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  1. A bit more progress... After the highlight layer of Oiled Leather, a thinned Brown Wash was applied, and the Bronzed Skin parts of the saddles were gone over in Sepia Wash. The log on the base of the left horse was given some Rotting Wood. Same with thier sleeves, some Dragon Red on the sash and feathers, and a coat of Stormy Grey on the boots.
  2. Finally! Grey skies again, the York Peppermint Patties do have some effect, just slower and weaker than last year's. So it has been requiring more of them per ritual...which doesn't exactly help my weight loss efforts, but I'm willing to take one for the team if it means a return to normal weather patterns.
  3. Halloween Knight. This will aid in enforcing the Will of the Great Pumpkin.
  4. Thanks, I figured that it made more sense themewise, them being nuns and all. One of these days I'll get around to picking up some of the Raging Heroes nuns thus fulfilling the cheesecake requirement, but the Reaper ones I plan to try and keep as grounded as possible.
  5. While delving into research on ways to combat the "endless days of sun" problem, I came across a possible link between the North Pole elves and the beatnik movement. The finger snapping and the bongos were derived from the elves, and may have some connection to Santa's time and space warping abilities using sonic resonance. While this doesn't solve my immediate problem with the Yellow Orb That Burns and Blinds and it's reign of tyranny this year so far, it does open a new area of questions...with the North Pole undergoing signs of becoming some manner of Chaos Gate, and the military experiments in sonic weaponry, does this portend that Santa, in his fall to Corrupted Santa, which I originally theorized as being connected to Mammon....did he instead fall to Slaanesh? Is there in the vile depths of his infernal workshops the beginnings of legions of North Pole elves taking up the armor and weapons of the Chaos Noise Marines? And the tradition of caroling, the sheer number of annoying Christmas songs...just how long has the abuse of sound played a part in all of this?! What larger role did the beatniks play in Santa's machinations? Was the connection between sonic warfare and Santa a result of cooperation during the Cold War or something more nefarious? Does Benson know? Does Benson care?
  6. Whatever base the mini happens to come with is usually what I use. Although I do prefer square bases since they rank easier, and with my Pilgrim army I've been putting them on Reaper 1 inch squares or slotted cavalry squares. As to slotted or not, if the mini has a slot I prefer to use it rather than drill and pin.
  7. Some slow progress over the course of the week... Base coats of Russet Brown and Rainy Grey, Pure Black on the manes and tails... Oiled Leather on these two horses, plus a slathering of Brown Wash. The saddle blankets and leather bits on the Pilgrims are Ebony Flesh. Bronzed Skin on thier sleeves and part of the saddles which will be brought up to white and Shadowed Steel on thier armor... Went over with another coat of Oiled Leather, and some Agrax Earthshade on the bases.
  8. Unseasonably bright and sunny yet again. Tried to recreate the snow summoning experiment with the York peppermint patties, no results thus far.
  9. From Reaper's Warlord line.... A group of skirmishing nuns. They'll be joining my Angry Catholic Witch Hunter faction. Mother Superior with her trusty ax. Enraged Sister with Spear... Irritated Sister with sword and punching gauntlet.. Slightly Miffed Sister with Double Handed Sword... Embarking on a Purge of the local cemetery....
  10. Hopefully I can put a dent in the mighty horde that has overtaken the desk over the last few months. I've been having a hard time keeping the painting motivation going, and it's habit of running off is seriously beginning to irritate me. So the goal for the month is to at least try and get a daily regimen going again.
  11. Close enough, the Rain of Donuts might be concealed behind a mundane cause, but it still might blunt somewhat the machinations of Corrupted Santa....or Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme are engaged in a vicious gang war again.
  12. What about demonic tacos? This makes a frightening amount of sense.
  13. How is it Sunday already? By my calculations it ought to Saturday....unless....perhaps battle with the Fell Turkey Spirits and the Warding Rites against the baleful influence of Corrupted Santa took more out of me than I thought...or mayhap I got shunted slightly forward in time due to the space/time matrix being somehow related to the settings on the hot water heater, so by adjusting those.....wait a minute! Look outside everyone, and report back if there is a rain of donuts coming down in your area, if so, then perhaps the Dire Might of Corrupted Santa has been broken!
  14. The nun's faces are done... So other than some washes, detail work, and basing, they're on the downhill slope now. Most of the Pilgrim horses received basecoats. I'm a bit behind where I was hoping to be, hopefully by the end of today I'll have caught up.
