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  1. Having not built a diorama before, no. Would I consider it? Maybe. Probably not. Yes. I'm always open to trying new things that may yield improvement or broaden my repertoire. Now, if I actually spent more time painting rather than just hoarding, this would probably be more productive.
  2. My wife and mother-in-law use it for chocolate chip cookies. They swear it makes them fluffier. I have baked so few cookies that I'm not going to debate it with them. So where's the WIP thread?
  3. Xiwo Xerase

    GOAT Dice: Changing the way we Roll

    I just received a message from Kickstarter saying they had suspended this project.
  4. No, but they contributed to my purchase of Endure the Stars. I've been tempted by other games with minis but I've avoided buying them.
  5. I believe she is a female elf archer from Ral Partha 02-534: Savage Sisters II. (Link is to the Lost Minis wiki.) The set is still available from Iron Wind Metals as item code 01-032.
  6. Xiwo Xerase

    "Deus Vult!": A Shadowrun-inspired diorama

    I haven't done any hobbying for the past couple weeks. But one of my mini orders came in. Here's a shot of the center of action now: That's 14380: Elven Deathseeker chasing Natalie. I think he's sufficiently threatening. I tried adding another mini for the runners but it looked crowded up at the top of the hill. So I think the next step is to do some trial painting of figures (either these or similar figures) to get an idea for colors.
  7. Board game? BattleTech. This should surprise no one. Honorable mentions go to Russian Campaign and Afrika Korps, both World War II board games. (I'm only familiar with the Avalon Hill releases.) OGRE should be on this list but I didn't play it very often. This was, however, my father's favorite board game and he still had the original release of it, ziploc bag and all.
  8. We already have a solution: The sun. Oh, you want something that's faster? Fine. Try a flamethrower. Or a small domesticated dragon or drake. Picture, if you will, a fantasy medieval city's fire brigade. No, not a civic organization to light fires but a group of people and their pet drakes who can apply fire precisely, surgically, almost artistically. They can melt the snow in the streets but not light any of the wooden barrels or buildings on fire. They hold competitions in the summer to show off their precision. A favored demonstration is to light a single cone on a pine tree on fire, but not to char any of the pine needles or branches around it. The competitions do have firefighters on hand because, well, something can (and probably will) go wrong. If they can, they schedule locations around where the local druids would like to do controlled burns anyway.
  9. That'd be Night of the Lepus. That's a different movie entirely.
  10. Go to the park and sprinkle it on some ants, because too few of my generation have seen Them!.
  11. In that regard, the sculpt was true to the original art. There were several Clan 'Mechs like that.
  12. The plastic miniatures for CityTech, 2nd edition, included a Nova and Timber Wolf where the arms (which hold the primary weapons for said 'Mechs) were pointed to the ground, like they were powered off. On the Timber Wolf, the arms were also fused to the legs. I'm not certain these were the worst sculpts I've seen personally but they're the ones I remember.
  13. But how else will I install NetBSD on it? (This is an old, old joke in some of the circles I'm in.)
  14. Even with the movement to the "serverless" application development method, applications should still have someone with an operations background on their development team. I've found developers are good at implementing new shiny features but aren't very good at things like security, performance, or resilience, which is where the input from operations folks is needed. (Disclaimer: I'm in IT operations with a hobbyist development background, so I kinda straddle the lines.) If you have a vast cloud-y app, you still need someone to tie together all of the pieces. You don't need as many as you used to but you still need operations people. Do you remember what I said about resilience? People who talk about cloud computing tend to forget something about clouds: They rain. When your cloud platform rains (i.e. fails), you really want someone on staff who can go out there with a raincoat and galoshes and get everything right again.
  15. Xiwo Xerase

    Reapercon 2020: early excitement and chatter

    Wouldn't the ordnance category suffice? I'll worry about this when I buy plane tickets. Until then, I'm not confident I'll be going.