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  1. I believe she is traveling today and will be streaming tomorrow. I'm not sure if Crow's Nest will be on later today.
  2. To-do list is clear. Everything's painted and basing is finished. I'm too tired to assess the figure so I'll do that tomorrow. (click on the pictures for larger versions) Anyone see something glaringly obvious that needs to be fixed? (Other than her left eye.)
  3. Any argument where we both agree - but we don't realize it because we're not using the same terminology.
  4. Since I last posted, I: Increased the highlights of her dress Increased the highlights of her hair Painted the orb black in preparation for painting it Stripped her face and repainted it Painted the rocks on her base Applied some green flock to the base - which looks an awful lot like moss. Realized I had no real plan for the base - and maybe the ballast wasn't a great idea. But here we are. I was hoping to paint more tonight but work intervened. So here's pictures from this morning: (as always, click on the pictures for larger versio
  5. Since I have insomnia, let's talk about what I've been calling her bottle. I think it's meant to be an orb. It's the bit in netting off her belt to the left. There aren't enough details on the sculpt to definitely say what it should be. It looks spherical. It's probably not a bottle because it doesn't have a neck. If the neck were hidden under her sleeve, there should be a curve to suggest a neck. It could be a mace, with the shaft hidden under her sleeve, but I'd expect to see a hint of the shaft in the crook of her elbow. (This is still an option if
  6. Not often. A few years ago, I had a set of dreams in the same house. Don't remember anything else about them now.
  7. Thank you for the feedback! At this point, my goal is simply to do the best I can. Basing is one of my weak points. I'm not done with the base yet - but, no, it's not going to be an amazing base. (I have a lot of complicated feelings but this isn't the place for them.) Anyway! Here's where we are. NMM is mostly done (needs some touch up), leather bracers are done (or I think they're supposed to be bracers), some texturing work on her right bag. I tried redoing her face, which then led into redoing her eyes, which then led to... Yeah. You know ho
  8. No, not really. I have a rough plan for house repairs but that's about it. I never learned ambition, so I don't often have anything to work towards. And any plan I make won't survive contact with reality.
  9. Huh. This is a surprisingly hard question. I'll go with: I'd like to drop 60-ish pounds. At that point, I'm closer to my expected weight. I'd have to buy a completely new wardrobe - but that's a good problem to have. (I'm trying to lose this weight already but it's going slower than I'd like.)
  10. My first answer was: Anywhere where I'm stuck. I despise traffic jams or being stuck in crowds that aren't moving. But, really, I think the answer is: Anywhere where I risk bodily harm.
  11. Right now? Relax. Maybe take a nap. I haven't gotten enough sleep for weeks now. Paint if I have the spoons. My AC is losing against the heat (it's 97F outside).
  12. If you're leaving Sunday or Monday (Labor Day), you'll need to take Uber/Lyft to the North Carrolton/Frankford station on the Green Line. The ATRAIN will not run on either day. The trip from DFW to downtown Denton will take at least an hour and a half - and probably closer to two hours. This doesn't count time waiting for the Orange Line at DFW or for Uber/Lyft from downtown Denton to the hotel. If you're flying in to Love Field (DAL), DART operates a bus (524 Love Link) that runs between the airport and the Green Line. From there, you can take the Green Line to the
  13. I'm not sure. I know joining the forums ranked highly on that list. The scariest thing I've done recently was driving through a severe thunderstorm on a highway for close to an hour. I don't recommend driving only 15 mph on Interstate 81 but that's all the visibility we had. This could easily have ended poorly but, luckily, didn't. Why? As the navigator, I misjudged. I thought we could drive through the storm because we were moving faster than it was - and we were trying to get to the hotel before it got very late. Then we hit major downpours, suffered poor visibi
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