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  1. Has anyone seen my jaw? It fell to the floor and I can't seem to find it...
  2. Wonderful information! Thanks to the both of you for responding! I wonder if my girlfriend will notice the soap missing from the kitchen. j/k . . .
  3. You're not the only one taking down notes. One question. DarkStar. Why do you add dishwasher fluid into your wash? Does it help control flow or something?
  4. Hello, I was wondering if you guys use the rectangular piece at the bottom of every Reaper miniature when mounting it to the base. I've only been painting miniatures for a month, so I've just popped my minis into their precut bases and used putty to fill in any gaps. But, seeing many of your miniatures, I notice that your bases are solid or your miniatures are a couple mms higher than the base on some decorative material! If you do not use the precut bases, how do you guys attach your miniatures to the base securely? Drilling? Super Duper Uber Glue? I use my miniatures for gaming so I have to make sure they'll stay on there. My players are butterfingers with my miniatures like they are with my dice.
  5. I'm sorry this isn't advice, but I have a question. Those pictures of your miniatures are scanned!? Do you mean you took an actual photograph and scanned the photograph? Or did you just lie your miniatures on your scanner, cover, and digitalize?
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