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  1. I am now updating my Mini Blog daily. It will be awhile until there's much content there, but it's going to grow!

    1. Darkstar


      The blog is at darkstarminis.blogspot.com

  2. Jay those are jeweler's monocle loupes at 5x and 10x magnification. There's led lights on the side and the white stripes are velcro that I stick the whole contraption to my wall with when not using it.

    Regarding the borg, if I were a borg I would be trying my damndest to hook up with 7 of 9 and wouldn't be on these boards!

  3. Hi MamaGeek, I've been painting since the November of 2003. I used to paint full time but I took a 2 year break, but now I'm back at it, thank you for asking.

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