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  1. 5 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

    Guess what day it is!


    It is a day of omens and portents. For the Fat Little Birds have again emerged from hiding as a full ravenous cohort, shrieking their irritation onto the heavens...it is a day of mud, as my hoarded snow melts beneath the Yellow Orb's baleful gaze...and from the many previous posts on the subject, I dare say that the Time of Soup hath ended, and the Age of the Crock Pot is upon us.

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  2. 18 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Are they easy to master?

    Depends on the age of the crockpot. The older it is, the more set in it's ways the machine spirit has become so your first attempted use will set the stage for all uses to follow. However, seeing as how you defeated a gazebo, I wouldn't worry too much over this. 

    Newer pots have a less potent animating spirit and are easier to enthrall, but with the downside that food cooked therein will have a less robust flavor than the older pots, due to the inexperience of the machine spirit. 

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  3. From the increased amount of traffic...including the subdivision biker legion with horrible taste in music....

    From the glazed mania gleaming in the eyes of the local townsfolk...

    From the nagging rabbit outside my front door this morning, the renewed complaining of the Fat Little Birds, and the return of allergies...

    I know the Dread Season of Mud known as Spring hath come round once more. 

    It's not even March yet, but already the Tyranny of the Yellow Orb returned earlier this week. 


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  4. 4 hours ago, NebulousMissy said:

    So apparently one of my new hires has a nickname among the other instructors. 'Viking'.


    Yes she is blonde. She's also tiny. Tinier than my 5 foot lol self. She earned this nickname when she had a baby and showed up for training the next day.

    So Murphy escaped the world of the Dresden Files and entered ours? This could explain some things....


    Okay, so Murphy never had a child in the books, but the whole tiny, blond and fierce, with the Viking angle...who else could this be?


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  5. 2 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

    That's because your weather broke it's leash and wandered down south. You really should come and take it home, y'know.

    Weren't you the one asking people to send you snow?

    Granted I was trying to summon some myself, and it came after a bit of a delay, but that was only intended for my part of the world. And I might have been doing a bit too much research into Ithaqua and Wendigo lore during a time when I had a bit of odd synchronicity going on...and greater Wendigo do tend to travel in snow storms...

    But I wasn't the one asking the snow to go to Texas...although this whole thing very well might be the work of the Necromancers of Canada seeking to expand South and running into the Dread Might of the Cheese Lords of Wisconsin with odd side effects...

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  6.  With the return of the Yellow Orb That Burns and Blinds, came higher temperatures, and the thaw is beginning earlier than I thought it would...

    Which means it's kinda raining in the dining room now. I got outside this afternoon and attacked the pile in the corner of the roof with a roof rake, but there is still somewhere between an inch to three inches of ice all over the roof. So I threw some hockey puck sized melting discs up there as well. 

    I was hoping that instead of going down like this, that the snow would stick around until early March, where what melts during the day would not refreeze at night... but as usual the sun has foiled my plans.

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  7. The Blinding Yellow Orb is back. I do not care for this, as the glare off of the snow is such that I have to close one eye to navigate my way to the coffee pot in the kitchen, then use the force to sense my way out of the kitchen again, and continue about my day using the eye I had kept shut until my blurred out vision in the other one returns.

    By this point of course, I'm out of coffee again and the process repeats itself. 

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  8. Earlier I mentioned Ice Trolls attacking the transit system. Which caused me to start wondering why this was not a more common thing, after all a bus or train car stuffed with commuters would be much like a can of Pringles to a great many things, trolls, ogres, etc. 

    After consulting the Fat Little Birds, I learned about these guys...


    The International Order of Transit Wizards, established in 1974. Think the old school Guardian Angels but with less berets, and more fireballs. For a while up until the last few years, they prevented the sacking of the subways and buses, but now that most are getting up in age they're trying to retire only to find that the pension deal they made with the various unions wasn't exactly taken seriously...once word spread about the pension going sideways, most either quit or went on strike. The incident with the Ice Trolls last night may have been caused by a disgruntled Transit Wizard who decided that since his services weren't valued that he'd become part of the problem.



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  9. Did battle with the pipe and the driveway and won, but my back is not happy with me after that. More snow came down as well, so I'm starting to get a mini mountain of it going by the shrub. 

    14 hours ago, haldir said:


    One of these days Hannah is going to nuke the wrong "butterfly " and find herself on a Summer Court hit list. I for one, would not want to be anywhere within a half mile radius of her when that happens. 

    2 hours ago, CaptainPete said:

    Well, they shut down the transit system out here because of the weather. I've never seen a full shut down before. It's insane. And the worst part is, it's not that bad. I mean, it's not good. But, I've seen worse and things were still running.

    They didn't shut it down for the weather per se, they shut it down due to the Ice Trolls that had figured out that the transit system was a fine source of "snacks". 

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  10. On 2/9/2021 at 2:29 PM, Pegazus said:

    What was the final issue, or did you find that out?

    It was the section of pipe directly under the house between the floor and the ground. The city minion threw me a bum lead with the sidewalk thing. So the guy the plumber refered was able to hook up an electric heat line to it and thaw it in about an hour. Since then I've kept it running at a larger amount than the slow drip it was at before and haven't had any issues. 

    Probably helps that the severe cold moved on about 3am on the 9th, judging by the fact that instead of merely keeping pace with the cold, the space heater overcame it and I awoke sweating instead of freezing then. So this whole thing, which began with one of my space heaters dying on the 6th, the freeze on the 7th, was over by the 9th...perfectly timed as a 40th birthday message from Something...

