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  1. Some more progress... First batch had their weapons and shield rims doused in P3 Armor Wash then some Orange Brown dry brushed on for some corrosion. Two coats of Dragon Red on their shields. Second batch had the Dirty/Graveyard Bone mix applied... Thinned Black Wash on the command group... Same with the final batch.
  2. No, our 20th was in 2019 and I considered going....but I've heard enough stories over the years about the fate of my old associates that I don't have it in me to hear of what happened to the others. I'm in no position worth bragging about, yet I'm doing much better than most I've heard of, it's depressing. I may attend the 30th, depending on the state of the world then, for no other reason to answer the question "Am I the only one of our age group still alive?"
  3. Perhaps a quiver or box of stakes near the Witch Hunter reloads for his crossbow, along with a jar or bottle of Holy Water he's dipping the tips into...maybe some strands of garlic over the doors.
  4. Had to relocate the feed bowl from the table to the ground. The Fat Little Birds were sliding on the ice off of the opposite edge when they came in for a landing. I find myself continually amazed by the capacity for swearing inherent in the bird languages...
  5. I used to do stand up during open mic years ago. Most of my material wasn't really domestic, but I did throw in some mother in law jokes from time to time, but since most of the audience was 18-25 they didn't relate to it all that much. The Virgo I was seeing at the time didn't seem fazed by them but then she didn't get along well with her mother so that may have been a factor.
  6. Looks like you could get a whole forest of the impaled going there, hanging bodies for the ghoul's version of a pantry, the church window depending on size looks like it would be a perfect perch for something.
  7. Hopefully I can get the unit of skeletons done this month. Other than them, there's the Witch hunter cavalry unit (4 remaining), Witch Hunter Knights (3), Werewolf Bikers, (4 mounted 4 on foot), and an assortment of Mouslings as well as the 2020 display. The plan is to finish these before allowing myself to start anything new. I also have two terrain pieces suffering from neglect, a Witch Hunter chapterhouse and a mausoleum that I need to finish as well. Should I manage that, then by the end of the year the goal is: 12 strong unit of cavalry for the Angry Catholic Witch Hunters Repaint the BattleMasters Imperials as Dawnguard Finish the remaining contents of the Pike & Shotte starter box Try and repaint all of my original GW skeleton units (20 swordsmen, 8 cavalry, chariot, catapult) Finish the Nun unit and remaining Witch Hunter/Angry Catholic blisters Finish the Coffee Dwarves from the Battle for Skull Pass box
  8. Despite gaps of up to two months were nothing got painted, I managed to get a respectable number finished, many of which had been lurking on the Shelf of Incompletion for far too long... My repainting of my old undead army has now passed the first stage, all of the first undead I ever bought are now ready to bring the joys of undeath upon the world once more... My Angry Catholic faction of Witch Hunters has bulked out a bit... As well as the main faction. With the arrival of the Pike & Shotte starter box, I'm getting some bulk non character minis mixed in... Although the Witch Army didn't receive much by way of reinforcement, only two witches. The Reaper Famine next to them is slated to be part of a 2020 display, the other three fell victim to the unpredictable nature of my painting motivation this year. 50 minis over the course of the year, it both does and doesn't seem like a lot, but on the other hand, as I look at the different factions mashed together, I see that they share a general tone and that there isn't one of them that I feel could've been done better at this time.
  9. Witch Hunter Steam Tank....there are levels of kickelfery here I am at a loss to describe... As to the basing, my idea is to go with a simple square beneath, textured as a dirt road, that doesn't extend wider or longer than it absolutely needs to. This leaves you with options for different action scenes, a longer road section for pursuit of the werewolf, and the gatecrashing/wall. With both, wherever the steam tank fits in, mark out a square matching the main base, then build up the sides around it to match the main base. This also leaves it as a stand alone if needed. Or another way to go about it might be to use magnets in the wheel bottoms to attach it to the different action scenes, which would negate the need for a smaller main base. As to the weathering, faded paint and maybe light rusting on the non essential elements would work. After all a witch hunter lives and dies by the quality of his tools, so engine, wheels and armor probably going to be kept in far better repair than the top spikes or decorative trim.
  10. "Ever since the dawn of time, mankind has yearned to destroy the sun. Now I shall do the next best thing and block it out!"- Mr. Burns. As strange as this is going to sound coming from me, considering my known antipathy to the Yellow Orb That Burns and Blinds, perhaps science should think twice before following in the footsteps of a cartoon character. Don't get me wrong, personally I wouldn't mind a large dome following the sun's passage through the sky in my immediate area, bringing me shade and joy, but unleashing things into the sky willy nilly and not showing much concern about what side effects are going to come with it....yeah... I can only conclude that vampires are behind this. Apparently 2021 has told 2020 to hold it's beer because now the Dawnguard DLC qualifies as Prophesy! Gotta admit I didn't see this coming, I was expecting the Old Ones rising, not vampires unleashing forbidden science inspired by the Simpsons, but no matter....first thing is that we must establish the Dawnguard! Then we find Auriel's Bow, or Shotgun, or whatever form it takes in this world...
