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  1. A larger house with a dedicated painting/gaming room. And, more importantly, room for more books and more bookcases. (And boxes of unpainted minis...)
  2. FYI, negative test this morning, Yay!
  3. Got home about two hours ago. No major issues. Negative COVID test today. Will test again in a few days.
  4. Planning to leave the Embassy Suites for DFW tomorrow (Sep 5) around 8 am. Willing to share a ride there.
  5. I'll have a screamingly blue shirt on. I'm pretty non-descript otherwise. (If you need me for forumite bingo, there's your clue for finding me!)
  6. That would be awesome! Thank you! I might miss 5:30 pm though – depends on how long it takes to get from DFW to the hotel.
  7. Looking to share a ride from/to DFW. Arrive DFW, Wednesday, August 31 at 3:42 pm. Depart DFW, Monday, September 5 at 11:06 am (so looking for 8-8:30 am departure from the Embassy Suites) Also interested in a ride to/from the Meet & Greet at the factory on Wednesday. (Looks like several of us leaving the hotel around that time on Monday.)
  8. I'm in, if the cards haven't been made yet. And, if they have, well, that's on me.
  9. Catching up. 2 points for last week, so 8 total so far.
  10. What resolutions? I've found New Year Resolutions are meant well - but end up being a source of guilt. So I don't bother. Why do something that makes me feel bad later?
  11. Assuming I can find one: Reaper 01609: Lysette (25th Anniversary) If not, Reaper 30001: Lysette, Elven Mage
  12. 6 points for this round. Missed last week, so 6 points total.
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