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  1. The odd thing is my girlfriend went to that high school.
  2. I hope this post isn't considered too old to bring up... I just wanted to say that online RPG does have its benefits. Descriptions would not be slow for games I DMed because I'd already have them typed up in a notepad document. It was a simple matter of cut-paste. Also, it's nice because I can display images without having to cover the rest of the book, and make those DM dice rolls without having the PCs metagame. "Dm's rolling! Quick! Everyone search for secret doors, traps, and monsters!" *DM groans* It's also convienent to send private ims to single members to encourage roleplaying. Scouting observations I will im to the scout only and allow the player to relay the info to the rest of the group. If a group splits up, I handle them separately in two different windows. Which has caused the groups to attack each other in the past. The hardest part I would say is the occassional lag in the players. Since each player is online, they will have other ims going, viewing websites, and whatever is going on in their actual environment (roommate talking, watching tv, etc.). Sometimes they may lose focus when it's not their turn, lags the group, and promotes the other players to lag while they wait. Just my two cents on the matter.
  3. Thank you very much! I was afraid of using alot of white due to the tron effect you desribed earlier. Your advice gave me a better understanding of NMM. I appreciate it. ~Tatsu
  4. Alright, thanks alot of the advice! I will give the blade a few more white lines and hot spots. Do you think the shadow side of the blade should be darker? And I just noticed that I had erased most of my shadows for the gold hilt! Now there's only patches of shadow here and there. That's what I get for trying a new technique at 3 in the morning.
  5. My very first attempt at NMM. Colors used were VGC Wolf Grey, Black, VGC Stonewall Grey, and VGC Ghost Grey for the blade. VGC Charred Brown, Cobra Leather, Filthy Brown, Sunblast Yellow and Skull White for the hilt. I'm asking for advice on the sword blade and gold ( ) hilt. Any would be really appreciated. At the moment, the NMM seems quite lacking to me. Thanks in advance!
  6. http://www.ne-o.co.uk/fshock.html Crazy kids.
  7. I just have to vent this out. I normally paint my minis in the living room, but decided that I could catch up on some painting while doing some work at my computer desk. With this particular mini, I'm aiming to get my paint as smooth as possible. So I start adding thin heavily watered down layers, slowly building up the color. But, as I paint the layers little specks start coming off my brush on the mini! I would correct it and then notice that my brush strokes REALLY started showing up and the specks kept returning! I was on the verge of sending the mini out into the snow when I realized what was occuring. My desk lamp is a really bright, really hot halogen light that was positioned literally 2-3 inches from the mini and 4-6 from my palette. From the time it took me to dip my brush, then bring it to the mini, the water would evaporate and the paint would clump together. The little specks were little balls of paint. And I was concentrating so hard on the specks that I did not notice the water had evaporated out of my thinned base color into pure paint, actually a little bit thicker when I compared it to a pure fresh drop of paint out of the bottle. I thought the painting Gods where playing with me, Jester and Digital [email protected] in the clouds teaching me a lesson to thin my paints or something. So, lesson to you all. Light is your friend, but heat is not. It is the devil out to ruin all your minis and fill your mind with thoughts of violence and bloodshed. Well, in mini form. Ah well, back to studying for my midterm.
  8. I agree with Qwyksilver. Yahoo and Google are great for reviews on products. I don't think there's any need to have a dedicated section here. Unless it was likes, dislikes, and suggestions about Reaper products, but that already happens in the Reaper Discussion section. Again, easily findable through the search function.
  9. Mine is an actual baby chicken I took a picture of at our nursery over a year ago. She liked to pose for the camera.
  10. Thank you very much Cher for the help!
  11. I'm going to fire off a bunch of questions that may be general. Anything too specific, I will message BL Boss. Reaper (hobbies in general) are not too famous in New Jersey where I reside. My flgs carries a limited (pathetic) set of Reaper that I hope to expand through being a BL member. I intend to do flgs and club Warlord game demos. To get the BL discount to build my mini collection for demos, I have to already have 3 demos under my belt? Is that correct? Two - Four armies may be too expensive for me to start. To entice my flgs with potential customers, I was going to heavily advertise in my college (Rutgers University). My hopes are to start an official club. If I started a club, would publicly advertised games count as demos if they're outside of a flgs? Like, in someone's house? I believe this is 2.C in the Handbook, but I was not sure of the operational definition of "League Events." Is the BL point reward system based upon the number of participants viewing your demo? I hope my questions were clear enough. Any response would be appreciated. Including a Bonk! for not sending this to BL Boss. I didn't want to flood his account with general questions.
  12. I wasn't sure where to put this. OT is always a safe bet. After putting a mini into the dip for the fourth time, I started wondering what's the highest number of times you've dipped a single mini? What mini was giving you so much trouble? For me, it's Lindir Lightarrow done to a friend's color scheme. It's hurting me . . .
  13. Oh wow, I did not even notice the hand . . . it is lighter! The brightness of the book was to fit him with the other troops. My empire boys have a very American color scheme to them . . . and it makes me want to dip them all. Not cause I used American colors, the troops just seem too . . . bright. Like you mentioned with the book. Thanks for the response, Q-ball!
  14. Thank you guys for the kind words! [email protected] - Must be the white hair. Now I think of Snow White when I look at her on my desk. Twiz - I'm a fan of the gold paint. I don't know why... It finds it way on every mini I paint somehow . . . Raven - That's good advice. Thank you! I'll definitely apply it to my next mini, Lindir attempt number two.
  15. Thanks for the info! I really can't wait for these to come out. I'm loving the sculpts for those troopers. Thank you for giving us this teaser!
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