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  1. First off Reaper Team Thank you sooo much for all you have released on the Reaper-Bones line im super glad i was able to catch the Bones III KS, even with the delays and hurdles its all good guys keep it up. However i do have a little problem you see i have this town right, but theres only like 7-10 people that live there and needs more Towns Folk! I understant monsters and skeletons and ghost and ghouls are and important to any Fantacy TT RPG but we cant deny that you can NEVER EVER have enough Towns folk, i always find my self having to get like a worrier or guard looking guys and call him a farmer . . . . or get a ranger or somthing and call him a fisherman I feel we could deffinetly benifit from more veriaity of villigers and residents of Citys and towns, sorry for the rant fam so here is my list for possible (NPC) Small Town: Beggar's for my allys and in depressed poses with diffrent races from Humans to elves to Hell born (Tiefling) would be cool too. Strumpets & prostitutes again not just humans but elves humans Hellborn ect dwarf stumpet would be funny lol Beast folk masters of the wild who caravan into town to sell there rare goods from deep in the forest Mechants selling evrything from horses to jewlery to food and even pets and slaves Farmers & Fisherman farmers with there tool of choice and fisherman carrying buckest of fish, paddles or rods Children of varying status from poor pitpocket to happy kiddos playing with wodden swords and dolls Tavern Folk peopl getting drunk brawling it out and luaghing in the tavern Dancers & Performers trying to make a quick coin on the street side Explorer who have the feeling of travle and has the look of adventure Caravan with horses carriage driver, guards & passangers too Theives Bandits & Thugs to make the towns and citys more eventful Women such as Wifes, Mothers, wenches, maids & random girls Men doing varying task such as carrying wooden plankes boxes & barrels or negotiating with a merchant or just walking casualy Guards of varying status wich there overall look whould relfect where they live like small town guards would have lether simple lether armor and such Seniors bothe male and female just taking life easy shoping walking old people things Aspiring youth doing various activitys carrying scrolls and or doing small jobs maybe they are a schollar or mabe they are a guard in training. Kings, Queens & princesses of varrying race ALSO WE NEED SOME WILD LIFE TOO cows chikens horse and things ty for you time evryone Leave a like if you agree or leave a comment if ya disagree if ya have more to add please feel free to add it ill follow my this post regularly and try ta keep it updated with the reaper comunity collected ideas lets make it happen guys!
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    Minis we would like to see

    now i dont know about anyone els but i would love to see MIMIC'S!!!! i want to see Crate mimic's, barrlle mimics' door mimic's, tables, alters , tree's, bolder's, it would also be really badass to see a HUGE HOUSE MIMIC mimic's are cool :)