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  1. As said, gorgeos dragon! And paint job already looking good. My vote goes to dark bone for horns and rust color for the spine.. Like the energy out-burst(?) from the fire breath heats up his hole body. And the orange-rust will go really well with the green body.
  2. LarsM

    Sleeping Minotaur

    Thanks for sharing, I must also steal this idea!
  3. LarsM

    Sleeping Minotaur

    Looks amazing! Do you start with "long" lines, and make them shorter as they get lighter, or about same length all the way?
  4. LarsM


    Super Nice!!
  5. LarsM

    ANGEL CITY diorama by Glitterwolf Tribute to Lemmy

    Sooo coool! I like motorhead (and head cat) and I like diorama's.. I only got a few of the references, but fun to look for them. Im sure you did Lemmy proud, you can for sure be proud yourself! Music is also a big inspiration for me, its a good way to "work" with your creativity.. And let it run wild.
  6. LarsM

    77341, Lions

    Great marble effect!
  7. LarsM

    GW Stormcast Stardrake

    Holy Moses..!
  8. LarsM

    Invisible Hobbit

    Thanks for comment and critiq. It was a fun little project. But I must say it works best on camera, in real life the effect is much less.. Ehm effective.
  9. LarsM

    WizKids T-Rex aka "King of Feathers"

    No less than amazing!
  10. LarsM

    Blacksting (Bones 4)

    Looks amazing.. And the stibling is wonderfull!
  11. LarsM

    77103: Nor'Okk, Ettin

    Still working on mine, so this is fun to follow.. Wonder wich will be finished first!?! ;o)
  12. LarsM

    Blacksting (Bones 4)

    Beautifull.. It looks eeevil!
  13. LarsM

    Repainting a Papo Rex

    Super cool. Are you airbrushing or just blending with a brush?
  14. LarsM

    77103: Nor'Okk, Ettin

    Wise words in that article! I think we all know those feelings. I have this excact mini standing on my table, so this will be interesting. -keep on happy painting :o)
  15. LarsM

    Underwater Diorama

    Really cool!