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  1. Dec 22: Prior to moving to Texas, building calvin and hobbes style snowmen in random yards baseball with snowballs wandering town during snowstorms snowball fights mini painting, reading, ps3 bingeing Now that I'm in Austin anything snow related is out of the question so mostly indoor hobby stuff and making fun of my coworkers who are convinced that 40 degrees is cold. Also enjoying my extra hour of sleep while it lasts. (I've never quite adjusted to the change in 2005 when they pushed it into November and implement Daylight Slavings earlier.)
  2. I've never had issues of any kind with any of my Reaper orders, and half the time when the postal tracker says Tues delivery, the order actually arrives before lunch time on Mon, which is impressive given the amounts that they're moving during the holidays. Also the sample paint I received last month was a similar shade to the GW Rotting Flesh that I had just run out of so timing and choice of color worked out perfectly. Sheer luck probably ​(unless Miss Cleo faked her death and is laying low in the Reaper shipping Dept.)​ So all in all I've had nothing but positive experiences with Reaper.
  3. ​The first victim of the extra crispy summons.... I hope you find him and perhaps the discovery of the new paints is the little fellows way of choosing what colors he wishes to be.
  4. Dec 20: I have both Christmas Eve and Day off (unpaid) as well as my usual Monday and Tuesday off. So it's the closest to a vacation I've had in a couple years. Granted only having a three shift check on the 30th will hurt, but rent should be covered and I'm stocked on groceries so I'm rather excited about it actually. I'll find out how many minis I can paint in 4 days.
  5. Glad you enjoyed my madness, as to the staff on the wood elf I had to boil-bend-freeze it twice. Some bones seem to be a bit more difficult then others in that respect. ( looking at you 80044 flying saucer ) ​Or perhaps he's angry about something and using it like one of those stress squeezers.
  6. Bones IV: Why you'll be taking a second job.
  7. Dec 19: It isn't so much the season per se it's how they effect my workplace that determines how much hobby time I get. Last year the resturant I was at got hit hard enough for me to work 23 days straight, this year at the new job it's been a lot calmer, but from what I'm told SXSW and summer in general will be heavier. So I figure that from Jan to March will likely be my most productive time. (until I lose my extra hour of sleep again)
  8. Welcome back, according to a pdf I found organizing xp from the monster manual, Skeleton 50xp Orc 100xp Veteran (as chaos warrior wasn't listed) 700xp and it isn't so much "defeating" as it is "I gave you color and life now go forth and do my bidding." ​Next time lunch is converted to meeting, place minis on table. ​"Yorrick, Timur, Orc With No Name, those people are interrupting my lunch and preventing me from painting you guys some new friends. Please express to them your opinions on this." ​
  9. This sort of thing is where working in a restaurant, even as a part time side gig can save you quite a bit. Most places have some kind of shift meal policy where once per shift you get either a free or discounted meal (50-75% off usually). Also if you work the closing shift, leftover food that can't be frozen or refrigerated is usually up for grabs. People tend to underestimate the shelf life of almost everything and just because it can't be re-served by law doesn't mean it's actually gone bad. Getting in good with the cooks also pays off as you become part of the "abandoned meal rotation" consisting of orders cancelled at the last minute or things mistakenly made. Another benefit is that you have a complete professional kitchen at your disposal. I don't have a kitchen where I live so if I need to bake or deep fry something I can just show up during a slow shift and cook it up. Also cooks make the best guinea pigs if you're attempting new recipes, most are not at all shy about providing feedback and showing you where exactly you either got it right or screwed it up.
  10. Darsc Zacal, that was exactly my thinking. Having painted mostly undead up til last year, I figured that the core would provide an array of things to paint and having a large number on hand would come in useful.
  11. He is learning the hard way why one does not deep fry the chicken prior to sacrificing it.
  12. Back in the 50s Marx Toys did a line of Disney figures. The originals would be pricey but I think reprints are availible. Most Marx figures are about 54mm but I don't remember how the Disney line measured next to them. They also did a line of Lil Abner figures.
