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  1. Oh my god, I want a naughty sophie!!! *cries*
  2. Yeah, it's just annoying because the only reason its the norm is because gamers have said they are willing to pay that much. If gamers just refused to pay that much each month, and didn't buy the game the price would drop to a more reasonable rate. I just hate how some companies charge full price for both the box and the subscription. I mean with ongoing payment you'd think they could drop the box price by half. Hell, they don't even do a family subscription rate for families who have more than one person wanting to play. Decado, im pretty sure you can't.
  3. Suggested Retail Price for the boxes is $49.99US Monthly Subscription Fee is: $14.99US Which equals way too much for two people in my currency :) Actually I think its too much for one person... as much as I love dnd, I just cant afford it. It wouldnt be so bad if they weren't charging full price for the box. Or if they charged full price for the box but lowered the sub price. As it is they are charging top dollar for both, which is just greedy. *grumbles*
  4. I was waiting for this game for so long, then I heard how much they are charging for the box and subscriptions and quickly realised I could not afford such horrible prices for both myself and my hubbie :( Bastards.
  5. Congrats again Julie, to you and Paul and your mates! :D
  6. I can't justify spending $15 on one brush... I've always used cheapo francheville's. I actually quite like them.
  7. I tend to use a 10/0, 20/0 the most, with a 0 for larger areas. 20/0 is probably my favourite.
  8. I haven't had any popups from ebay. Im using firefox... cant say ive had any when browsing with ie either though. Must be spyware.
  9. He's great, I love that staff. Good work with the browns :)
  10. Wow that's just weird, though I have had similar experiences. Red can be a real pain in the butt. If screwing with the camera doesn't fix it I can only really suggest going even darker for the basetone. I tend to start with a very dark red that I make by blending black into the main red colour. It usually ends up a very very dark maroon looking colour.
  11. There's something about the way you've painted her face that I love. I think its the shading around the eyes, very moody and expressive.
  12. I don't think anyone will disagree with you on the red-photography point. Red highlights also tend to get dulled down a lot by varnish, but ive found that you can overcome both the varnish and photography problem by starting with a much darker base tone, that way you don't need to go anywhere near orange in order for the reds to still be vibrant. It's solved the photography problem for me at any rate, and I'm much happier with my reds now in both photography and real life.
  13. Lol, I doubt the buyer or Alexi view this as money being 'thrown around'.
  14. Nice skin. :) I like the bone and the gold in particular, the reds look a bit flat though.
  15. I know that Ebob have some dead guys, I bought a packet of the dead vikings recently... You can find them at GQ here.
  16. Thats true... I had people to help me when I learned 3.0 and then went onto 3.5 I just jumped into a game with little knowledge at all but its easy to pick it up when you play in a group and they help you. 3.5 was a piece of cake after that.
  17. I can't help you Sue, sorry. I haven't sold anything through my site yet, I just stick em up on ebay still. :)
  18. Heh, voting for myself didn't even cross my mind. And if it had, doing so would have felt a little strange... especially when there were plenty of other miniatures more deserving of my vote :D
  19. Just put the cheque somewhere safe and wait for him to get back to you *shrug* No biggie.
  20. I still love him. He's bloody awesome darl.
  21. Whenever someone says ATM Machine to me, I just answer with "Automated Teller Machine Machine?"
  22. Chapstick is just lip balm or lip moisturiser. I just use wd40. Man i love that stuff. *runs around spraying it on everything squeaky*
  23. What's crazy glue? When I make spiderwebs I use that gel craft glue that smells. Is that crazy glue?
  24. I went and had a look the other night when deflagratio mentioned them, apparently international shipping isnt an option... unless i missed something. :(
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