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  1. Thank you.. Sorry for a veeery late answer..
  2. I REALLY like these colors and patterns.
  3. This is absolutely amazing!! Great sculpting scills!
  4. Congrats to all the amazing entries! And Thanks to the people doing all the behind the scenes work!
  5. The Black-blue looks awsome! But what happend to the magma??
  6. Looking really Good! I look forward to see proces of the TMM.
  7. The Quest to Bring Home Miss Dosenbach. See my Wip thread here Reaper Miniatures; Nor'Okk Ettin, sculpted by Tre Manor. Hawk from Familiar Pack I, sculpted by Julie Guthrie and Richard Kerr.
  8. Added a tiny lizard. Its from MIG's jungle laves set, but made of some kind of paper, so I 'painted' it with acrylic putty to give it some shape. It is about 3mm long, so very tiny. I also build in the archer and the girl is hanging in her cage.. I think these will be the last pictures before its complete.
  9. Hearing theese words from you, @malefactus, is a huge compliment..! I will take my time to finish it. Dioramas should never be rushed.
  10. Sloooouuw progress. Added more plants, ferns and thorny bushes. A bush in the top left corner, as suggested, thanks! A face(-ish) in one of the puddles. The big tree needs to be "build" in, that means roots and moss, and then the miniatures. The archer also needs to be "build/blended" into the terrain. The captured girl and the jumping barbarian should be easy..
  11. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it is always nice to hear. I think your are right about your tactical thoughts, but I like the scene to have a out-of-control-fight feeling .. And the barbarian in a full-on-attack-mode. Theese two guys are not the most thoughtfull of people.. They are (crazy) mercenaries and bounty hunters. (and it is too late to change much! ).
  12. I like the idea with Bush.. Will look into that! Thanks.
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