  13. Dec 17&18 I miss actual winter,(`I'm from northern Illinois but moved to Texas). Granted having to point a torpedo heater at the door of my car in the wee hours of the morning got old quick, and black ice is a fun random encounter,​ but it did have it's benefits. Leisurely strolls about town during night time snow storms (wintery post apocalypse with winds providing trench coat with + 5 Dramatic Flapping, highly unnerving what few people I did encounter.) ​Ammunition falls from the sky. ( Walking around bouncing a pre made snowball in your hand makes the kids think twice before launching one at you.) ​Late night random snowman gifting. Pick random house, build snowmen in odd positions (either Calvin and Hobbes style or nsfw) and imagine property owner's face when they wander out to get their paper in the morning! ​Adding food coloring to dirty slush. (everyone knows about the yellow snow, but don't expect the purple or green varieties.) ​Whereas now I must content myself with mocking my coworkers who break out the sweaters and scarves as soon as the temp drops to 50.
  14. Everytime I see these I notice that each pumpkin's expression perfectly matches the pose and stance of each figure. At a glance you can tell the likely personality of each one and seeing them together it becomes obvious. This is what happens when kids go pumpkin smashing in the Blight. The pistoleer dosen't really want to hurt anyone, he aims to miss, he just wants the smashing to stop. The swashbuckler is having fun, and the crossbow o'lanten just kinda follows the lead of whichever one last told him to do something. Excellent work on these guys and I must admit I'm likely to borrow this idea for myself at some point which leads me to ask how does the gang scale with the reaper pumpkin minions? (I'm working on a Halloween army of witches and pumpkins)
  15. I've been using lids from 3 liter soda bottles and some locktite blue tak.
  16. Watched the Charlie Brown Christmas special yesterday. I was planning on saving it until Christmas day...but since I just learned I have the eve off work....it'll be a Lord of the Rings Christmas. Of course now I'm thinking of Lotr cast with the Peanuts characters, Peppermint Patty as Eowyn, Charlie Brown as Aragorn, Woodstock as the Witch King, Snoopy as Elrond Linus as Gandalf....I may have to draw this.
  17. Well, final order for this year was made in the wee hours yesterday morning. I was planning another order for around new years, but I learned at work that the three days off I was expecting due to having Christmas day fall the day before my usual days off....is now four days off due to the resturant also being closed Christmas eve. So on one hand it's a punch to the wallet and a short check on the 30th...but it's also 96 straight hours to binge paint! The 63 (20) little people/creatures on my desk and shelf are also excited as while I probably can't get all of them done before the new year like I had planned, I can definately finish the Dungeon Saga stuff. (I may even break down and attempt to post pics with the camera on my flip phone, despite the horrible quality. The coworker I was supposed to get the new camera from went on vacation before she could get it to me.)
  18. How to make wargames terrain....one of the many things I wish I could've brought with when I moved to Austin. If anyone is in range of a Half Price Books, they usually have a nice selection of the old gw books and black library stuff.
  19. Having missed out on the previous bones kickstarters, I'm definitely in for the core. The baba yaga hut, core or expansion is also inevitable. I'm just hoping there are some new mousling sculpts.
  20. The time has come round at last for the final order of 2016 (who am I kidding I'm working new years so that will free up some cash...) 03760 Adventuring Kids ( They don't really fit in with any of my warband themes but all they need is a stuffed tiger and it's the main characters from Calvin and Hobbes.) 09786 Blonde Triad ( I've decided that each order from here on out shall include a triad or at least one paint so as to expand my options) 10004 Dragon Bone Catapult ( It was a tie between this and the Dwarf Cannon, but this was the last in stock and now my witches have a pumpkin launcher. Ok now I need more pumpkins. Disregard what I said about final orders.) and the reason this fell upon the wee hours of the 16th..... Yule Treant ! (now my Christmas familiars have something to gather round.)
  21. Dec 16th question: Yes I'm aware of the challenges, but so far haven't attempted any. I work in the resturant industry so if I find myself with 7 days off it means the place has gone out of buisness. Should I happen upon the winning powerball or something though I'd definately try it.
  22. Nicely done. I'm going to have to invest in a box of these as I can see some intresting conversion possibilities here.
  23. I like the expression and the way his eyes seem to say ​Why does this taste like tofu?
  24. Currently I'm using a four shelf bookcase, but the Ikea is something I'm going to have to look into soon.
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