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  1. According to the Fat Little Birds, odds are fairly good that if the Gate opens, we'll be hearing the thundering sound of 80's metal filling the sky as a horde of Mayans riding space faring dinosaurs bursts thru led by a wizard in a flying 72 Pontiac Firebird...
  2. Managed to pry myself out of Skyrim to make some more progress... Horrible pic, but the command group had Steel Legion Drab on their bases and Dirty Bone applied. Batch 3 is fully puttied and undercoated... Batch 2 had a slathering in both Brown and Black Washes, a tribute to not having enough coffee in my system before picking up the brush. Now to get back to finishing the first batch.
  3. Send it my way. Given the way Murphy's Law works, if the snow/rain doesn't hit in December around here, it will accumulate with interest and hit in March, which will throw a major cog in the expansion of the garden. That was no Eagle, it was Mothman. He's been lurking in the Chicago area for some time now. Either that or the Great Lakes Mermaids have some form of anti air capability...
  4. First batch is now Sepia Washed. Also added some Agrax Earthshade to their bases... Second Batch had the Black undercoat finished and Steel Legion Drab on their bases... Now onto getting the bases wood puttied on the Third Batch...
  5. Finally got some snow earlier....it melted in under half an hour. By this point it is absolutely clear that I am being elfed with by the Menards weather wizards/channel 7 news team....
  6. From guardian meth squirrels to the use of gators as melee weapons, the entity known as Florida Man has shown an interesting relationship with nature. Possibly our world's version of the Druid class. Why and how did this come about? Any possible link to the ancient rumors of Florida containing the Fountain of Immortality? Remnants of swamp magic used by the pirates of old? Side effects of living too close to the Bermuda Triangle? Something brought back by a NASA mission perhaps? And most importantly, how can I utilize Florida Man's connection to the natural world to actually get some proper seasonal weather?! Tyranny of the hated Yellow Orb ever since March! This is getting out of hand. Last time we had more than two days of clouds was the first week of September...grrr...
  7. Most of the base colors are on... Plague is beginning to pick up something of an 80's metal vibe... Red Gore on the armor, some Rotting Wood on the stirrup straps. Rotting Wood on the leather parts, Ghoul Skin on the flesh, Red Gore on the muscle, some Agrax Earthshade slathered on the base, and Russet Brown on the rope and band about the skeletal hips on the saddle. Not as intricate as the previous steed thankfully. The harness plaque at the bottom will wait until I get a highlight layer on the fur.
  8. Two more thru the Graveyard Bone highlight. The skeleton on the left is the one I skipped ahead on earlier, got him back to where he fits in with the others. Two more left in the first batch...
  9. As part of my end of year effort to clear the painting table, I ought to get back to this! Finished pic of Famine... ...so onto Plague... ...the undead wolf has much less exposed skin and innards than the horse did, so hopefully that ought to speed things up a bit... Plague himself already had Dirty Bone and Brown Wash applied... So now the race against time begins...
  10. A few washes were applied, and now all that's left is the detail on his teeth, pistols, and vest insignia... The mounted version has been glued into place and wood putty applied to the base.. He doesn't line up perfectly, I had to reposition and reglue once already... ...and he needs a few touch ups now... ...and some more putty under the rear wheel... ...but I recall having similar issues with the Westwind Biker Monks I did awhile back, so none of this was unexpected. But he's on the downslope towards done at least.
  11. So far two have had the Graveyard Bone highlight applied... Four more are waiting somewhat patiently... ...and the final two have been fixed... The skeleton on the left has a new skull. Couldn't find his original so used one from a sprue of the 2nd generation GW skeletons. Skeleton on the right had the top half of his spear reattached, and a new shield arm from the last production box of GW skeletons.
  12. Again glossiness from the sealer. Got the flock and leaves glued down... ...and the riders as well. They'll be spray sealed again, as that cements the leaves down, then doused in the Reaper Sealer to get rid of the shine. In the future I can skip the step of layering up the white on the saddles, they're legs cover most of it up. The sprues they came on have extra holstered pistols, but I'll add those later once everything is dry. I'm hoping that between the glue and the sealer the riders will stay on, as I'd rather avoid having to pin them.
  13. Well, I've been able thus far to put paint on a mini on a daily basis, so victory on that front. Next goal is to finish these guys... Drangus and the Mouslings have been lurking around the desk for longer than a year by this point, so hopefully I can get them done soon.
  14. I'd simply wait for the shark to be picked up by a tornado, then launch several cans of opened paint after it. Or if this is a tornado I were trying to surf, then I'd just bring a few cans of spray paint along and try to hit it as it flies past...
