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  1. Hey that's great, you really made the scales "pop"
  2. I think the color choices are very harmonious it's a good start. Breaking up the sword blade with another shade of metalic would go a long way for visual interest I think. Since the armor is also the same metallic color.
  3. Hey thanks guys, much obliged for the comments, @MG: Thank you kindly for the C&C, I'll keep that i mind for next time. The OSL is kept minimal in this case because I didn't want the impression to be given that the orb was glowing but rather that it was made of crystal and light was shining through it and being refracted, very subtly, onto the figure. Photograph ruins the effect IMO. Aint it always the way.
  4. Hey all thank you for your comments and insights on what you like and what could be better, I always am keen to hear such things and I appreciate it. The one goal is to always learn and get better no matter what. Thanks for taking the time to comment here. @Inarah: I was going to do a freehand tutorial last year but I moved from the place I'd been living in for 10 years to a new house and the dust has basically just now settled from that, took all our time to get everything going here in this new life ya know. It's still on my agenda, that and my blog, once I get past this next holiday season here with Christmas coming up I get really busy painting gifts so I won't have any time for net stuff really. But at the new year is when I plan to FINALLY get the ball rolling with something like a tutorial/demo of how I do a freehand pattern. I've had a folder on file here on my drive since last year with some base images I was preparing for this when life took a sudden left turn. It'll happen though. Next year I plan to be very active on the mini painting scene, coming back with more and better than ever.
  5. Hey guys, thank you ALL for your comments, I take them all to heart. Glad you like this one, it's always exciting to paint a Drow anything really.
  6. Very ambitious to tackle an entire mini like that, outstanding stuff! His outer thigh really shows off the effect very convincingly.
  7. Yeah just one version of each this time, no twins. Thanks for the comment bro-ho-ho glad you like it
  8. Evshyvandra. I always love painting pieces by Julie Guthrie, they're usually full of everything good about this hobby. This piece was no exception. It took awhile to discern all the various parts of the armor and pick out all of the detail there but I eventually figured out what was going on this tiny piece, (she really is quite small). Favorite part for me was the crystal spider motif on the shield. Pulling off that effect was very satisfying and looks millions of times better in the hand than these photos. I'm most happy about the two different shades of purple one next to the other, in the cloak and the crystal spider as purple was the color I've most struggled with over time. Having control of where I want to take my purples is quite a hard earned achievement for me as it's never come easy. I think after these almost 10 years of practicing I'm getting the hang of painting purple.
  9. Reeve the Pious is one serious chunk of metal. I mean you can really feel the heft of this piece when you hold him. I wanted to give him a detailed cloak to really set him off as a high ranking Paladin or holy warrior of sorts and to give the otherwise plain hooded figure some interest instead of flat shading all the folds in the cloth. Probably spent too much time detailing the piece but once I get started I have to see it through to completion so that I can at least have the satisfaction of seeing "in the round" what I envisioned with my mind's eye before painting. If that makes any sense. The sword is blended well but doesn't really sell the effect of NMM, maybe the gold is ok but the steel reads more like stone. Oh well, all in all the piece is balanced and stoic looking enough even with the over the top freehand.
  10. Hello Reaper peeps and happy Thanksgiving to one and all! I've recently painted a few Reaper minis and I'm here to post their images for you to see. Drake Whiteraven here is a very cool sculpt and I liked his classic gear setup with the orb and staff. I have to say it's the hair that really stood out on this sculpt, and the face as well. Both were exceptionally sculpted by Mr. Ridolfi and I've got to say a fine example at this scale of what a good stylized face and hairstyle can be. Took me quite awhile to figure out a good color scheme for him and I incorporated many vibrant and dull colors to work together to give this piece interest. Obviously the focus being the orb in his hand which I painted to have an ever so slight lighting effect, which you may notice a little here and there on his face, cloak and hand/bracelet. Well, that's about all I can muster up to say about the piece, hope you like looking at him. Peace and Love, Sean
