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  1. I'm beginning to think that your house has decided that it's purpose in life is to turn you into one. Try to look at it as 1:1 scale terrain modelling. I mean you've already achieved a victory few can brag about when you defeated the gazebo, this task pales in comparison to that.
  2. The La Palma eruption is still ongoing, (and finally seeing mainstream news coverage), and given the steady 19 cm ground deformation, there looks to still be plenty of pressure beneath it. Although Mount Fagradalsfjall in Iceland took an 8 day break, it is now the longest eruption Iceland has seen in 50 years. (oddly it resumed just as the earthquake swarms were kicking into high gear in La Palma) Feeling neglected of attention, Semispochnoi on Unyak Island, in the Rat Island chain of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, decided to start spewing out a giant ash cloud in a major eruption e
  3. Having a painting area again, and the motivation to use it. The Spring and Summer were an apathetic hellscape for me, so getting back into the groove is quite joyous. The fact I finished two small units on Friday, and two minis before that this month puts me in a rate of getting things done that I haven't seen in awhile and gives me hope that I might get the largest unit finished by the end of the month.
  4. Leafed and flocked. First batch has all it's base colors done, and a Brown Wash over the bone, so it's just washes, details and basing left. With the caps freed up from the first five, I got another rank wood puttied, and a spillage of the Sample Green was almost enough to get everyone's spears. Sir Rathos had the Dirty Bone/Brown Wash to his skull, Shadowed Steel on parts of his armor, Orange Brown on his clothing... ...Sample Green on his cloak, and Gem Purple on his shield. The Skeletal Champion recieved the same colors, except I haven't sta
  5. Got the rest of the foam glued down. Agrax'd everything that didn't flee in time. Gem Purple/Druchii Violet Wash on the backs of the shields, Russet Brown on the straps. Black undercoat on the armor, White undercoat elsewhere on Sir Rathos. Thinned Brown Liner on the rest.
  6. Well La Palma erupted a couple hours ago. So far no landslide/mega tsunami. Some screen shots from various livestreams... This one reminds me of classic landscape paintings. Somewhere in this one are two hobbits waiting for the eagles to show up.
  7. Got started on the main spearmen unit... Glued down the foam on part of the movement tray... Drilled out the Skeletal Champion's hand, put some floral wire through it, and unleashed the contour putty. It came out quite thick, but I figured I'd err on the side of stability. Broke out the new wood putty and slathered some on the base. The original spearmen, Sir Rathos, and the Witch I used the new putty on the bases, learning in the process that I'd adapted a bit too well to using the older runny stuff so switched back to the old for the unpainted minis.
  8. To those experiencing trouble with winds, this time it wasn't me the Thunder Beef ran out a week ago and we haven't had a thunderstorm so I haven't been able to make more.
  9. Swordsmen are finished... So that's 14 minis done so far in 17 days, it's been a long while since I've achieved that. The growing horde.
  10. The companion unit to the archers presented earlier. The back pumpkin is from a set of doll house decorations, the front two are from the Reaper pumpkin blister. Corn is made by JTT Scenery Products. The shields being large and mostly smooth were conductive to freehanding the pumpkins on.
  11. When the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch on Halloween to bring toys and gifts to the deserving, and a painful smiting to the pumpkin smashers, it is vital that He should covering fire if He needs it.... Four of these were among the first minis I painted for the Army of the Great Pumpkin, and I finally got around to getting them enough friends to make a unit. The large Jack O Lantern is from Reaper's pumpkin pack, I don't remember who manufactured the tree, I picked it up in the model railroad section of a hobby store sometime around 1997. There's also an Army Painter Was
  12. Thanks. With this army I'm going a bit more in depth with the trays to push the "Great Pumpkin" vibe. Found and unleashed some Army Painter Wasteland Grass tufts, finished the pumpkins with another coat of Orange Brown, some Russet Brown on the stems with a Harvest Brown highlight. Skeleton Key and Cursed Gold on the swords, and blocked in the shield pumpkins with yet more Orange Brown. Finished the tray and thus the archer unit.
  13. Swordsmen after some thinned Brown Wash and Gem Purple on the shields. Midway thru a drybrushing of Stone Grey on the fences, giving them a nice aged look. The tree had several drybrushings of Rainy Grey and Ancient Bark, the pumpkins were given a couple coats of Orange Brown before Brown Wash was slathered on them.
