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  1. Okay, found the pages 37- 38 under the Chapter Concepts. Thanks for the help and the quick response. Wow, by the looks of it, better than Battletech.
  2. Hi, I am new to the game. I have been reading the book to CAV S.O. and I have yet to come across any useful info on how to use the stats on the whole card. All there is, is a picture of a stat card on page 105. What and how do i use Medium mac 6/2, down to 3/1 for example. There needs to be better explanation. Would like to have seen step by step instructions in regards to the use of the whole stat card, the rules looked rushed to nonexistent. Also could someone confirm on page 105 of a misprint in the rule book that 762 x .75 should be 767.75 thus equals the 575.25? Thanks.
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