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  1. Hopefully these will ship by July of 2017 for a Christmas in July sort of thing.
  2. Thank you gentlemen. I had no idea this thread was even taking place until recently. Thankfully a backer of this project told me about it. What more can I tell you? I bartended for several decades, and I have also held management positions. In this project the I'm the creative guy, and I do as much as I can. For the things I can not do I have hired awesome professionals, to help make some cool stuff. The $6,000 goal is low and doesn't even cover all of the costs encrued in the design and production of this project. Professional working artists are not cheap, and rightfully so! The ar
  3. Hello I'm the guy who is launching The War in Christmas Village Kickstarter. For the folks who enjoy the designs thank you. The digital sculptor is Alex Peereira of Spec Toys, and I think his work is amazing. This is both my first Kickstarter and first venture into model making; I figure we all have ave to start somewhere. The $800 pledge idea was to see if anyone would be interested in a custom made model of their design. It appears there isn't much interest in custom work. I recently updated the Kickstarter with a Zombie Reindeer as stretch goal. Originally I had planned to manufactu
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