  14. The earthquake activity going on in La Palma. It matches the pattern of magma moving to the surface, and La Palma is where a giant chunk of the island is loose. If an eruption shakes that chunk into the sea at once, then there is a possibility for an Atlantic mega tsunami. Granted the odds are against the mega tsunami scenario, the 1949 eruption didn't cause one, but considering the high strangeness of the last few years, I won't count it out either. The activity in La Palma seems to coincide with the renewal of the eruption in Iceland, which I find interesting. Is this the sign of an in
  15. Dirty Bone on the swordsmen. Agrax on the bases. Got the fence cross pieces glued in. Agrax'd the first tray, got some Rotting Wood and Brown Liner on the bits of the second tray. Thinned Black Wash on the tree.
  16. While waiting for the putty to dry I opened up the blisters and put them through the Water Treatment before gluing the "Bendy Legion" to thier bases. Joining them is the Bones Skeletal Champion, whose arm needs to be slightly repositioned so he can serve as standard bearer. I cut off almost all of the base he came on so he wouldn't tower over the others too much. Due to his mace he won't really rank well in the center, but that means I can get away with a simple single pole banner so I don't mind. Sir Rathos and the Bones Female Necromancer who will be leading this detachment. They w
  17. I added some more wood putty to the second tray, both to cover the gap and to give me a clear marker where the grass portion will end and the bare field will be. The fence posts got a couple coats of Rotting Wood and I undercoated the Reaper pumpkin in Brown Liner. The tree received a few coats of Valljo German Fieldgrau mixed with Rotting Wood. Swords and shields got a Pure Black undercoat. Now to wait for the putty to dry so I can get the second tray caught up.
  18. When I painted up the first archers a couple years ago, I'd recently gotten the Sample Green and noticing that the bows were remnicient of those used by the draugr in Skyrim, went with it. Since then the idea has occured to me that it's also close to the same color as pumpkin vines as well, so appropriate for the Army of the Great Pumpkin. Thanks, this is probably a side effect of watching "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" one too many times in my formulative years. Finally got around to getting the wood putty down. Steel Legion Drab on the first tray...
  19. The solution to the "Subway Tuna Mystery" is that it is made from teiflings. Apparently an attempted D&D crossover scheme by Hasbro that went a bit sideways. They seem to be having better luck with Nerf.
  20. First tray puttied earlier today. Layout of second tray prior to gluing the bits down. Test fit with the archers, I had to alter the tree limbs a bit, and even with the additional weight there is a bit a warping still on the left front bottom. Test fit with the swordsmen. The corn will be taken out for the wood putty stage. Where I'm at thus far. Currently waiting for the glue to dry on the second tray bits before once again striding forth to engage the wood putty in mortal combat...
  21. Since I took the first pics yesterday there has been quite a bit of warping. But I am gambling that the weight of the foambord bits, wood putty and minis will defeat it. Although during the process, the Wrench of Stay Where the %$^& I Put You had to be unleashed. After all four sides were on I had a bit too much interior space, so added another wall piece. Archers flocked and leafed. and the second tray is drying. The tree is being difficult, largely due to the peg being undersized. I'm hoping that once I get a slathering of wood putty around it it
  22. Bases got the slathering of Agrax... I thought I had some thicker card stock set aside for unit trays, but it refuses to be found. So I have decided to go with recycling the box my breakfast came in, and all things considered there is a certain "appropriateness" to using Reese boxes in a Halloween project... To offset the flimsiness I glued down some cut photo paper over them, and it turns out went a little overboard with the PVA glue...but these are the bottom sides so I'm not too worried about it. Dug into the small hoard of autumnal terrain stuff. I also tracke
  23. Ah, the Wind Summon marinade, I'll have to try that next...
  24. That's true, but if it can summon the ectoplasm to drain the pot, it can damn well summon the ectoplasm to make the next! I went through this with too many coworkers in various places to put up with it at home.
  25. I've got two minis done so far this month, Fellclaw and a Phase Spider. 6 skeletal archers at the basing stage 4 previously painted archers that had some touch ups and are at the basing stage 6 skeletal swordsmen waiting to begin 4 skeletal swordsmen needing touchups/basing goal is to finish these and the unit of twenty skeletal spearmen before October hits, as well as any other Halloween themed minis I can add in.
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