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  1. My vacation later this week. It’s only two days but it should be relaxing, unlike the week I took off last month.
  2. Probably the crocheted dalek my wife made me. I got the prototype so it's a little saggy. We named it Kevin. I don't drink much booze or juice. I'm a fan of diet cherry sodas, e.g. Cherry Coke Zero. I wish Mountain Dew Code Red came in diet where I am. I don't mind scalecreep. Either I will never use my minis for gaming, in which case it doesn't matter, or I will use them for gaming and I'll likely be too distracted to care. Putty, flock/ballast, and tufts are all I've used for basing. I haven't build a diorama yet.
  3. Booked my flight from RDU to DFW. Spent slightly more than expected, but that's my fault for not ordering tickets in June. See you in less than two months! (And I haven't started a mini for the MSP Open. I should do that.)
  4. Pass. Having a famous person’s talent doesn’t mean I have the skill to properly use it. Sure, I could have the musical talent of, say, Mozart but that doesn’t mean I can play an instrument well, much less write a composition that will be well received by anyone. “Talent” is just an advantageous starting place. It still takes years upon years of work to become great.
  5. Does the trivia at RVE count? That was fun. Somewhere I can see the Milky Way. As a city person, I’ve never properly seen it.
  6. Curling! RTP White IC. (It’s a cyberpunk joke. IC, pronounced “ice”, stands for intrusion countermeasures. IC are commonly grouped into three classes, white - monitors, alarms, etc., gray - things that attack you and slow you down or crash your deck, and black - things that can cause neurofeedback, resulting in physical damage or death. Since curling is a civilized non-contact sport, white IC, it is.)
  7. I prefer the draconic kobolds of late, much more than whatever they were supposed to be in 1st ed AD&D.
  8. I live in what locals call the most pretentious suburb of Research Triangle Park. I don't think that's true anymore - but it might have been 20 years ago when the town got that reputation. If you're not familiar with the Research Triangle - it's a chunk of land in the middle of the triangle between NC State University in Raleigh, Duke University in Durham, and UNC-Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill. (If you follow US college basketball, you've probably heard of two of these.) A bunch of companies, including IBM, decided the land was cheap and the potential talent pool was good so they c
  9. A picture from my honeymoon. I took this at DuPont State Recreational Forest. My phone's lock screen uses another picture from my honeymoon, this one from a pop-up art exhibit in Asheville, NC. The lock screen on my iPad is a picture my wife took at the Udvar-Hazy Center outside of Washington, DC. Yes, that's the space shuttle Discovery - and a small plush Space Core. The wallpaper on my iPad comes from Sven Geier's Fractal Bargain Bin (2014 Starred).
  10. Pass. Becoming an expert instantly means becoming expertly proficient but doesn't include the lessons learned on the way to becoming an expert. For example, someone who instantly becomes an expert chef can cook any dish (or specific dishes) excellently but they may not know why they cook the way they do, or that some flavors just don't go together, or that different cooktops behave differently, or what works perfectly fine in one microwave will result in the food being lit on fire in another microwave. Or someone who instantly becomes an expert author can write stories
  11. Kate Bush's "Experiment IV" "They told us all they wanted was a sound that could kill someone." Well, that's what you get when I sing. Oh, you want a happier song? They Might Be Giants, "Birdhouse in Your Soul" A song that got radio play? Fine... Collective Soul, "December" For the curious, I proved I could sing all of the lyrics to "Chance" by Savatage, although my timing needs a little work. (If you haven't heard it, go take a listen.) Blake's 7, hands down. I have no idea who I'd want to dir
  12. Anything, really. I have an odd accent that could be northeastern US or British - that I don’t hear when I speak. (The joys of growing up around Texas Instruments’ early-‘80’s speech synthesizer and Doctor Who, I guess.) So I tend to get funny looks wherever I go. I do use “y’all”, which I’m sure doesn’t help. (But it’s the best second person plural pronoun I’ve found.) It depends. I prefer to submit my income taxes in late February but I’ve been running late the past five years. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend if I have time.
