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  1. Nice color scheme, I think painting monsters like this is always fun because of the various ways you can imagine how they should look. I like how you've made them look creepy and realistic, those are great colors all working together
  2. Hey hey, really sweet version! I like everything about this figure you've done a great job here for sure
  3. Thanks Josh I appreciate that, I always try my best to make sure they do!
  4. Hey guys, I posted a bunch of these Talisman classic minis here and elsewhere on the web a couple of years ago. I was commissioned to paint this mini for a Talisman gamer to add to his set and thought I'd show off the results of that work here. even though it's not a Reaper piece I thought some of you aficionados here would get a kick out of seeing this. The color choices were made to match as closely as I could the character artwork from the game card. His face is some kind of golden mask I believe, from the looks of it at least. Busy busy, until next time, I'll be paintin' like a painty painter, Sean
  5. Hey guys thanks again! Steve yeah man, 2013 is just getting out of the starting gates, I've got no less than 10 figures on the workbench at the moment, maybe one of them will blow you away! Keep your eyes peeled for sure as I am renewing my focus this year and should at least put out something mind blowing for ya at some point haha! Thanks brother, appreciate them words
  6. Very Impressive stuff! Looks great painted, cool to see the WIP shots, thanks for showing off
  7. Yep I just got done cleaning and prepping this one today and was admiring the sculpting prowess of this figure. It's kinda hard to tell by any photos of this mini, but it has such a great flow to the curves and lines and pose. I agree, everyone should have one of these! Great looking skin!
  8. I like to see these old minis painted up, these are great! How cool is it that she's got a bouquet of tiny flowers? Also love that patchwork cape, such character, very charming
  9. Great looking group there, that rusty effect on the chainmail is ridiculously convincing
  10. I really like the color scheme, so warm. Also orange isn't the easiest color, you've done a bang up job here!
  11. Hey he's great, nice and solid all around, like the colors you've used for everything.
  12. Alright, sweet, glad you guys could help locating that figure! She just came in the blister pack with the other 3 from wherever I ordered it once upon a time. Sometimes I have these sets for ages before I get around to painting them, I know they do change over with their availability and scarcity and whatnot. But she's my favorite of the lot by far.
  13. Hey guys, thanks everyone! I have a little time in between assembling my next batch of minis to paint to quickly list the recipe I used here for the skintone of the succy, aka "cinnamon skin" Base of VMC Red with VMC Old Rose and a touch of VMC Purple. I like to start pretty dark on my basecoats and highlight up from there. Add Old Rose to that mix until you get some highlights worked out then highlight that with VMC Salmon Rose and a final addition of MSP Fair Skin Highlight for the really bright spots like cheekbones and fingertips and stuff. Shade with Citadel Wash Leviathan Purple (discontinued, unsure of the name of the new purple wash) and tie in the highlights, midtones and shades with Citadel Wash Baal Red (again, discontinued but they make a new red version) @rocketpropelledgames: I get my Reaper minis either from reapermini.com or from miniaturegiant.com, thanks. Alright, busy Saturday prepping and basing metal to get ready for more paint, thank you all so much for coming out and commenting, I always get a kick out of that!
  14. Hey thanks Adrift, yeah that color is very pleasing color to use for sure. I call it "Cinnamon Skin" in my recipe book.
  15. http://img803.imageshack.us/img803/5684/familiars.jpg Hey guys, as I promised I'm increasing the amount of minis I paint and show off this year so here are my next group for your viewing. These guys are ultra small, but the thing is, they're sculpted as if they were full size! Just an amazing job by Ridolfi here on these pieces. Makes me want to grab up all the familiars! So tiny, so cute! I would love an entire line of minis at this scale, as long as they were all sculpted with such features and skill as these, I mean just look at the body/face/hair of that little wingless succubus, can't believe how small she is! WOW Alright, until next time my friends, Sean
  16. That's good advice, I used that method for sure. Just studying other people's paintwork and learning from anything they cared to mention was very helpful. Thanks again everyone (slips back into the studio, more minis to paint, not enough time to paint them!)
  17. Lovely colorscheme going across the entire set, well done
  18. Hey guys and gals, thank you once again for sharing your thoughts on the minis I paint here, I always say this but it always holds true: I really appreciate every word and I've always got a great kick from coming here and posting on these boards due to the comments from everyone. Star Trek phaser! I admit it took me a couple close looks until I realized what it was myself. I made it look like it could be metallic, like some kind of automaton or metal bird golem or something, but it could just be grey/silver feathered. Just a 'flight' of fancy I had while deciding what color to choose. Thank you Haha, yeah for me 4 days is record time for real though! I may be many things but I am not a speedy painter of minis no siree. Workin' on it, I will get faster one of these years, this is the year I can feel it in my bones! Thank you Luminous! What a great word! I was at an art exhibit today looking at some of Norman Rockwell's originals and I was looking for the right word at times to describe what I was seeing and that would have been a perfect choice for sure, thanks Jen Hey thanks again everyone, glad I could give ya something to look at here and comment on and of course glad you liked these. More to come!
  19. Happy New Year all you Reaper Peeps! This year is going to be full of mini painting of all kinds for me and I hope the same goes for all of you! (I know it's a couple weeks into the new year already but regardless, needs to be said!) These two figures were fairly straightforward sculpts and I dashed some paint on them to get them done and moved on to the next ones. I am going to be a machine this year and will be posting lots of pics of completed figures as I get them, prep them, paint them and photograph them. Big and small, plain and ornate, mundane and sublime, my plans are to really make the most of the time I have this year to paint. My goals for last year were to finish a big ol pile of unfinished minis that I had, which is is a goal that I met. The year before that was to push myself to break out of my personal comfort zone and approach painting as a learner of new techniques, which I also met. This year my goal is to increase my speed. To find secret ways to maintain quality and finally manage to be speedy while doing it! These are my first two figures using this mentality. 4 days to finish both pieces from blister pack to beauty shot. Alright, long words this time. I'm out until next time
  20. Hey guys thanks for coming out and saying hi and for commenting, I read each one and totally appreciate the words you guys have, even if I don't take the time to respond individually here. Busy season for me in the workshop it's just madness I tell ya! Every day getting closer to C day. But seriously I really appreciate *every* comment on my minis I post, just want you all to know that. Back to my brushes and paints! ~Sean
  21. I painted this as a gift for Christmas and since steampunk witches aren't traditionally associated with the season, I decided to spruce her up with a more appropriate-for-the-holiday color scheme for her outfit. Merry Christmas all you Reaper Peeps, happy painting in 2013!
  22. Hey it's a good pose, "I'm comin' for YOU xeno scum!" Blue looks a little lighter/aqua than your other Ultras, maybe the pic?
  23. Still though for 45 mins it's a good color scheme. Reminds me of some Dwemer armor from any of the Elder Scrolls games.
  24. That is such a cool little classic figure! Love his eyes
  25. Nice crisp photo and a very clean paintjob, I'd like to see a little shading on the metallic part of the base, but you said you'd put some wear and tear. I think that would be a good place for some weathering for sure.
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