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  1. Yeah, what's up with the orb? He looks pretty pissed about having dropped it, so it must be important I like the contrast in the color choices...thanks for taking the time to tell a little about how you did it. I always like to see names of paints to go with the pictures, helps me to plot out my next perfect blend.
  2. I love it. I dig the realistic earth tones of the color scheme. The base is great example of how to do a simple, but effective base. Nice job.
  3. What would be cool IMHO is to change the shortsword in her right hand to a longsword, held with a different grip, then file off the sword handle that is in the scabbard. That would look like she's drawn the sword from the scabbard and is brandishing it menacingly. Also, it would be fairly easy to do. I agree about not needing a dremel. A jewelers saw would be ideal. Just saw off the hand, and the sword hilt and replace with another hand by drilling and pinning someone elses hand that is holding a longsword already. Make sure you post photos if you do, hope this helps!
  4. I buy mine at a Model Railroad Shop. They always have several different styles and thickness in stock...I like the kind with the cobblestones pretextured into the surface, but they never have that stuff in when I'm there Definately look in your phone book under Hobby Supply. Bring your checkbook, you are definately going to find more stuff there that you'll want to use for minis...I'm not allowed to go to my local Model Train Store by myself My Fiancee swears that we'll go broke if I do.
  5. Wow, Nicely done, so bold. The base is really fitting as well. I've been a fan of your work for awhile now, I've seen your stuff on CMON and on ebay and have always thought your painting style was really distinct and very skillfully done. Congratulations on another stunning mini, this one ROCKS!!! I use the Reaper "painted showcase" alot for my inspiration...sometimes it's hard to see the details on a mini before I paint it, but looking at really clean, finished pieces helps me discern where all the details are. Sometimes i just straight out copy the color schemes If I'm lazy. It always ends up looking different though...I mean, you can copy Liliana Troy and J. Haley all you want, but getting your mini to resemble theirs is a different story.
  6. Thanks again all for your comments and welcome. @BattleMountain, thanks. Yeah, at the CMON forums, people post comments just to get their number of posts up! I don't have time to wade through that kind of junk on a forum...I mean, who cares! sheesh. Being an artist I work in Acrylics, I paint mostly discarded pieces of furniture by designing elaborate psychedelic patterns on any surface I can get to. I used to work in Airbrush as a kid, did that for many years...I really want an airbrush again so I can prime my minis cleaner. I also do alot of Computer related art...this is the "Show Off" thread right? Well here's a piece I did last year... titled "Traveller" Okay, take care all, Happy Labor day. Now that I got a day off, I can catch up on some work. Ironic isn't it.
  7. Hey not bad! He would go great with some of the first minis that I painted. Before I had realized the benefits of thinned paints. I like the freedom of color use here, I'm sure you really focused on this mini while you were painting him, and I'm guesssing you were pretty pleased with the results when you were finished. It shows. Nice, when one of your first minis come out like this, it shows your potential and causes inspiration to paint more and get better. I've kept all of mine like this, I still look at them from time to time and wonder, what the hell I was thinking. Back when drybrushing was the extent of my painting tricks and repertoire.
  8. Here's a few helpful things I've picked up in my experience ebaying... 1. Photo. Use the html option in description to link to a big, clear photo that you are hosting on the web. A good site is www.photobucket.com They have tut's there in the forum on how to do this. That's how I learned. It's free too! 2. Don't include the words "Pro-Painted" in your title. Alot of serious buyers shun these listings as it usually is an indicator of shoddy workmanship. 3. Do think seriously about a low start value for anything less than collector's quality. People like to bid, it's part of the fun of ebay, and a low start value generates more bids, which generates more excitement for the bidder. I know you've put ton's of time and love into that mini and it should be worth $150.00 minimum, but think about starting at around $10.00 or so. 4. Don't be put off if you don't see any bids at first on your auctions. Most of the "action" takes place during the last couple minutes of your sale. 5. You want to build a good positive feedback rating. A way to do that at first is to buy little things first from various sellers and pay promptly. 6. What people look for in general are a) cheap, quickly painted minis for gaming on the cheap. Look for around $5.00 to $9.99 b)Cleanly painted and detailed minis for gaming on the cheap. Look for around $10.00 to $19.00 c)Well painted and above average minis for representing a character or special monster in an ongoing gaming campaign. Around $14.00 to $30.00 d)Showcase collectors only minis, $30.00 and up. These aren't hard and fast rules, just observations that generally apply and should help you price your minis accordingly. 7. Warhammer minis generate more interest than Reaper minis (should I be saying that here? ) Well, hope that helps a little, and good luck! It's fun once you get over the scary part of never having had done it before.
  9. Here's my method for shipping painted minis... It's the bubble wrap method described above basically, but first I wrap the mini in tissue as plastic has a tendency to react with sealants and paint if left wrapped in a hot space for too long. There's no guarantee that the recipient is going to open his mail for awhile, it might be sitting in a hot mailbox for days on end, and here in Sacramento CA that could get to like 150 degrees or something in there. So to be safe I use tissue. Just a tip I picked up somewhere. Hope it helps.
  10. I like seeing really old minis come up...I missed them the first time around, so they're new to me. I've noticed that alot of older lines have more character than many minis sculpted today. This guy is great! Looks like he got hit by a Sleep Spell though.