  13. No. I wouldn’t mind a local painting partner but all of my friends have their own hobbies.
  14. Rebellious? Not really. This is not to say I was a "good" teenager. I was stubborn and tended to bend (or break) rules I didn't agree with. Sometimes I got caught and punished, sometimes I didn't.
  15. Wilderness survival? No. We do have a couple of books on that but they’re pretty far down my reading list. If I have to rely on wilderness survival skills, I’m doomed. I would do best in temperate spring or autumn since there are no significant temperature issues to worry about but that doesn’t make up for not knowing what to eat, what water is safe to drink, etc.
  16. Do what you normally do. Don't go out of your way to provoke. If nothing else, show him that he won't change your behavior. I agree with GEM. He sounds like a bully. Want to offend a bully? Ignore him. Nothing is quite so damning as deliberate apathy.
  17. Local restaurants. That's about it. I should place another order through the FLGS that has a proper website for online ordering.
  18. No, not really. I have a paper calendar I printed out that has my trash and recycling pickup schedule on it but I don't really use it as a calendar. Any notes that are date specific either end up on my Google Calendar, in OmniFocus, or, more recently, in my bullet journal. And, for normal calendar activities, there's always "cal".
  19. I'm currently painting 02461: Cobart, Male Mage, an old Bobby Jackson sculpt. After that, I should base and paint 02001: Reaper Famine. We'll see if I have time for anything else.
  20. During a normal week (or month), I only cook my lunches for the coming week. This week, my lunches will be chicken seasoned with rosemary and garlic, tossed in balsamic vinegar, served with "hot" Italian-style turkey sausage and roasted golden beets. (My lunches tend to be protein heavy since my wife cooks dinner and she's mostly vegetarian. Vegetarian food is rarely high protein.) I didn't take any pictures. Sorry.
  21. Americanized Mexican food. Not to be confused with TexMex (or Taco Bell). I don't presume the food is authentic (compared to food from Mexico) but it's still good. Some of this is nostalgia too - between when I was 10 and when I finally moved out from my parents (excluding the times I was living in a dorm), we ate at a local Mexican restaurant at least once per week. My wife doesn't share my preference for Mexican so we don't go as often as I'd like. (She doesn't dislike it - it's just not her first choice.)
  22. Talking to people on the Reaper discord voice channel. In These Trying Times, it's one of my few ways to socialize and is something I look forward to. Now if only I had more time to paint...
  23. The most dangerous wild animal I’ve met is a deer. They’re not deliberately dangerous but they’re unpredictable. The most dangerous animals I’ve met aren’t wild (people and dogs). (Date corrected, unless I should wait and answer tomorrow.) I prefer details I can paint. I’m not comfortable with freehand, so I’m fine with small details. However, really tiny details (like the belt buckles Werner Klocke is infamous for) are a pain because I can’t paint them without causing issues in the surrounding area.
  24. Right now, we have two bird feeders which attract birds. One is a seed feeder, which we fill with black oil sunflower seeds. The other is a peanut feeder we fill with hot pepper suet nuggets. The seed feeder also attracts squirrels, but we’ve solved that problem. They still graze leftovers from the deck. Sometimes voles feed on the leftovers too. We had a pair of raccoons playing with the seed feeder so we started bringing it inside each night. During warmer months, we also put out a hummingbird feeder. We sometimes have rabbits nibbling on our l
  25. This is Reaper's 77389: Highland Heroine, a Bones mini scuplted by Bobby Jackson. (Also available in metal.) There is no WIP thread. This is another tabletop paint job. This mini was a color test based on the colors for Makoto Kino as Sailor Jupiter. Nothing really exciting. (click on the pictures for larger versions) I know some of the blending on her cloak is rough but... that's okay. I'm still getting the hang of painting again. As always, constructive criticism and comments are welcome!
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