  11. I think her sword came out really clean. The blade looks especially nice.
  12. I've got a few 'repurposed' entertainment center shelves in my setup, cool to see someone else getting use out of stuff like that
  13. That's also a ceramic palette. I got it for my Birthday a couple of years back. I'll dig up the site where you can buy them direct pretty cheap. Save some for me, I need to order a couple more, they're perfect and I can't have enough of them. http://www.cheapjoes.com/art-supply/CJ15350_8029_cheap-joes-rectangular-well-porcelain-palette.asp
  14. Ahh I like that combo of display case and fold out painting area Adrift
  15. Aw man I can't resist these threads...I'll be back later with some photos of my new studio, haven't posted any yet of the new place. It's gonna be a good season for ya SK, I can feel it in my bonezzzz Alright, it's later, and I'm back with some photos: View from my window, lots of natural light Wider View of my painting area, airbrush and mini compressor on the rack on the lower left. Big compressors in the garage. My basing base of operations Wider shot of that area along with my traditional art supplies My photo "studio" and dremel/hacksaw area Lastly I tried to get most of my paints here for a family shot, even though they're from different families, my main MSP, VMC, Citadel and VGC range that I use, along with my metallics which I never use but want to get back in to using one day. I used to paint out of my bedroom but now with the new house I've got me own studio, so it's definitely a level up. I smile every time I walk in here no joke.
  16. Hey guys, well thank you for commenting, much obliged @MamaGeek, Joshua, Metalchaos: Thanks guys I'm glad you liked my work here I appreciate you saying so, thank you! And the base was fun to create, I need to improve and it's pretty fun coming up with ideas and executing them. @Derek: Thanks man, I've painted a couple of the Pathfinder minis in the 'official' color schemes before and I really like having a template to go by for sure, saves a little time in the research/composition department. For these I had my own idea of the what the mini was going to look like from the moment I saw the green posted here, I was really happy to get around to painting these after all that time since I saw the images of the green. Indeed the possibilities really are infinite, very inspiring facet of this hobby. @JDSampo: Thank you I was happy with the way the gold came out overall in these figures, it's tricky but I like the final effect here. Which is saying something usually I'm not too happy with my results, but occasionally I get it right without having to strip it and restart it 3 times haha. This is one of those times, maybe I'm learning something after all this time...hope it sticks.
  17. Thank you guys, there's some heart warming stuff right there, I really appreciate it and I'm glad you like these @Stubb: If I had to wager a guess I'd put them over the 15 to 20 hour mark each. That includes the bases. This figure is so small that I think the actual paintwork went by pretty quick, compared to my normal slow as snails time. Regarding RC I don't think my chances are very high of ever getting out to Texas sadly, if it were in my neck of the woods I'd go for sure, but I don't even get out to the cons that are a couple hours away here. I wish it were otherwise. Thanks brother. @Steve: Thanks man, good to see you I like your new avatar that's a cool conversion @pcktlnt, Jay, Jen, Lastman, cookjimjr, Citrine: Thanks guys I appreciate your comments for sure, thank you. @Evergrin: Thank you I try to get the hair looking nice and shiny it's tricky, especially with black. With black hair it either goes by really quickly or takes forever. These two went by pretty quickly. @Inarah: No dont take a week to face your minis! They'll get lonely and that's sad! @Haldir: Thanks man, the eyeliner was tricky it's not as perfectly straight as I like but at scale it looks ok. With the super magnification of the camera you can see it's off a little. @Chaosscorpion: Thank you. Yeah Lightboxes can be a big help when photographing to take that edge off the blown out highlights for sure. I don't use one anymore but it took years of trial and error to get it so I don't need a diffuser but when I did use one my photo skills took a great leap in understanding how the light needs to work at this scale. It's not easy and takes many failures, keep at it, dont get too frustrated, at least we're not using developed film to practice which makes it less painful. @Kuro: Thanks I'm trying to improve my Base Fu as it were as that's one of the most common criticisms of my painted figures. That I don't really offset the detailed paintwork with bases that showcase them, so I'm striving towards better bases. However it's something I'm not happy with yet at all, my ideas are big, my time spent isn't enough to get them as "done" as I want. Time management. If only I had more time to learn how to do that right...