  15. It says something about the state of organization on my painting table, that I come across finished minis I'd forgotten about. I finished these awhile back, but the spray sealer turned them glossy, despite being labelled as "Satin" sealer. Tried a dousing in Vallejo Matte Sealer, no help there. So I put them aside until now, with my last Reaper tithe I picked up some of the Reaper Brush On Sealer...and it solved the problem. So I now unleash Ivan von Helstein and Lianna Vampiress.... Here frolicking amid the gravestones... With the sculpt for Ivan very closely matching the one for Gabriel Darkblood, I decided to go with a purple cloak and brighter clothing. I really like this sculpt, nothing overdone, just a vampire bride out for a meal. Went with the traditional grey graveshroud. With Isabelle having black hair, I wanted to keep Lianna more towards the brunette side, and I think it came out well.
  16. The Reaper sealer worked! Although it appears my earlier optimism as to where I was in the skeletal process was a bit off... Jumped too far by quite a bit, which means that I was at the Brown Wash stage then...nothing another dousing won't solve. One of the perils of trying to have too many projects on the table, and not always keeping good notes.
  17. Finally got back to these guys... Judging by the difference between what they look like now and the previous pic, I think I took them up to the Sepia Wash stage. Which means all they need is a Linen White highlight, and then on to the weapons and shields. A pleasant surprise indeed! Now I remember why I let this sit for 2 months... while I finished the vampires some time back, the spray sealer I'm using, Rust-oleum Satin Clear, had the side effect of making them glossy. I put down some Vallejo sealer over that to no effect. So now I'll try Reaper's sealer and see what happens.
  18. Ready to be sealed and based... Dark Highlights on the saddle edges and Dirty Bone/Linen White then Linen White on the center parts... Same with the sleeves, and the previously mentioned steps as well... Due to how they're on the holders, I'm also going to have to touch up the bottoms of their feet, but that's 2 of 6 down.
  19. And I pried myself away from Bloodborne long enough to get some more done... Dirty Bone added to the white saddle portion, Hashut Copper on the metal bits... More Dirty Bone on the sleeves, Black Wash on the boots, Hashut Copper on the buckles, Shadowed Steel on the gun barrel and lock, Turkey Brown on the stock... Same here. I noticed that I assembled both riders with swords also having a sheathed sword by their side...Pilgrim Mounted Berserkers mayhap? Now to put the final layer of Dark Highlights on the leather bits, and add some Armor Wash.
  20. Step 1: Utilize Borellus "Essential Saltes" method, infusing the Saltes into Gingerbread Men. Step 2: After proper bindings have been put upon them, send them after the local weather wizards responsible for overabundance of sunny days, and maybe the Channel 7 news team for old time's sake. Step 3: ? Step 4: Enjoy the gloom!
  21. Reaper order came in today. 09107 Brush On Sealer (my Vallejo Sealer is just about gone) 14224 Lady Jehanne Crusaders Warlord (for my upcoming Nun Cavalry unit) 14407 Crusader Templar Ironspine 14523 Crusader Standard Bearer (both are going to be combined with my BattleMasters Halbardiers for my Dawnguard Unit) 77018 Skeletal Archer (3) x 2 (giving me a total of ten archers now for the Pumpkin Army) 01640 2019 Cat Dragon in Tree (will go nicely with the Christmas Treant I already have) 04015 Sir Rathos, Barrow Warden (another champion for my Pumpkin Army skeletons) I also recently acquired the PS4 version of L.A. Noire and Bloodborne. (As if I didn't have enough distractions from the painting table as it is...)
  22. Some more progress... Drybrush of Shadowed Stone on the manes and tails, some Ancient Bark on the log, Shadowed Stone/Pure Black mix on the black parts of the saddle, and Bronzed Flesh/Dirty Bone on the white parts. Face is done in Bronzed Shadow/Bronzed Skin, highlight of Fresh Blood on the sash, Bronzed Skin/Dirty Bone on the sleeves, Blonde Shadow/Brown Wash/Blonde Hair on his hair, black portions in Shadowed Stone/Pure Black mix, and Honed Steel on the breastplate. Same with this one, save hair is Golden Brown/Brown Wash.
  23. Finally got grey and overcast again. Possibly a combination of Skyrim mods with the York Peppermint Patties....the older methods still kind of work, but instead of rain/snow the result is only clouds. Might wander out and chop down a weed or two later, see if that helps.
  24. One of these days I'll wind up plunging into the 3d printing. But not yet, the new furnace put a good sized dent in the finances. Those do look good though.
  25. The giant rabbits from Night of the Lepus invade the Food Network. Why? The Book of Grudges: Food Service Edition chapters 3-25.
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