin on the Ghouls and Ghast... ...and finally got back to the Ghoul Queen, who had a layer of Bronzed Skin applied to her cloak...
  7. Now that I have a background, I finally got around to taking some better army pictures... Ghoul Pack Large Beasts Skeletons Pumpkins & Scarecrows Wolves & Spiders Bats & Gargoyles Vampires & Undead Ghosts The Witch Coven Now for the fun of trying to get all of this back onto the shelf. I'll have to make another couple boards for photo purposes, but even with the warping I'm pretty happy with how these came out.
  8. Now that Haragr is in Show Off, things are moving a little quicker... The Sugar Fiend Slayer is done except for his base. I still haven't found his spoon yet. Washes are done, just need to do some touchup work on the crest, and some more work on the horns. Not pictured are the arms which are still on the sprues, but basecoated for the most part.
  9. Finally got started on the background board... A combination of spray and craft paints. Foamboard was probably not the best base, but it's what I've got, and when the urge to get something done hits at 4 am I'm not about to ignore it, because I've been putting this off long enough. After it dries, and depending on the warpage, I'll start adding the moon and clouds. Ghouls and Ghast after thier first flesh highlight, Vampire Skin and Moldy Skin respectively. Drybrushing of Stone Grey on the gravestones, monuments, and rocks, first of what turned out to be three layers of Hashut Copper on the roof. Ghouls and Ghast after the Stone Grey Wash... ...also put down some thinned Brown Wash on the bones.
  10. I would've thought a portal to the 90s cartoon Barnyard Commandos....
  11. Another Bones Dwarf for the Coffee Dwarf adventuring party... Proudly displaying his allegience to Maxwell House. Including his Dwarf sized coffee mug, slightly yellowed due to lack of washing. Which would violate the 1st Dictate of Agamenthar "Thou Shalt Not Wash Thy Mug and Remove the Accumulation of Blessed Flavor Therein."
  12. This year's generation of Fat Little Birds is far more organized than previous years. First is one perching and pecking on the air conditioner to wake me up. Then the postioning of the lead scout who reports the exact moment the front door closes when I'm done putting the food out. Main group seems to be about 7 birds, 2 of whom are on rotating scout duty, keeping watch from the top of the lilac. It appears that my experiments in using a seed bell to grant the Fat Little Birds the power of the Thuum utilizing Odic Force last year has had a few side effects...I did not expect the children of the bell exposed birds to start practicing small unit tactics. The previous flocks were a mass of unruly little barbarians, these exhibit a Roman like disipline. The morning doves also are acting oddly, calming marching side by side up to the front door the other day like a pair of salesmen trying to sell me a vacuum. Some of this can probably be attributed to the presence of the Nesting Cat under the house, which would be an obvious source of increased paranoia for the birds, hence increased organization, but considering that the neighbor's seed eating cat was already a frequent visitor, and the occasional hawk swooping down it wasn't as if the prior barbarian horde didn't have reason to be alert. I think I'll get another seed bell next time I'm at Menards, if the current rate of Odic Force changes remains the same, by next year I will have a highly efficient Front Porch Defense Force, perhaps in 5 years, a small army of militant birds with which I can finally embark on my life's goal of conquering Kendall County.... (or I will be responsible for the sequal to "The Birds"... "Birds 2, This Time They Have Spears and Scream Verbal Abuse At You In Latin"
  13. Contrary to popular belief, I have not run off and joined a ghoul warren. Although at this point in time, I would be tempted.... Combination of Spring weather causing me to lose ground in the Lawn War, allergies, creative funk, and various other frustrations meant that my only contribution here would be a series of rants about things that none of us can change, so I figured it best to stay away for a bit.
  14. Over at the Gardens of Hecate blog, there are a series of figures based off of European festival costumes, which are availible thru kickstarter I think. Seeing those kind of got me thinking of kitbashing some Frostgrave Cultists with Bones Villagers.... Children of the Corn, Wicker Man, Harvest Home (1973), even to an extent Fritz Leiber's Conjure Wife, there's definately a rabbithole here to go down, but that'll be something I'll tackle once I get the pile of incompletion down a bit... Current status of the Ghouls... ...purple and feeling neglected. Same with their queen. I raided the hobby shops of Plainfield today... A big zombie for the eventual horde. Recent haul and previously obtained scenery stuff. Hopefully the Spring Blahs are past and I can get started again on the terrain I've been planning for awhile.
  15. I managed to make a bit of progress over the last month... ...a few more details/washes left then on to the arms. Some better pictures...
