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  1. Whoa! I really like her! She really stands out. Great job!
  2. Lol! Those orcs are all business in front, but all party in back. I like the warts you gave them and the redness of the armor. =) Good job.
  3. Wow. I never knew instigating was such messy business. This will take some getting used to . .
  4. I can't believe it. But, I have joined the rank of instigation . . . Time to join the party~!!! (And about time I gave myself an icon, already. )
  5. Mm . . candy corn . . . That's my bullet train to diabetes. But, I can never put them down if I have a bag in my hands.
  6. If Top Gun has taught me anything, it's callsign names automatically make you cool, daring and amazing pilots. "Maverick? Your mother not like you or something?" Jester - "You can run, kid, but you can't hide." Well, unless your name was Goose . . .
  7. I'll just tell them to melt down all my minis and cast a coffin out of the pewter. That way I can sculpt and paint in the afterlife.
  8. What'd you guys do!? The link doesn't work anymore. I think it was all the pointing and laughing. *tsk tsk tsk* *EDIT* Scratch that. Apparently the problem is with my computer. It refuses to play the file......strange....
  9. I think I'm painting with my toes . . . *Scratches exposed brain* Anyways, Where'd you get the idea for the bluish nose? It's a great idea and adds so much character to your recent goblins! * Goes to look for his own blue paint.*
  10. I'd like to place him on the battlefield. "What? What do you mean you won't play with me? Come on, he's only slightly larger than your vehicles. Hey! What're you saying? Don't call my mom that!" Um . . yeah, you get the idea.
  11. Happy happy Birthday! Happy happy birthday!
  12. Any lady that sleeps with a knife under their pillow gets my attention.
  13. The body work is amazing! But her ta-ta's are the same size as her head. Is Frank known for that in his sculpts? . . . I mean!
  14. Thanks Errex, I never tried solution C yet. I think I'll give that a go next time. Hope I remember to take'em apart in time.
  15. Those smilies are so appropriate for that information. *Does the happy dance with the smilies* Time to upgrade my entire computer just to be able to play that game.
  16. Your mini has become my reference and inspiration for all stone work I intend to do. Great job~!!
  17. You can probably assume my question from the topic title. I am torn between joining together the pieces of a mini first and then painting or painting them seperately, then joining them and filling in the gap with green stuff. The only problem I've come across is after you've painted the pieces seperately, then join them and fill in the gap with green stuff. What do you do about the greenstuff? I assume the simple answer is to prime with a brush on primer and paint to match. But, I've come across two problems. The first is trying not to get primer or paint on my existing layers of paint on either or both pieces. Secondly, the reason I painted them seperately in the first place was because my brush wouldn't easily fit in the joined area. So painting the green stuff after joining runs along similar lines and makes problem 1 much more probable. My solution thus far is no one can see the necks and arms behind shields through my photos. So the job is a little weaker. Curious how you guys do it.
  18. Funny you mention that. I have been swamped by fire ants when I was 8. Only you don't quite need the honey. Try sitting on their nest. Now, I see. It was the wrath of the gods!!! I have been punished!!! >_<
  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Especially with that cake! It's hilarious!
  20. Finished! *Hands Enchantra his mead-thinned, apoloypse-surviving painted mini of her.* For you! My sacrifice. *Smiles and bows and goes to make another.*
  21. *Tatsu doesn't even notice the harem girls (or their disappearance for that matter)* *Tatsu continues painting minis on the throne.* Aw~! I dipped my brush in my goblet of mead! *Sploshes mead diluted paint over his minis*
  22. I'm not a big fan of the Fantasic Four, but I have two things to say. The Invisible Girl should never go invisible. She looks great. And, surprisingly, the costume for the Thing is actually decent. Guess Mr. Fantastic will be sucking up all the CGI budget.
  23. Ah! That answers that one. That makes the display flawless to me!
  24. All I can say is wow! That is a great display base! I love all the fallen leaves and clutter and and and . . . ! My only comment is I think the tree is out of season. I noticed that all the leaves, grass, and bushes are autumn season while the tree is solid green. But, it's not very noticable especially since the tree isn't fluffy and round, but weathered and bare at some areas. Great work!
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