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  1. I didn’t care for Konosuba but most of my friends liked it, although I did enjoy some of the episodes. Overall, I thought it tried too hard to be silly. I really enjoyed The Ancient Magus’ Bride. The last new anime I saw was the movie Promare, which I thought was really fun although intense.
  2. Make sure you get as much sleep as you can now. In the days, weeks, or months you have, focus on getting your normal amount on rest. Avoid late nights or anything else that will affect your sleep schedule. After you welcome your wonderful child to the world, you’re not going to get a good night’s sleep for months, possibly years. You will be tired and exhausted. Beyond that... good luck. It’s going to be a grand, wonderful, frustrating adventure whose outcome you only have partial control over.
  3. Halloween is a great excuse to watch Army of Darkness. Or Ghostbusters. Or anything with Christopher Lee and/or Peter Cushing. Or Vincent Price. Do any of the streaming services carry any of the Hammer horror films?
  4. I have finalized and closed out my initial pledge. I have at least one more pledge to make, depending on what I can afford at the end of November.
  5. No, and no, and no. This might be my most negative post on the forums.
  6. I too wish Reaper had made an announcement regarding which colors were being discontinued. The closest thing I've seen to an announcement was a discussion about dropping paint colors on a recent ReaperLive stream. I believe the driving factor was the need to reduce the number of colors available so the entire range would fit into paint racks at stores. (I'm not certain of this! I could be wrong!) Paints that had not sold well were on the chopping block. The glimmer of hope offered was that some (all?) of the discontinued paint colors will be available in the future as limited edition (096xx) paints but there was no mention about timing.
  7. Yes, I know what Inktober is. No, I did not participate last year. No, I will not be participating this year. I thought about trying to paint minis based on Inktober prompts this year but I don’t think I’ll have the time.
  8. Hobby? Airbrushing. Followed closely by textured fabrics. Outside of mini painting? Woodworking. If I can make bespoke shelves, maybe I can put all my books on shelves.
  9. I like the idea of making changes or doing conversions but I haven't done it yet.
  10. I’m using Cura 4.7.1 for my CR-6SE. I started with a CR-10 profile and changed the print bed settings (based on a reddit post). It works okay, but I’m not doing anything too interesting either.
  11. Midlam Miniatures did a set of warmly-dressed winter adventurers. None of them are specifically elves but they might still work. (If they’re wearing a hat, would they look any different than a human?)
  12. No, although I knew there were several different sign languages. Once upon a time, I knew the alphabet in American Sign Language and a small vocabulary. I’ve forgotten almost all of it. I own some neoprene gaming mats. Most of them are intended for use with card games and came as swag from various kickstarters, so they mostly show character art. All but two of the remaining mats are for BattleTech and OGRE, with varying terrain and a hex grid - basically alternate game boards. One mat is an old Chessex hex grid mat, scaled for BattleTech, intended for use with wet-erase markers. The last mat is a laminated paper (or possibly thin cardboard) mat with squares on it, intended for use with dry-erase markers and sold by Paizo for use with Pathfinder. The only game boards I own go with board games.
  13. Thank you for all of the comments! I agree. The idea was to have a weathered floor but I don't think marble would have worn that roughly. The pattern cut into the base could have been better handled with smaller incisions and creating a separate band of color. I wiped out and redid her pants four times to get the stripes right and still had to clean up the edges a few times. They may have taken slightly more time than the sword. Thank you! The NMM on the sword took longer than I expected. It was the last thing I finished. I took multiple sets of pictures on the last day to make sure the blending looked right. I never thought about making the ribbon silk. I agree with your comments about adding higher highlights on the ribbon and boots. I'll keep that in mind for the next display-ish mini I paint.
  14. When I paint minis, I usually paint during the evening. I work full time. When I paint, I usually get in 3-4 hours, which is usually 2 hours more than I planned to - and it's suddenly 1 am. I haven't painted much over the past two weeks (I don't think I've painted since last Monday). I've been too tired and now I have something that's giving me a mild head cold.
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