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  1. No, although I knew there were several different sign languages. Once upon a time, I knew the alphabet in American Sign Language and a small vocabulary. I’ve forgotten almost all of it. I own some neoprene gaming mats. Most of them are intended for use with card games and came as swag from various kickstarters, so they mostly show character art. All but two of the remaining mats are for BattleTech and OGRE, with varying terrain and a hex grid - basically alternate game boards. One mat is an old Chessex hex grid mat, scaled for BattleTech, intended for use with wet-erase markers. The last mat is a laminated paper (or possibly thin cardboard) mat with squares on it, intended for use with dry-erase markers and sold by Paizo for use with Pathfinder. The only game boards I own go with board games.
  2. Thank you for all of the comments! I agree. The idea was to have a weathered floor but I don't think marble would have worn that roughly. The pattern cut into the base could have been better handled with smaller incisions and creating a separate band of color. I wiped out and redid her pants four times to get the stripes right and still had to clean up the edges a few times. They may have taken slightly more time than the sword. Thank you! The NMM on the sword took longer than I expected. It was the last thing I finished. I took multiple sets of pictures on the last day to make sure the blending looked right. I never thought about making the ribbon silk. I agree with your comments about adding higher highlights on the ribbon and boots. I'll keep that in mind for the next display-ish mini I paint.
  3. When I paint minis, I usually paint during the evening. I work full time. When I paint, I usually get in 3-4 hours, which is usually 2 hours more than I planned to - and it's suddenly 1 am. I haven't painted much over the past two weeks (I don't think I've painted since last Monday). I've been too tired and now I have something that's giving me a mild head cold.
  4. Eclipse Phase might be a good fit. I think the only thing missing is interstellar travel, but I think you could add that pretty easily (especially if using a soft physics approach for FTL travel).
  5. "What problem are you trying to solve?" Alternatively, "You don't." or "I don't recommend this. I'm not allowed to support it if you try."
  6. They're back now. And they've recently been restocked! (I asked about this in Discord, just in case your post here was missed.)
  7. It’s... just another day, y’know? While the pedant in me will point out that it’s the official start of autumn, I tend to follow temperatures rather than dates for seasons. It feels like autumn now, but summer may have a last hurrah yet.
  8. In order: Several Not yet No Not yet No (unless you count software pirates, in which case all of my outfits count - software pirates dress in many attires) Yes, but I’m not in a silly enough mood right now Well played.
  9. Bone Suckin' Sauce. It's a local brand. It comes in original and hot, normal or thicker style. The thicker kind is similar in style to Kraft and most other national brand sauces. The normal kind is thinner, probably more useful for ribs and the like. The hot kind has pepper added. It's a nice kick but not a strong one. My favorite kind is the hot, thicker style but it's also the hardest one to find. It's a good dipping sauce for fries or chicken nuggets. (Fun fact: I dislike ketchup. I'd rather eat my fries with barbecue sauce or strong mustard. When I was a teenager, my favorite fast food restaurants were the McDonalds restaurants with the barbecue sauce dispensers. Not all restaurants had these, even in the same franchise.)
  10. Single patty, slice of cheddar cheese, bacon, onion, barbecue sauce - enough to add flavor but not enough to drown everything else out.
  11. In the mid ‘90’s, there was a BattleTech cartoon series that lasted 12 or 13 episodes. Where I lived at the time, the local station showed it at 6:30 am Saturday morning. I’m not sure who has the original material and/or the animation license, so it’s probably lost to the ages. The 1st Somerset Strikers sourcebook contains info about it. Anyway, the minis look good!
  12. So very, very many. To keep things clean, I’ll define covers as songs made famous by one artist with a later rendition by another artist made after 1970. Back in the 1960’s, it was not uncommon for different artists to perform the same song. (Or maybe it’s a feature of some of the artists from back then I listen to.) Okay, list of covers I prefer over the original (or what I believe the original to be)... Bond, “Kashmir” (over Led Zepplin - sorry, just don’t like the vocals) Orgy, “Blue Monday” (over New Order - Orgy’s version is... angrier?) Hybrid, “I Won’t Back Down” (over Tom Petty - Hybrid’s version slows the tempo and adds depth, turning the song into a passionate statement of defiance) Covers I enjoy: Alestorm, “In the Navy” (The Village People - no lie, I heard the preview for this on iTunes and broke out laughing) Chiasm, “Major Tom” (Peter Schilling) Collide, “White Rabbit” (Jefferson Airplane) Hybrid, “Enjoy the Silence” (Depeche Mode) Hybrid, “Experiment IV” (Kate Bush - Hybrid’s version is more melodic but I think it misses some of Kate Bush’s passion) Remixes? Also several... but I’ve run out of time to list them.
  13. Numerate. Got an A in calculus 3, a B in differential equations. During WoW Classic, I used calculus to come up with a way to prioritize mage gear based on contribution to damage done. It was stupidly complicated, but it worked.
  14. My favorite label for our age group (I was born early-mid 1980) is “the Oregon Trail generation”. I don’t know if there’s anything specific to our age group that suggests better troubleshooting capability or understanding of computers. (I feel like, of the people I have encountered, more people in our age group are capable of troubleshooting - but I’m certain there’s a large amount of selection bias here.)
  15. Inside out. I paint eyes, face, and hair with shading and highlights. Then I basecoat the rest to make sure my colors are good and then apply shadows and highlights to each section. Very, very rarely. I've probably been in no more than three skyscrapers in my life. I've never worked in one.