  18. Hey everyone, after a few-month-long-hiatus from posting anything I present to you two versions of Alahazra. Why two versions? Because I didn't have time for 4. Just an amazing figure by my favorite sculptor, Julie Guthrie. I had to get a couple of these done to get out my ideas of what I thought of when I first saw this piece back when it was a green. The base is lab stone (extremely hard dental plaster), painted to look like sandblasted and ancient sandstone or something like that. First I carved stone blocks out of plaster then I assembled them. Next I took some castings I had of Hirst Arts blocks and put those together after breaking them to fit the wooden plinth. Put those together then I made molds and plaster castings of the sphinxes from a pendant that I ordered online special for this project. Cut the sphinxes to fit the plinth and underlying blocks then assembled them in place and exoxied some filling here and there to unify it. Finally I distressed everything with carefully placed chaos and decay to give it that lived in look of a thousand eons of abuse under the searing sun and scalding hot winds of some endless desert in the middle of a sea of sand. Or something like that. Well anyway, not much to say other than I loved this mini and sometimes when I see ones I really like I paint up a couple different versions, mostly to satisfy my own desire to see what they'll look like painted up differently. One is more or less "plain" and "realistic" I use the terms very loosely, the one with the black scarves, and the other is more ornate and colorful. I don't have a favorite, but everyone else who has seen them chooses one or the other almost right away. Alright, more in the works, see ya very soon, Much Love, Sean
  19. Thanks guys I'm glad you like 'em, yeah working on two versions is interesting and fun. These days I get more ideas than I have time for the way I want certain minis to end up looking so this helps get those creative juices all spilling out for sure. Thing is I have at least 2 other ways I could paint this one mini that I can think of, probably more to be honest! I may one day try my hand at painting four versions of a mini and see how that goes, certain minis I can think of that really have endless possibilities, endless I say!
  20. Female Huckster was such a cool little mini that I wanted to get two copies painted up. I had a few ideas of how I wanted her to look so I couldn't just do one. There's a more or less "Celtic Lass" version with the green (at least that's my intention, she could be well...anything you want her to be... really) and then there's the Blonde with the purple dress, just a femme fatale with her little gun in her garter. Love that little touch on this sculpt. She had a very "Disneyesque" face, which surprises me that word isn't underlined in red by my browser...anyway I wanted to give her nice big eyes to suit that look of the sculpt. Really fun to paint. As a side note about bases, I think from now on I'm just going to buy my bases from various base makers and paint those up as I spend far, FAR too much time making mine from scratch always to be underwhelmed by them. As my painting skills slowly (glacially) improve my base-fu isn't catching up even though I put more effort into them. I bet I can paint the pre-made resin bases and base inserts up like a devil though, which will finally complement all the time I spend on these minis instead of looking so half hearted. Nowadays (yall) we're spoiled for choice with so many awesome bases from different makers, may as well just invest in a bunch and start using those. Maybe Reaper should make some hrmmm.....
  21. No bother at all, I'm happy to answer any questions. The brushes I use are Raphael series 8404 #0 for large coverage areas and for the detail I work with a W&N Series 7 #0.
  22. I think her legs are overly long and the side of her head where the hair is pushed aside behind her ear makes it looks out of whack a little. I noticed that too. About the long legs though, I think she's supposed to be an elf so maybe kind of lithe/lanky. I like long legs though haha what can I say!
  23. Hey guys, again thanks so much for commenting, makes my day for sure, I love to talk about these things Steven, yeah the black hair is surprisingly one of the hardest colors for me to paint. I would have finished these so much sooner but I really felt they called for black hair. It's such a tricky color to paint to get it to look black and stay that way takes alot of time and the end result never looks like you spent that much time on it at all. Hence why you rarely see black hair on my minis! Always with the purple and blue, brown etc...if I need black but rarely raven black like this, just a real labor intensive color to get to look right with millions of layers and adjustments/glazes washes etc...Thanks again bro Pole, I typically start with the dark colors and work up to light for sure. Building up patterns and designs as they take shape before my eyes, slowly adding lighter colors to the mix to bring out the detail. It's more or less the way I approach painting freehand every time. I have a tutorial planned, but not in the works yet. Hopefully this year I'll post a grand tutorial with a massive freehand, just looking for the right model and some time. Diablo 3 is out this year so what little free time I have is flushed for the foreseeable future but I'll still try to get a freehand tutorial up at some point.
  24. Yeah she does, I get the impression she'd be a great mini to use as a female monk PC. Or maybe a really tall halfling? Dunno...
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