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  1. Xiwo Xerase

    Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see, #4

    A weapon sprue with a chainsaw. Another vote for more IMEF figures with more diversity, etc.
  2. Xiwo Xerase

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    A Nestle Alpine White bar. Or maybe my metabolism as a teenager. More on topic? Avalon Hill wargames. HeroQuest. (Although I suppose these may still be available on auction sites and rarely at used book stores and the like.) There are lots of things I wish I had gotten when I was younger related to modern hobbies or interests but those don't count. Ral Partha and Grenadier miniatures were not part of my childhood.
  3. Ah, Tuesday, whose mantra is "Please don't let today be Second Monday. Please don't let today be Second Monday." Really, today should be an okay day. Nothing's on fire (yet). I'm just tired (I didn't get enough sleep).
  4. I much prefer Waffle House over IHOP. At Waffle House, I know I'm getting "okay" (or sometimes even good) greasy diner breakfast food. At IHOP, they dress themselves up and trick you into forgetting that you're going to get overpriced "okay" breakfast food. IHOP is probably my least favorite breakfast restaurant, but that may be partly because I'm not a huge fan of pancakes or waffles.
  5. Xiwo Xerase

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Yes. Pumpkin pie, although pumpkin cheesecake is good too. I don't know that I've had many (any?) savory dishes that use pumpkin. Maybe I should fix that.
  6. I acquired a new phone Wednesday, which has a better camera than I've been using for mini photos. And, experimenting with the new camera, I have also acquired shame over my previous pics. For a comparison, here's the old camera: And these are pictures from the new phone: The new pictures are taken using the telephoto lens on an iPhone 11 Pro using the ProCamera app, using a recently acquired gray card to set the white balance. (The only reason I'm using the telephoto lens is because my tripod is about 10 inches from the mini and it gets really crowded if I get any closer. My old camera has optical zoom, so it was fine with the distance.)
  7. Xiwo Xerase

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    I don't think so. I think they're neat ideas though.
  8. Xiwo Xerase

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    My thin ponytail gets about halfway down my back, although it starts tapering off around my shoulders. Most of the hair forward of my temples is gone and I might be starting to bald at the top of my head (where most people go bald first). If I lose all of my hair on top, I'll probably look like Denethor from the Peter Jackson LotR movies, at which time I'll probably cut it close or shave it all off. I'm not looking forward to that.
  9. Xiwo Xerase

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    I've been painting a dragon (finally?): No painting today. Probably no painting tomorrow.
  10. Xiwo Xerase

    New releases?

    It looks like a new sculpt to me. The only other elf male sculpt in the Dungeon Dwellers line thus far is 07006: Lanaerel Grayleaf, Elf Ranger. The new Elf Warrior also does not appear in the Dungeon Dwellers addon in the Bones 5 KS. I wonder if he'll show up later.
  11. Xiwo Xerase

    Xiwo Xerase has accepted the d20 rainbow dragon quest!

    Did anyone remember I started work on this? Yeah, about that... Deathsleet has been neglected for a year and a half. So let's finish this. The goal isn't display or tabletop. The goal is done. I've done some work over the past nights. I painted the eyes, mouth, claws, and spikes, cleaned up some of the paint mess, lined, and then washed. (click on the pictures for larger versions) Deathsleet's a little big for my photo area. I'll need to devise a new solution. (I wish Hangar 18 were still in business so I could get a larger backdrop.) The tongue and mouth are Monster Maw and the teeth, claws, and spikes are Polished Bone or Skeleton Bone (I forget which). Over the past year and a half, Deathsleet has shifted back to the bent shape I received them in. The glue on the base has kept them upright but they've tipped to the right and back. I'd like to shift them forward and to the right but that's going to require a third glue point. I've considered taking one of the Bones pillars and converting it into a ruin, with Deathsleet's claw on the edge. Next up: Drybrushing and the underwing gradient. And, after that, finish the basing.
  12. Xiwo Xerase

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    I used to be irrationally afraid of heights and slugs. For heights, I was particularly afraid of situations where I might accidentally fall. "What might happen if the railing here on the second floor of the shopping mall (much less the third) were to give way?" So I spent a fair period of my adolescence either avoiding the mall or staying as far away from the railings as I could. Windows were fine. These days, I still dislike slugs. Concerns over shopping mall railings have been replaced by "How do I get into the mall and get out with the least amount of stress?" and "Why do these people keep stopping right in front of me?"
  13. Xiwo Xerase

    Bonehenge Priestess

    I reluctantly agree that a Simple Green bath (or similar) may be called for. Anything I can suggest to remove the pewter dust from the mini may also potentially damage the paint job. (If you don't want to go that route, try using a soft toothbrush.) It might also help to restore the detail of her face. The eyes would be well-placed if she were standing straight. I feel like they were applied based on the horizon rather than how they are actually sculpted. Removing the paint and reapplying primer may help. Other things that may help include applying a wash to bring out detail and painting the eyes first. Since I don't have the mini in hand, how is the side of the lantern facing her sculpted? I wouldn't be surprised if it were flat metal rather than paned glass. If it's flat metal, you don't have to worry about OSL from that side (including the shadow of her staff).
  14. Xiwo Xerase

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    I am not very good at recognizing people in general until I've interacted with them multiple times. Even then, I tend to rely on certain things for many more times (clothing, hair color, location, that sort of thing). If that context is missing, I won't recognize people. This said, if I recognize you, I will probably remember your name. Probably.
  15. I take it chocolate-covered espresso beans don't count for this.