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  1. Nice facial expression (very calm looking) and I think the lettering on the book is a nice touch, that kind of stuff is tricky to do and it looks proper.
  2. He looks very cool and sneaky. I wouldn't want to be poked by those rusty old daggers, they look nasty for sure I like the little nicks and scrapes on the rusted metal, cool effect. Also that's a trippy little cobblestone base, very neat
  3. Hey guys thanks and I'm glad you like her, she is a great sculpt to paint, very cool figure for sure. @Baphomet: Thanks I appreciate the comment and observation of the cloak. @MG: Thank you, her irises are there, they're blue, pupils are there, even managed to get the little white dot of reflected light in there! I'll see about putting a closeup of her face in a shot here later.
  4. That is a cool figure that I haven't seen before. Lookin' good I dig the brown golds/ brown tabard and over all muted color scheme. Makes his armor and gear look like the ancient stuff.
  5. I've had Isabeau sitting her for about 3 years now and was glad when I finally got around to painting her up. She represents literally the last of my "wall of shame" of figures I vowed to paint before picking any more up. So here she is in all her finery. (although her sword looks a little rough in the pics, could have been blended more smoothly for sure) Now to look at all the new releases in the last 3 or 4 years to catch up on and buy!
  6. Pretty sweet models. I like the helmet and backpack on the standing model fo sho. Haven't seen that particular figure or the 'mounted' version either. Paintwork is super, perfect fit with the rest.
  7. Hi guys, thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it for sure. @ Matt: Thanks and Regarding the skin tones I worked them out on paper as I usually do so I've got them in my notes here, let me see...the recipe is as follows: Basecoat of VMC Brown Rose + VMC Cavalry Brown Midtone of MSP Tanned Skin Highlight of MSP Tanned Highlight Then I highlighted ever further with MSP Fair Skin. I also took that further all the way to pure white in spots to really give her a pale complexion, and pale thighs/rear The shading is done with various mixes of washes. I use whatever is on my palette and add things like blues and purples, pinks and reds oranges etc...that part, the shading is more less done without a method just using very dilute concentrations of paint or washes suspended in alot of water with very little paint on the brush and another damp brush at hand to feather out the shades and prevent things like pooling and ringing and such. Just to add color and life to the skin which would otherwise appear too "flat" if not for the shading. The highlights being pure white really help to emphasize the shading since there's so much contrast so a little really goes a long way to add depth. @Kuro: Thanks yeah the freehand pattern helps with that for sure thanks for noticing. @Andy: Thanks and Sure thing I'll get one up below here for ya:
  8. Happy New Year guys! Here's my first piece of 2012 and a wintry themed piece at that. I wanted to give her an "Ice Queen" appearance so I went with white and blues and chose to highlight her leather with a great color from Vallejo called Silvergrey (VMC 883) that is not quite white. The overall effect is pretty "together" in terms of what I was shooting for. I kept the white of her flowing cloth different than the white of her armor to give it some contrast. Of course what really stands out against all those whitish colors is her shock of blue hair. I think it would have looked good white as well, but I need practice painting blue anyway so I went with the more cartoony blue hair. Her left arm connection was pretty fragile so I sculpted a puffy sleeve to support her outstretched arm to give it more support in that area. The snow is baking soda and super glue, then baking soda and PVA glue with baking soda sprinkled on top. Alright many more to come this year, this is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.
  9. That's funny stuff! Also, really clean work overall the windows are shiny.
  10. Hey guys thanks, I appreciate it.
  11. Top work on this chappy. Cool parchment effect, looks like it's really old ancient weathered paper.
  12. Her facial expression has tons of character, you can really see her emotion, very well done.
  13. This mini's been around that long and I've never seen him. Wow. Cool idea with the books, great job on what looks like such a small figure.
  14. She looks great. I like the tip of the tail better this way. Also nice blacks on the pants, I can notice alot of different colors happening there, cool to look at.
  15. Nice colors in the browns of the cloak. Also I like the base, the worn edges of the wooden stairs are very convincing. Cool little mini as well.
  16. Cool SK I'm glad you like it. Lots more to come I'm on somewhat of a painting binge at the moment while moving, trying to move through some of the backlog of minis I've got as well.
  17. THANK YOU Michael! I knew I could count on someone here.
  18. Got this mini in a box from Stern last year, and as I was posting it I realized I had no idea who made it. Thanks to Michael for the quick help in identifying this little musket toting scamp. Way tiny mini, Great face on the sculpt and what else...the base was just some matchsticks split in half and misaligned with a piece of chain and a little hatch thing, just to give it interest. Alot of fun to paint, Thanks Steve.
  19. Hey thanks guys, I appreciate it. Jabber, about that blue cast it's caused by my natural spectrum light as it really helps the colors to be true with my photo setup, but occassionally it can show up on the mini as a weird blue effect. I had a devil of a time photographing this piece thanks to the reds but in the final tally I've got it looking pretty close to how it appears, with the reds being quite a bit more of a magenta red than an orange red. SK, yeah I have a few more to get through for sure and looking forward to seeing your output in the upcoming season. For me I've been kinda slow with mine due to taking care of household stuff, spring cleaning this year turned into a 5 week summer marathon session of rearranging the whole place and cleaning every hidden corner etc...but that's over hope to pick up the pace again from now.
  20. Thanks Orionjp, yeah the sculpt of her face is very manish imho, so I painted it a little more "painted lady" to help offset that. My nickname for this particular Sophie is "Trap Sophie". I hope I don't have to explain that nickname lol.
  21. I use custom rigs I made from wooden curtain holder thingies. They have a nice shape which I can hold onto for hours and keep my hand from cramping. I attach the base of the mini to them using white poster tack, it's the tackiest kind, but hard to find.
  22. A simple paintjob since I thought I wanted to see this one done in very basic/traditional colors of mostly red and yellow/gold with black. I'm not sure where I got the idea that the traditional colors would be those however. I tried to give her wings a leathery feel by painting in some horizontal fold lines and creases. It's very subtle and doesn't really read too well in the photo but I guess you can kinda see it. Thanks to SK for the figure, I had a good time painting this one up although it was a quickie clocking in at a little over 10 hours. No swirls for once.
  23. 1. Use the best brushes you can afford and take care of them. Invest in some good ones and don't waste any time doing so for fear of bending their tips or whatever. Just learn to take care of them and they'll take care of you. 2. Practice. Paint as much as you can afford to paint. Improvement comes with time and practice. 3. Invest in some good quality magnification for detail work. My skill jumped when I bought an optivisor because I could actually see what I was painting. These things are tiny! 4. If you have a question or problem don't be afraid to ask for advice on the internet. There's some great sites like this one where people jump all over themselves and each other just trying to get good advice out to you. About almost any problem you're having you're bound to encounter someone who has a way around it or advice about almost anything and everything. 5. Bright lighting helps to see details. A no brainer but painting under soft or dim lighting can strain your eyes over time. Get some good light set up or paint where there is the best light in your place and take advantage of that as it helps to keep everything clear while painting. I use a great deal of bright light when I paint and photograph and it's a tremendous help keeping all of the detail and contrast in colors all "popping". A couple of these were mentioned before but if enough people are saying the same thing then there's a good bet you can find truth in it.
  24. I bet she was thrilled, that's ultra cute.
  25. Sean that's excellent! Also love the subject matter, right up my own alley (if you can't tell by me avatar, I mean avatarrrr) Love the little details everywhere and the fact that he seems to have run aground on that little barnacle covered rock tells a great story.
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