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  1. This is what I'm thinking it might be. Sometimes Necromancy require woodworking skills as well, so it could be a bit of garden fencing from the pumpkin patch nailed into place to ensure that the horse can swallow whatever it is that it has in it's mouth.
  2. A bit of progress... Some Pine Green on his head, Ancient Bronze on his buckle and bag, some more Ebony Flesh on his belt... Brown and Black Washes on his bags and bedroll... More Ancient Bronze on his sword and shield, and blocked in the emblem with Ginger Cookie on the body, Russet Brown on the neck, Pine Green on the head, and Shadowed Stone on the wings, tail, and Drangus's hands. Spoilered for rambling.
  3. Arg. Yesterday's snow didn't last long after the sun emerged...and now most of what snow we did have has melted. I can see where this is leading...from here til Spring, only ice then when Spring hits it'll be monsoon season interrupting my attempts at yardwork until the weeds have a massive headstart on me followed by the return of the Tyranny of the Yellow Orb That Burns and Blinds...
  4. Started pecking away at Drangus... Finished his feet with some of the sample paint from my last Reaper order... ...and used some Heather Blue mixed with Rainy then Misty Grey on his shield... Gives a nice Winter sky vibe to it I think.
  5. It is snowing. Not a gentle drifting down from the clouds, but plummeting with serious purpose, a good firm packing snow ideal for building with. A nice change from the rain/ice that it has been for the most part so far this year. Unfortunately the Yellow Orb That Burns and Blinds has made it's way out from behind the clouds, so the Weather War begins anew....
  6. Air. Between being able to surf a tornado as a form of transportation, manipulate clouds into position, and gaining the allegiance of every bird on earth, I would be able to bring my power mad schemes into fruition much easier than with other elements. Also I'm an Aquarius, so obvious choice here.
  7. It seems 2021 is to be the year of the "painting blehs", where many of us are struggling to find out just where our inspiration has wandered off to. The world seems to be going increasingly mad each passing day, so this isn't surprising. With so much uncertainty about, it's difficult to get back into painting mode with so many other things to worry over. Last year I was knocked out of any steady routine for long periods of time, and it appears that for this year that may hold true as well. So how to adapt is the question here. To begin with, to recognize how I wound up with a horde of half finished minis on the table nagging at me. Simple, for the last few years I've had the tendency to bite off far more than I can chew on a regular basis. Between juggling Undead, Witch Hunters, and the Witch/Halloween army, I've put myself in a place where I'm dealing with units on a regular basis, and using pretty much the same palette on all of them. Don't get me wrong, the limited palette achieves what look I'm going for with everything and I'm still just as much in love with all of my factions as I was when I started them, but like with all things there are consequences. My habit of opening a blister of something new to try and feed the motivation also doesn't help me here. Humans are to a greater or lesser extent novelty seeking creatures. Although I fall into the far end of lesser, sooner or later it catches up. Also part of why I fell into the current structure is logistical, I've lost the knack of small pours, and have a horror of wasting paint, so limiting colors to what can be spread far in the case of overspill makes sense. Another contributing factor is that having learned the hard way with drawing, I cannot and will not try to "force it" when it comes to artistic projects. All well and good, but it leaves me in a position where as soon as the muse decides to hide beneath the sofa, the project comes to a screeching halt whether it be painting or writing. So what to do about this now? Goal setting in the loosest possible sense of the word. Overall objective is to clear everything off of the table before unblistering or opening anything else. I've been doing good here, so it's just a matter of keeping this up. Outside of my faction projects, these are what's staring at me... Barbarian Mouslings... Viking Mouslings... Eastern Mouslings... Drangus the Duck Knight, meant as a Christmas gift two years in the running now, saving grace is that the recipient has no clue about this. Zombie Dragon, also meant as an unexpected gift. The snag here is that this is the first full size dragon I've ever attempted so scale got intimidating quickly and that I was having a difficult time trying to figure out what was rotted flesh and what was muscle. Gluing the wings on this early didn't do me any favors either. I have another one still in it's package that is destined for my undead army, so hopefully by tackling this one I can have an easier time when it comes up in rotation. Even here it's obvious as to how I go strongly with theme, even in my "random" minis. Since I tend to try and paint as large a batch as possible, with this the solution might be to focus on one or two, finishing them before moving on, even though my brain is going to screaming at me otherwise.
  8. I'm kinda going through the same thing. I started off the year thinking that I was getting back into the groove....then it petered out. So I'm right now just letting things take their course until the inspiration kicks in again. So I've been flipping through the old undead and vampire counts army books, playing some skyrim and ps4 mordheim, wandering across the internet reading various hobby blogs, soaking up the vibe until it returns.
