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  1. I currently use and probably will always use the Apple Barrel brand of Flat Black. A drop of that with . . oh . . twenty drops of water from my brush makes a great wash. =) But, besides that, I have replaced all the other colors with Vallejo paints after finally finding a store that carries them.
  2. I am glad to hear that your layering technique is turning out well. =) I recommend you check out the tutorials on CMON and the article on Reaper's site if you haven't already. Both are very helpful to get a general idea. Also, run a search through past posts of this topic on these forums. Both are very famous techniques that have been discussed before. Have fun with it! Think about what effect you want and how you can get it on the mini. That's a main part of the joy of this hobby. There's no single way to do a base and we should be thankful for that. Plus, a technique may not work for everyone. You're most likely going to have to tweak it anyways to your own preferences. What I do is read a few tutorials on a technique to get a general idea of what it is. Then, I view minis where that technique was employed in a way I like. Afterwards, I will try to incorporate that on my next mini. It may end up entirely opposite of what I intended, but that's what the green dip is for. Hope you can find a way to show us some of your minis! Can't wait to see your style of painting.
  3. It's very clean and tight as Darkstar said. I love your color choice for the bow. I can only recommend to try to add more of a constrast in the leggings, bracers, and vest. Great work on this mini!
  4. tatsu


    In the wee hours of the morning. "Honey, what are you listening to?" "Oh, it's nothing. Just cats in uniforms stomping and singing in German. Go back to sleep..." "..." "Yeah, I know. I'll go to sleep now."
  5. tatsu


    That was great. =) Now to get the song out of my head~!
  6. Peruvian Manzanila Tea. It's the most relaxing and soothing tea. Touch of sugar, lemon, and honey. Great for sore throats and putting you to sleep. Then, there's Chinese jasmine and this other kind of tea I don't know the English name for. I once bought a 2 kilo bag of the tea at China and at the airport, they had to check me and all my luggage for weed. And I LOVE boba tea. The chinese milk tea with the tapioca boba balls. Mmm . . . Boba Tea . . .
  7. I agree with the stonewall. It gives the photo character as long as the colors are right. And I have come to identify the stonewall pics to your work.
  8. I am glad to hear that, coogle. But, for some reason I keep playing the "gaaahhhhhhhaaa" sound in my head and I can't stop it.
  9. I believe we Instigators continue instigating until we become Enlightened, then quiet down and sleep.
  10. Wow, Polo. That's a great idea and nice visual to help us understand! Thanks!
  11. Thanks Qwyksilver for the advice. I'll be pinning this hammer to a cork and get it done. Cheers mate! *Raises the newly open bottle of wine!*
  12. How do you guys hold small bits like weapons and heads for painting so you don't have to touch them? My current method of painting one side at a time doesn't seem too efficient.
  13. The biggest flaw I feel that Lucas did was in his new new new Return of the Jedi where he replaced Anakin's ghost with Hayden. I find that kind of disrespectful. But, with that aside, I actually enjoyed all of the Episodes thus far.
  14. First mini painted not too long ago. Around two months ago. Since then, I'd like to say I've improved, but I no longer have usage of my camera so I can't get anyone to see them and give feedback. =(
  15. It will be the longest sword fight in any block buster movie thus far. It's gonna be great.
  16. That unit of high elves are fantastic! I wouldn't attack them just so I could admire them longer on the field. I was wondering if there was a reason why one of the spearmen's spear shaft is darker in color than the others?
  17. Yep, I do mind. In the end, does it really matter? He's getting slower and gets a bit touchy if you bring it up. steps quietly away I'm sure he has his reasons. And he is right, in the end it doesn't really matter. His work is marvelous and inspiring and that's what we're here to see, not by how quickly he can paint. This mini is very straightforward with enough subtleness to give it character. Something I always seem to completely miss that destroys the KISS acronym. I just asked so I'd have an idea (add a few hours) when I'd be overkilling my minis. I apologize if my question offended you, Jester. Can't wait to see what you will show us next!
  18. I think the base is fine. The eye is wonderful, as you've already heard. =) The only comment I can make is a possible yellowing to the teeth. It could give the mini just a bit more character and realism . . . to a floating eye . . . with eye stalks . . . that . . . nevermind. Great work! Hope to see more from you.
  19. Actually, the kama was originally a farming tool used in China to cut weeds. In fact, it still is today. It's one of the only weapons that were never altered in shape from its practical farming usage. The metal is heated and shaped by your standard wood fire, so the metal actually comes out dark and blackish. Plus, since they only scrape the top layer of loose soil, they rust pretty quickly. Shiny kamas would be a clear indication that the user intends to use it for more than cutting weeds. The only problem is the head is notorious for flying off at inopportune moments . . . We use them all the time at our farm. I like the pattern on the cloak, it's simple but fills in the space nicely. Perfect for monk. If you don't mind me asking, about how long did it take you to finish this mini?
  20. I don't quite have the shackles or seem to be trodded on... But, I always like the sounds of a party~!
  21. Sorry to hear about the mishap. I just have to say that is one of the best responses I have ever seen! My hat's off to you, Herr.
  22. Lol, I was really looking forward to that last one. Instead, I needed a new pair of pants . . . If you get a chance to actually stare at it for 30 seconds or so then look at a picture of something (say a rose), it will actually grow and expand. Had to do it in psychology, it was great.
  23. Was it an asian restaurant? There is a famous cantonese recipe for this sweet, but not too sweet tomato sauce that goes great with fried fish and you wouldn't know it was tomato. I'm trying to dig up the recipe I was given for it a couple years ago. It's delicious.
  24. Wow! That is a great mini. Breaks the norm. And your painting is perfect for it. Is that a Reaper sculpt? I want it.
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