  11. Now that's my kind of recycling. If I saved up all the beer tops I've ever popped, and used them as bases, I would have enough to base the entire GW line of minis from 40k And WHFB dating back to the early 90's. Actually that would hold true if I just counted the ones from this year I like the mini, the bottle top really helps to demonstrate the scale of the mini. Yellow isn't often used and you've done a great job here, very harmonious color to use with the base and the beer. The dirt looks so real, like it's about to fall of the cap, nice job. A collector's piece for sure.
  12. I listen to ambient music music when painting wood elves...music from the LOTR soundtracks is awesome too...very elfish, elfen, elven whatever. The monks chanting idea is cool too...might try that, might even generate some much need good karma as a side effect! Unless you mean Gregorian monks, which is a good idea too. I was thinking tibetan monks.
  13. Hi, thanks all for your comments and kind welcome! @Eastman...thanks, yeah I thought about using wire too, but I figured that super glue would adhere to the real hair better, seeing how well it bonds my fingers together everyday and human hair is sort of like skin on the chemical level...I think The blue glove was sort of an experiment...I'm glad you noticed. As I was about to paint it I had to decide what color to use and decided to go with blue because of this logic; Have you ever played a RPG where your character is equipped with various items found from various sources...like a breastplate from a defeated skeleton and bow from a defeated orc and helmet from a chest...well I thought about it and decided the glove would be a found item from another set of items that didn't match his current gear. To tell you the truth, They are modeled after "Laying of Hands"...the set gloves from Diablo 2...I love those gloves, they're underrated but they rock. and they're blue. As you can tell I get really into the backround stories of these guys when I paint them...I'm sure a few you more geeky types do as well....you probably even make shooty noises when painting guns don't you. Guilty. Thanks again for your comments.
  14. I'm always coming up with new ways to use the old Dremel. If you're reading this and you don't have one; go...get...one...now.... I used my grinder yesterday to grind the web design off of Warlord #14065 Dark Elf Queen. She had this really cool web pattern sculpted onto her skirt, but I when I got down to painting it, I was like "Nuh uh. There's no way that I'm painting this. It's way too fiddly." So since I was done with the whole figure including the base and the skirt was all I had left I had to think of a way to get around painting that web thingy...should I fill in the gaps with green stuff? Should I paint the whole skirt white and just ink in the gaps? Stop, Dremel Time! It took me like 5 minutes, but I was able to fully grind the pattern off her skirt, even in the crevices and have since been painting a detailed freehand design on the newly smooth surface. If you want to do something different with your Dremel, you can try this, but watch your fingers if you do...Put a toothpick into the chuck, you'll have to tape up one end so it fits in there. Then turn on the Dremel so it's spinning the toothpick round and round. Take a file and edge it up against the spinning toothpick. Move it back and forth and up and down around the edges for a minute or two. Now stop the Dremel...Voila, an instant miniature lathed fencepost! I've incorporated some of these little works into some terrain I've made and peeps are like, how....where did you...those are cool ! Then I tell them that I carved them by hand and they get scared of my skills.
  15. I like the realistic style...and the cleanness of the paintwork, good job. His name wouldn't be "Sir Will the Riker" would it?
  16. Hello all, I just found out about this forum, even though I've been coming to the Reaper site for about a year. I post on CMON alot, but I don't really like the forum there, it's mostly way OT stuff with a core group of about 10 posters. Not to flame the CMON forum, it's just not as active as I like, and to be honest, the talent I see here is first rate and I really feel the love that you people have for your minis here. About me, I've been painting minis for almost a year now...I'm 32 years old, live with my fiancee and 3 cats here in Sacramento, CA. I was introduced to minis when I was about 6 or 7 years old. My dad used to play D&D when he was in college and I got into the artwork and the minis for awhile when I was a kid. I recently rediscovered minis last November through seeing Mage Knight from WizKids in a PC game store. I bought a pack, and thought the minis were soooo cool! What was I thinking? Anyway, one thing led to another and being an artist I decided to try to clean up the paint jobs. That's when I encountered my first problem "These minis are tiny! How the hell am I supposed to paint these things!" I started looking online for tutorials and I stumbled on a banner for CMON. I was stunned to see real minis...Space Marines! Reaper! Conversions! I was hooked. I looked in the phone book to see if I could find a store that sold minis nearby and started buying all the cool stuff and learning all about the terminology and esoterica associated with miniatures. The rest they say is history. After much research and absorbing anything I could get my hands on about this subculture, I've learned alot about painting these damned small critters and am now able to share my work with the rest of you miniacs. So without further adieu, I would like to share with you all a recent work of mine, Niriodel Elven Archer Warlord #14015... My first time stringing a bow, I used 3 hairs braided together and superglued to the bow. I was scared to do it, because I had read many people's stories about how hard it was and how it took them an hour and such...well, it took me a total of 3 minutes. I braided the hairs loosely, then twisted them in my fingers. I then wrapped one end around one end of the bow and held it there while I superglued it. I pulled the hairs straight, tied the other end and superglued that. I ran super glue across the strands with an old brush to stiffen them, then I cut the ends off. No sweat. Anyway, I welcome any and all comments, and honor any criticisms of my work. Expect to see more contributions from me here, as I am constantly painting up new minis and would like to share them with you all. Sorry for the novel, hope you like the pic!
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