  15. I would say go for it. Given GW's habit of price increases, it isn't going to get any cheaper over time, and if discontinued that will increase the price as well, so if you can spare the cash, having it on hand is better than not. Also given the uncertainty that has been the hallmark of this year thus far, gathering what one can when one can is a good idea, because you never know when lockdowns or other factors will inhibit the postal system. If the time should come when you decide that you aren't going to paint it, then reselling it is an option, it's not like it has an expiration date. So if you have the free money and space now, then going for it means that this way you'll have options instead of looking back and wishing that you had got it while the getting was good.
  16. Dwarves. But then seeing as I have a tendency to grumble, am somewhat rotund, and also usually find a way to utilize an ax to do most outdoor chores, this shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone. My dislike of bright sunny days falls in line with this as well, as does my fondness for tobacco, and booze. So I find them relatable in a number of ways. My Coffee Dwarf idea largely came about due to both a progression of my previous ranting about Agamenthar the Coffee God to my coworkers at the time, and a stumbling block concerning what colors to use on some Wizkids Dwarf Warriors I was painting as gifts. I found that existing Warhammer lore concerning Dwarves could fit easily with the Coffee Cult, and that over caffinated Slayers made a kind of sense. Combining this with the idea that instead of the usual Scottish accent, Dwarves with the accent and vocal patterns of Joe Pesci getting fanatical about their chosen coffee type blended with some of the habits my crew of friends had years ago. Gargantuan amounts of sugar, no milk or cream allowed, and if you spill a single drop you get a vicious knuckle wapping with a spoon...the allowing of the booze also dated back to the old days, and the allowing of the blood of one's enemies was merely a practical consideration concerning carrying an open topped mug into battle. The factions being based on Maxwell House, Folders, and Dunkin Donuts solved my need for a paint scheme, would allow for the difference in size and style of Dwarf minis from different manufacturers, and played well with the religious way in which Dwarves view coffee. Also fitting elves to Starkbucks as opponents was easy enough, Postum and other fake coffee products worked as demonic entities, and the lore concerning Agamenthar's connection to Our Lady of Tobacco was born from various mythologies humanizing the gods to the point that certain tales sound like something out of Jerry Springer. Which I suppose is true enough to the human experience, and allows for Agamenthar and his followers to have a certain comedic tone by dialing things up to 11 every so often.
  17. The "food coma" many of you have spoken of is actually the turkey's spirit attempting to rip your soul out and take it with on it's journey to the netherworld...
  18. I'm pretty sure that it only says vodka on the label because "corn squeezin's" might open up a legal can of worms. Hence why I'm interested on working for them, I can fulfill my childhood dream of being involved in bootlegging. Their distillery would in a way be a return to tradition for Kendall County, Paul "The Waiter" Ricca, one of Capone's associates once owned around a substantial amount of acreage here, used for the growing of ingredients and production of moonshine back during Prohibition.
  19. As the Thanksgiving Challenge begins, here's where I'm at... The nuns have eyes... Pilgrim horses undercoated, the riders still aren't as of yet... The knights are halfway through undercoating... I finally took the plunge and started mucking about with green stuff! There was a large gap needing to be covered, so I made a little book to do so which came out ok considering that this was my first attempt at sculpting anything... Selection of bits to add to the knights, Mordheim crossbow, Reaper weapons pack ax, a couple extra pistols from the Pike & Shotte cavalry sprues, and some stray bits of green stuff I tried to make into purity seals.
  20. Speaking of booze, picked this up last evening... I'm not normally that much of a vodka drinker, but the sample of it I had at the store was elfing smooth. Made from Illinois corn, so it could be that it is blessed by He Who Walks Behind The Rows. I'll test out later how well it goes with Green River. Apparently there's plans in the works to set up a distillery for it here in town, so I'll have to find out if that goes through and when they'll be hiring...
  21. I'm in. Goal is to finish a 6 man unit of Pilgrim cavalry, three Witch Hunter Knights, and finish four Battle Nuns I started awhile back.
  22. The snow melted already, but clouds and rain have remained. Which has brightened my mood considerably. Gnomes have been placed in strategic windowsill positions, along with various other defensive measures, in expectation of the swarming of the spectral turkeys come nightfall. The most dangerous time of year is upon us, for after the end of Thanksgiving the fell dinner spirits will depart, but on Black Friday the power of Corrupted Santa shall erupt onto the Earth. The Great Pumpkin is still miffed about the bullelfery concerning the Halloween Special this year, so His protection has been somewhat withdrawn, the Skoli (Unseelie Keebler elves who escaped Santa's sweatshops) at the best of times barely tolerate humanity and now have followed the Great Pumpkin in more or less sitting out this year's battles in their fortified tree bunkers. So no help from that end either. Tidings of madness and woe....
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