  11. Which will give Skynet that much more of an edge over us.... Spoiled for stranger ponderings than usual.
  12. Were the song provoked by food craving, I'd be far more likely to be trying to hunt down shrimp and rice. (It's very nice) One of my attempts to get sent back to prep instead of being stuck on the line involved bellowing "Bring forth the Sacrifice!" whenever I had to drop anything in the deep fryer. (If you Fry It, They will Buy It is a popular incantation among line cooks.) Deep Fried Sacrifice had a nice ring to it, and for a while I was trying to figure out a way to combine chicken and catfish on a genetic level so as to create the perfect specimen for such. Unfortunately I did not have access to the means to do so. Deep Fried Heresy would involve introducing vegetables or tofu to the Sacred Oil....
  13. Well, according to my dreams last night, the theme of this year is fish. "Hold Tight" by the Andrews Sisters has been stuck in my head since I woke up, and I'm pretty sure this is an omen of some kind. Considering that the rest of the dream involved 40k Inquisitors..perhaps a sign of...heresy involving fish, maybe space born fish...fish from above... Rain of fish. Fish cult, which according to Lovecraft signifies Innsmouth, and perhaps the East Coast in general....recent conjunction over the Solstice...the stars are now perhaps right..... Dagon. Possible return involving rain of fish...need to keep an eye on any odd news or events involving East Coast fishing grounds/fleets. Yep, high odds of Old Ones rising this year.
  14. *&^%$$!!!! Bright and sunny again....I am mightily tempted to grab some sunglasses and open fire on it with a pellet gun, see if I can scare it off...
  15. It hath come. Finally after weeks of constant complaining, fine tuning the Ritual of the York Peppermint Patties, and increased cookie consumption.... SNOW! Of course the foul fiends of the channel 7 news team are acting like this is some manner of Ragnarok descending upon us, but only because their unnatural contract with the Summer Court has finally been broken, resulting in... GLORIOUS, PERFECTLY NATURAL FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR SNOW!! It came too late for Christmas, but then we never get a White Christmas around here anyway. On a somewhat related note, I have discovered that it is possible to carry a full cup of coffee while doing the Snoopy Dance...
  16. Was there a pattern to it? If it continues, try to note down in dots and dashes depending on length of outage, then compare to morse code.
  17. Happy Christmas everyone! Spoilered for weather related paranoia.
  18. Notice the similarity in both the cat and the dragon, the coiled potential power...the look in the eyes of the cat that shows how the sight of the zombie dragon is bringing back ancestral memories... Further investigation into the cat/dragon connection has unveiled that the reason cats are so fond of going after birds dates back to when their ancestors ruled the peaks, at unending war with the dinosaurs below. They recognize in birds, the continuation of their ancient foes and react in much the same way as the Great Northern Fur Dragons would have done. Also there is an element of jealously over losing the ability to fly, so the sight of a tiny feathered dinosaur on the wing strikes a nerve.
  19. Weapons based in... As well as the shields... For the wood I tried a 1:1 mix of Rotting Wood and Shadowed Stone. This had a bit more of a greenish tint than I expected so I knocked it down a bit with thinned Brown Wash. Metal is Blackened Steel. Which is giving a nice "old" wood look, now to figure out if mixing in Stone Grey or Ancient Bark is the way to go for the highlight...
  20. According to the Fat Little Birds, odds are fairly good that if the Gate opens, we'll be hearing the thundering sound of 80's metal filling the sky as a horde of Mayans riding space faring dinosaurs bursts thru led by a wizard in a flying 72 Pontiac Firebird...
  21. Managed to pry myself out of Skyrim to make some more progress... Horrible pic, but the command group had Steel Legion Drab on their bases and Dirty Bone applied. Batch 3 is fully puttied and undercoated... Batch 2 had a slathering in both Brown and Black Washes, a tribute to not having enough coffee in my system before picking up the brush. Now to get back to finishing the first batch.
  22. Send it my way. Given the way Murphy's Law works, if the snow/rain doesn't hit in December around here, it will accumulate with interest and hit in March, which will throw a major cog in the expansion of the garden. That was no Eagle, it was Mothman. He's been lurking in the Chicago area for some time now. Either that or the Great Lakes Mermaids have some form of anti air capability...
  23. First batch is now Sepia Washed. Also added some Agrax Earthshade to their bases... Second Batch had the Black undercoat finished and Steel Legion Drab on their bases... Now onto getting the bases wood puttied on the Third Batch...
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