  9. Well this adds something new to my theory from yesterday. The increased traffic was thralls of the lizard people moving stolen puzzle bits about, perhaps in an attempt to create some manner of resonance between the incomplete puzzles towards some yet unknown nefarious purpose... It could be that a war is brewing between the lizard people, who seek to drown the world in sunlight, and the cabal of vampires seeking to block it out.
  10. Grr. Stupid sun is back. Also noticing a vastly increased amount of traffic as well, leading me to conclude that the these things are connected. Perhaps the townsfolk have been replaced by lizard people, or have otherwise lost the ability to generate their own body heat...
  11. Boxes: Warhammer 4th edition box (had three games, most recent 1997, gave the High Elves to a friend, kept the Goblins) Mordheim (last game 2001) GorkaMorka (never got to play, assembled/painted minis though) Warhammer Battle For Skull Pass Starter Box (basis for my Coffee Dwarf army, still haven't assembled/painted the goblins, never got to play) Fellowship of the Ring Starter Box, Fellowship Box, Box with Reinforcements (mostly painted except for the Fellowship, never got to play) Pike & Shotte For King and Country Starter Box (using these as reinforcements for my Witch Hunter army) Not Boxes: In the course of bulking up my Angry Catholic army, I've probably got a decent start for a Reaper Warlord Crusaders army. The Undead army I'm working on is a repaint of my 4th ed Warhammer force In theory I have enough to build small forces for Kings of War/Oldhammer/Warlords of Erehewon/Oathmark and probably a few other rulesets if the opportunity for a game ever presented itself. In practice though, I'm just building armies of things I like.
  12. Has anyone ever tried casting "Detect Evil" on a funko pop?
  13. Well they're causing the Fat Little Birds to cower in the bush out front, thus interrupting their second breakfast.
  14. The Unpainted Horde varies in location. The Witches, Witch Hunters, Angry Catholics, and non rank and file, non Bean Priest Dwarves live in their blisters pined to the walls. Rank and file Dwarves have their own box, old school undead live in scattered smaller boxes about the shelving, which leaves the Mr. Coffee Box of Randomness and Smaller Projects..... Reaching therein I came across Elthin Bluesteel, Gunslinger, who eventually is going to be painted as Roland of Gilead. Not forgotten, but overshadowed by my larger projects for the forseeable future.
  15. This morning has reminded me strongly of the scene in Fellowship of the Ring, where the frozen might of the mountain has defeated them and the party must hide from Saruman's winged spies....replace the horrors of Carhadras with the layers of ice on the driveway, and the Crebain from Dunland with over 80 Canadian geese flying about in all directions, and it fits perfectly. Speaking of the geese, one of my associates informs me that several hundred have gathered South of town along Rt 126....can any of our Canadian friends explain why such a large force has been assembled and deployed here?
  16. Finished the Dirty/Graveyard Bone mix on batch 3... and the command group... Continued with flocking/leafing of the mausoleum... Found some flat areas on the sides to put flock down to break up the brown dirt a bit, and a nice leaf pile under the tree... Continued along the front... and along the side, with addition leafing beneath the trees... ...and started blending in the mausoleum itself.
  17. I wish this was the case.... The snake looks fine though, it appears that the weed is growing from between the stones, so it's within the realms of possibility, especially with a water source close by.
  18. Ahhh! The world as it ought to be! A fine gloom for lurking.
  19. I'll have to look into the tea idea. Somewhere in my notes I have a sketch of a possible lower level for this that includes a crumbling crypt, I need to dig that out...
  20. Pushed further with the flocking. The first layer of sealer got the leaves to hold fairly well, so additional layers should strengthen that as well... My original idea was to have the leaves covering more of the sides, and I'm wishing I'd gone with a more gradual slope, but it's coming along more or less as I envisioned. One thing I didn't count on was that even after going for a trip in the blender, the leaves came out as much larger than I thought they would. There's one tree remaining to be pinned into place and have it's roots added and the tree to the left of the mausoleum still needs final painting. After that I'll continue the flocking and call it done.
  21. I highly doubt any of my armies will see actual use, but it's nice to dream. As to 3D printing, the danger there is that once I figured out the Omnissiah's Mysteries of getting them to function, I'd go all out and set up a production line of them. As it stands, I'm already having issues regarding display space. Batch 2 after the Graveyard Bone highlight... and the Sepia Wash tint. Had to reglue the shield arm for the one in the back left corner... So I returned to the mausoleum. Got the headstones down along with some flock mix and leaves. Went over this section with the spray primer, testing to see how any applications it will take to keep the leaves down.
  22. Being unable to accurately hit their ground targets in the parking lot, they've gone with storming the beach instead...
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