  16. In order, Discord Chat, Google Hangouts, Twitch, Zoom, Skype. I'm an old hand for internet chat (IRC primarily), so I can cope with the discussions. Really, Discord is better for synchronous (realtime) discussions and the forums are better for asynchronous discussions. One way to look at it is: The randomness thread could probably be replaced with Discord. But many threads on the forum (for example, "can you identify this mini" or Grump's threads about his games) cannot be replaced with Discord. Different mediums, different purposes. (Also, very little on the forums should be replaced by facebook or other such venues.) I find voice chat on Discord works better than on Google Hangouts, although maybe that's more an issue with the laptop I have in my hobby space. Nope. All classes, painting, chatting, and fatigue. Maybe. I think my schedule was aggressive and I ended up skipping some classes I had scheduled to paint or to take a breather. I think I should have taken Tuesday off. I appreciate the additional day of content but I think I needed a recovery day before going back to the grind. I learned about sculpting with green stuff (thanks, @TaleSpinner!), painting chibi eyes, and weathering. I wish there had been more class content on basing but that's a different issue. I'd definitely be interested in something like this again. Depends. I try to make sure my fantasy minis are painted in ways different from what the manufacturer posts. For BattleTech, I try to follow established color schemes. (Not that I've painted BattleTech minis for over a year...)
  17. Catching up... My dedicated painting space is our dining table. There isn't enough room around the table to seat four and we tend to eat dinner on the couch, so it was a convenient place to set up. I'm a little cramped because most of my storage is under the table. I wish I had another room where I could set up a proper desk, organization, etc. I did. Kind of. I ate pizza and watched the scheduled programming on Twitch.
  18. This is 14335: Sielendria, Spell Sister, a metal mini sculpted by Gene Van Horne. There is no WIP thread because this was painted in a hurry for Reaper's Quad Color Clash challenge. I picked out colors on September 1 and painted on September 4 and 5. If you're not familiar with it, the basic rules are: Pick 4 paints. Paint the entire mini with just those paints. You don't get any neutrals for free. These are the colors I chose: And these were the completion pictures: Here's some pictures of the mini herself: (click on the pictures for larger versions) There are some interesting colors here. The black around the rim, and used for lining, is a 1:1 mix of Dragon Green and Succubus Kiss. The various browns are mixes of mostly Lantern Yellow and Succubus Kiss. The skin is mostly Pure White with Lantern Yellow and Succubus Kiss mixed in. It was an interesting challenge. I think I got the NMM on her staff wrong (and this may simply have been too ambitious). Her face is also a little off (although it reminds me a little of the art style for Girl Genius) but... I think she looks good for the time I was able to spend. As always, constructive criticism and comments are welcome!
  19. This is Reaper's 02981: Lonnia, Female Duelist, a metal mini sculpted by Gene Van Horne. There is no WIP thread because this was painted in a hurry. I started painting in early August and I wanted to have it ready for the ReaperCon Showcase this year. And I completed it in time! (Although I was painting until Friday... Upholding the tradition of completing contest entries during ReaperCon.) Her color scheme is inspired by an anime character. Bragging rights if you figure out which one. (click on the pictures for larger versions) The midtone colors are (all Reaper paints): Skin: 09445 Youthful Flesh (which has apparently been renamed to Peachy Flesh) Hair and ribbons: 09243 Highlight Orange Shirt: 09061 Linen White Jacket: 89504 Seoni Scarlet Jacket and boot trim: 09074 Palomino Gold Pants: 09061 Linen White and 09489 Siren's Song (How do you paint stripes? Very carefully...) Boots and other dark leather: 09137 Blackened Brown Scabbards and other light leather: 09430 Polished Leather Base: 09281 Brains Pink Steel NMM: 09136 Walnut Brown, 09312 Steel Wash, 09089 Cloudy Grey, 09314 Moonstone Blue or 89503 Sinspawn Pink, 09061 Linen White Gold NMM: 09136 Walnut Brown, Gold NMM triad (09301/09302/09303), 09061 Linen White I think she's my best mini to date. I know her basing is weak (it's supposed to be pink marble with a pattern engraved - but it's simply not interesting). I also never got the front of her face looking quite right either but, really, the side view is the one people are going to look at. As always, constructive criticism and comments are welcome! Some day, I'd like to get gold at the MSP Open. (And I may need all the help I can get...)
  20. I got mine set up tonight. I'm running it through a test print using one of the files that came with it. (First, make sure it prints the stock files. Then try printing other files.) This is my second attempt. The first failed because I failed to reengage the extruder so it wasn't feeding filament. (Oops.) Also, since it wasn't obvious to me, the standard set of tools used in setup, etc., are stored in a tool drawer in the base.
  21. No. Yes. I've even paid for one (Ender 6 KS) but it hasn't shipped yet. Soon! (Maybe!) I'm mostly interested in printing terrain, or other bits for mini basing, so FDM is fine for me for now.
  22. According to my spreadsheet, if I painted a mini every day, I have enough minis to paint for almost 10 years, and this doesn't include my BattleTech minis or terrain pieces. Note that this count doesn't take size into account, so a mini could be anywhere from the size of a Ral Partha halfling mini (so tiny) to Baba Yaga's Hut (and even larger!). Clearly, I need to: Paint more. Plan better so I can paint minis simultaneously.
  23. Bright Turquoise was one of the HD paints that was rereleased in the Bones line. Its new SKU is 09471.
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