  16. Some progress has been made... The first half of the unit has had most of the base colors applied and the Bones Dwarf is very close to done.
  17. I've made a bit more progress over the last few days now that the writting urge is beginning to subside a bit... The board is finished, although a bit splotchy, but that won't be too visable once I get the minis on it, next is to start on the background board. Gift zombies are finished except for sealing. The Zombie dragon just needs some base work. Preperations for the next phase once the ghouls are done. Some BattleMasters Beastmen on thier new bases. Their time in the Simple Green didn't get all the paint off, and three of them need new weapons, which will be the axes from the Reaper Bones weapon pack. Alongside some Bones Beastmen I already painted, showing the scale creep that has taken place since the early 90s. Luckily the word uniformity doesn't apply to Beastmen, so it shouldn't be an issue... ...Although the reinforcements are going to heavily test that theory. Warhammer lore had the Beastmen as being the "true" children of chaos and I've read that their design was based off of the Roman impressions of barbarian tribes but dialing up the anti civilization setting to 11. The presence of Beastmen then in the Army of the Great Pumpkin, a generally benevolent god, wouldn't make too much sense until taking a look at the other design influence that was a bit more subtle. The film "The Witch" featured a demonic goat named Black Phillip, which like most of the movie had a solid basis in the witchcraft trial records. Multiple accounts of the devil appearing to a prospective witch in either animal form, a "dark man", or a goatheaded man appear throughout the records. The Sabbats featured further descriptions of beastheaded men and Lovecraft used this as inspiration for Shub Nigguroth, the Black Goat of the Woods with a thousand young. Since part of my Witch Army pays tribute to the traditional depictions of Infernalist Witches out to overthrow civilization, and with the Spring season the perfect time to paint depictions of fecundity gone bad, (and the opportunity to paint something other than ghoul flesh), hopefully my painting motivation will continue to hold strong.
  18. Back when stealing hubcaps was a popular pastime, according to what I heard from the old guys at the coffee counter years ago, a common antitheft system was to apply shortened razor blades under the rim. Even if one wasn't able to follow the blood trail, the bandaged fingertips would give away the neighborhood hubcap thief. A similar thing could be done with plates. In a world were the insanity of reality insists on giving my imagination a run for it's money, it is reassuring that there are things that do not change and are nigh eternal...once again I have found that mowing the lawn has summoned rain.
  19. I had a similar situation in 2011, the landlord thought property taxes didn't apply to him and after the county repossessed the house he had the gall to send his minion around to try and collect rent on a building he no longer owned. Of the four of us there I was the only one who didn't pay him since losing the building broke the lease on his end.
  20. The Easter Bunny has brought us snow. I had been hoping to get to work with my new rototiller today, but it looks like that isn't happening until later in the week at best. I have carefully noted this in the Book, and next year's Easter prep is going to include some rabbit traps and a stock pot....
  21. Haven't been getting snow or heavy rains, but last week the city in it's "wisdom" started putting up new lights on the street corners. I suspect that these are all camera equipped, but the more obvious problem is that they are bright as hell. So during the day it's the Formerly Yellow, Now LED White Orb That Burns and Blinds, and in the night it's Lets See How Much Light Pollution We Can Make streetlights ensuring that the time of seeing actual stars from the backyard are pretty much over. Amusingly the day after the abomination was installed the transformer down the street blew out around 1 am. I assume that the Visible From Space streetlights had something to do with that. With the reports of heavy storms moving across the Midwest, I'm tempted to see if I can find enough copper wire in the garage to wrap the new streetlight in lightning attractant....
  22. I'm not hiding from Monday, my extended absence was due to having fallen down yet another research rabbithole. It began with reading Clark Ashton Smith's Averoigne stories, then rereading The Wolf Leader by Alexander Dumas and some other accounts of wolf attacks in French history. I then had thoughts about what may have happened if the Germans had found themselves occupying the witch haunted forests of Averoigne in November 1942 when they overran Vichy...werewolf attacks against patrols, vampires revived by ill conceived experiments by Ahnenerbe researchers who then attempt to use the chaos of the war to once again seize their ancient fiefdoms, an anarchist associate of the Bonnet Gang who fled here in 1914, stumbled into the fey realm and returned only to find himself in a world he no longer recognizes and is now being pursed by the enchantress who trapped him.... An idle thought has birthed more ideas than I expected, and all of them require me to become a lot more well read on the subject of France and its history than I currently am, so most of my time has been spent delving into books and documentaries. My painting desk has become woefully neglected I'm sorry to say, as have my original cycle of stories, but on the other hand research is fun.
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