    On Sunday a buddy of mine is coming over to help me with a Menards run and getting some heating wire wrapped around the pipe. 

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  11. 4 minutes ago, haldir said:

    I can't really say we've been really cold this winter season. We are going to pay for this summer thou. Barely any precep, so no moisture in the ground, resulting in more fire starters.

    The deep cold here is about a month or two behind most years, usually pipes freeze in late December/early January. The bar downtown also had their pipes freeze the same time mine did. So far we've had more snow than in the previous six years, but par for the course of twenty years ago, which usually would provide an insulating effect on the pipes. (I was told by the city minion that in my case the sidewalk they put in over the pipes has given the cold an express route to go deeper into the ground, and judging by the new construction around what was once Little Joe's I imagine similar happened there as well. 

    We'll have a wet spring I'm thinking, but if the summer is a repeat of 2020, dry and hot, then we might be having to worry about fires as well.

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  12. 1 hour ago, haldir said:


    & here it's 45 with a slight breeze. Gorgeous day outside. Heck, I just came from the garage & it warm enough in there that I'm in sandals & no heater going.


    Hmm, looking at the forecast, it appears by Thursday this week, we getting precip in the form or rain & snow. Eh, it'll be gone by the next day. :lol:

    So basically the National Spirit of Canada, also known as Ithaqua the Wind Walker is taking a vacation to the South, along the route previously scouted by the hordes of geese that invaded the area a month ago....which means that the stars are right for that paticular Old One during the 2nd decan of Aquarius...and further explains why it's going to be 20 below with wind chill tonight in these parts...

    There seems to be an ongoing theme this year,

    I start listening to a lot of psychedelic 60s music, acid westerns start showing on TCM.

    I reignite my research into Charles Starkweather, Badlands shows on TCM.

    I reignite research into Bloody Bill Anderson, the plumber who is recommended to me is an Anderson, possibly a descendant of his. (I didn't ask but was strongly tempted)

    Well, last night I was reading the Chaosium Ithaqua Cycle of mythos fiction...tonight is going to be proper conditions for a Wendigo attack....

    I appear to be surfing a wave of synchronicity Jungian style these days. (start hording snow everyone, it's the hip new trend of 2021)

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  13. (snow hoarding intensifies)

    My gift this year other than elfed water pipes appears to be snow! So I now have fresh clean snow to fill the tub with. Granted it isn't the vision of Veronica Lake coming to tell me the secrets of sorcery based plumbing fixes and predicting winning lotto numbers accurately. But then that's just as well, last time she showed up in a dream I got a truck parked on top of me...



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  14. Well, I've had both better and worse birthdays thus far, although the "milestone" ones always turn out going sideways somehow. Last year I was hoarding toilet paper and bottled water, trying to beat the rush I knew was coming, this year I'm hoarding snow in the bathtub. (and it is snowing again right now, so I have fresh new clean snow as well) Now I can't say for sure if water/snow hoarding is going to be a thing a month or so from now, but I wouldn't be surprised either. 

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  15. It's been quite the day. Had the plumber and one of the city minions out here, it's been determined that whatever the problem is, at least it isn't inside or under the house itself so if it's a burst line it'll be the yard getting dug up not an excavation beneath the floor. So that's a bit of good news. Having someone come out tomorrow to try heating the pipes see if that helps. At least there's plenty of snow outside that I've been filling the bathtub with so as to use a bucket when needed to flush the toilet. So my snow summoning was beneficial here in an unexpected way.

    The Gods it appears, are not without a sense of irony. An early birthday gift, of problems with pipes bearing incoming water, during the time of Aquarius the water bearer. 

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  16. More snow! And sleet/rain...but finally a non sunny day at least.

    I've spent most of the last week falling into a youtube rabbithole, started with the Orange Goblin, moved on to Bantha Rider, then found Black Sky Giant's Planet Terror album. Judging by some of the TCM lineup earlier today I seem to be forming a small pocket of psychedelic sound about myself which also may explain the success of the snow summoning...it also acts as a wonderful soundtrack for Ps4 Mordheim.

    Snow Devils (1967) may not be a milestone in cinematic greatness, but the score is catchy.

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  17. Looks like I'm going to have to stock up on Peppermint Patties again, the fools at channel 7 have summoned the sun to return for most of the week. This is getting out of hand now. My original idea of opening fire upon the sun in order to scare it off had to be shelved, as while I did find a Spanish 88mm antiaircraft gun for sale, it is well out of my price range.

    I am still convinced however, that like with so many other things in life, the solution is artillery so after looking around I discovered some options...


    The Steiger Vortex Rainmaking Gun. Designed in 1902 by Albert Steiger to protect his grapes from hailstorms by vibrating the hell out of clouds so it rains instead. Pretty much a sheet metal tube, so easy enough to build. The Australians were unable to get it to work, but then they didn't know about the relation between the York Peppermint Patty and it's resonance with precipitation due to the Skoli's accord with the Unseelie Court in 1767 either.


    My other option, Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Energy Cloudbuster. The example pictured is somewhere in Maine. I am not familiar enough with Reich's "cosmic orgone engineering" experiments to say whether or not I can get this thing to work, and from the look of things it's going to be more of a difficult build than the Vortex Gun.

    Perhaps a combination of these devices along with my usual methods will achieve results...

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