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  1. LarsM

    Boneflail, Gnoll Cleric, 77234

    That shield is brutally awsome!!
  2. LarsM

    Rescue Mission Diorama

    Progress! Girl is done, a bit more dirt on her feet and a slight rednes around her wound on the leg. She got into the cage, and the lock is on.. And I started building a tree. C&c welcome - happy painting
  3. LarsM

    Boneflail, Gnoll Cleric, 77234

    Looks good. I would suggest a dark brown wash for the base, it would make the contours of the sand and stones stand more out.
  4. LarsM

    The Next Project - A Chicken

    Looks really good! I would like to try oil paint for a miniature one day..
  5. LarsM

    Rescue Mission Diorama

    Almost done with the girl and the cage.. The cage needs a door and a lock. C&c welcome - happy painting.
  6. This is a cool project!
  7. Looking good, I like the contrast.
  8. LarsM

    Rescue Mission Diorama

    Its made of smal aluminum strips, just cut out of an empty foil tray, glued together. Small dots of putty as rivets. The hole thing is then covered in a mix of brown paint and pigments as rust... More weathering will Come.
  9. LarsM

    Rescue Mission Diorama

    Just a semi mock up of the scene.. And have started on the poor prisoner and her cage.. Cage is made of smal strips of aluminum. C & c welcome and happy painting..
  10. LarsM

    Skeleton Dragon (Bones 4)

    Woouw!! If I should give some critiq, I think some of the parts very close to the book, should be highlighted slightly more as the book seems to glow quite strong.. But Im deffently not the expert here.
  11. LarsM

    Let's present ... Tanks and Vehicles

    These are really great. I just startet asembling my fist tank, 1:35 so quite a bigger scale, but some tips.. Also weathering.. Would be nice!
  12. LarsM

    Zombie guy from Fallout

    This is looking great!
  13. I really like his chest/stomach- and neck- plates, looks amazing with all those colors..