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  1. Actually, do you think people really pay that much attention to the rating on cmon? My highest selling miniature was actually my lowest rated on cmon...
  2. I love the sheer look, as Darkstar said it looks better on the front than on her bot-bot. Well done, she's really lovely.
  3. I've had a major search around the net for Model Railroading stores, that's how I found the cheap one. I did find one that stocked a lot of WS stuff, but it was pretty expensive. At least it's there though, im having more problems finding someone who stocks Hudson & Allen products. I have a feeling I will have to order those from overseas. :)
  4. Aah i was wondering if that was the flowering foliage from Woodland Scenics. Im still searching about for an aussie supplier that isnt charging an arm and a leg. I found one supplier who was really cheap but he only had a few items in his store.
  5. I like watching the bids at the end. Once I had an item up that ended with a small bidding war. I was sitting here on my crappy dialup with the husband refreshing and going "ooh! they've taken the lead!!" etc. We were both rooting for different bidders. Small things...
  6. Goddamn I love those browns... *holds her head and squeals* Hehe. Lovely. How the heck did you do that base? Are those little fluffy yellow tthingies? It reminds me of a coral reef.
  7. Ah ok. I wonder why they would remove it from certain countries and not others. Tommy, proxy bidding is when you click on bid and enter the highest amount you are willing to pay, as opposed to just adding $1.00 eBay then does the bidding for you, if someone bids, it will kick in with your bid till it reaches your proxy and it will stop. I think they are only counted as one bid in the bids list, it just updates and reorders the list with the new amount. or something confusing like that ;) I dont know what the $I means...
  8. Some IST bars are incredibly annoying to remove. You might wanna find out what one it is and download an actual removal tool, they work in a jiffy. We had one recently that was loading a search bar, i think it was called "iwantsearch" or some other nonsense. The easiest way to get rid of it was a small removal program. I have hijack this, noadware, adaware and a few other programs installed for emergencies ;) *Shakes her fist*
  9. The enlargement ones make me laugh. My older email account is basically for junk now, I made a new one ( i think im allowed 5 through my isp) because of it. Gmail is quite good at spotting and removing spam as well. I have a few invites sitting around if anyone wants an account come to think of it.
  10. I get a heap of spam / virus attachments in one of my email accounts. Thankfully norton deletes them all. Its either the attachments or the viagra.
  11. *chuckle* That steel is so vibrant... my eyes go "poing!" whenever I look at the pics. How do you make your little walls?
  12. I was going to say that, though I wasnt sure if it was a result of the photo. The back is definately more striking than the front. But its still all very pretty. :)
  13. Youd best make sure the people in the house arent also allergic to febreeze, its pretty smelly stuff. :)
  14. I remember when my textas used to dry up back in the old days... Depending on whether or not it was just the nib that was dry, i would blow really hard in the top end of the pen to push the ink down. That would usually work and make a nice mess while I was at it. If the actual pad thingy inside the pen is dry, though, it would need liquid to ressurrect it. Are micron pens waterbased? I havent actually read the side of mine... You could dry dropping a drop or two of water or thinner or some such in the top end of the pen. That said, I dont even know if micron pens have the absorbant pad thing inside the tube, or if its a metal ink holder thingamajig. Ive never opened one to check. Either way, its dead, so you may as well fiddle around :D
  15. I start mine at $1.00aud. Haven't had a problem so far. I might start them at a higher amount one day, though, its really boring watching the proxy bids early on when you start real low. Really boring. I thought they removed reserves... or was that just from aussie ebay?? *confused look*
  16. Im gobsmacked. It's freaking gorgeous man! *steals the axe head and left arm and runs away*
  17. That cloak is beautiful. :) I love green.
  18. Yeah its a gorgeous piece of freehand :) That said, I hope that's her outfit for special occasions, because I don't think she will be able to hunt a thing wearing that cloak :D Unless, of course her prey stops for a moment to admire the work that went into the cloak. "Damn! That's a nice cloak you got there..." "Why yes, yes it is" *TWANG* "Blast you!" *dies*
  19. I think you just need a credit card. Its been a while since I opened my ebay account.
  20. Heh 'gormless pillock'. Good on ya. I don't think I would unblock him if I was in your position. I figured as much. I think I was just taken aback a little by zaphods comments about critiquing. ;) I agree that constructive criticism is a fantastic thing and I really appreciate it when people take the time out to share their thoughts with me, negative or no. But, no, non-constructive criticism such as the example given in this thread is pretty uncalled for, and just plain rude.
  21. I think you should charge closer to $10 as a baseprice. Depending on the time and effort that will need to go into the bases, of course. I would be willing to pay a decent amount for something like your bases with the little cushions on them. They are very cute.
  22. Astonia, you have gorgeous eyes, girl! :)
  23. Mines little so, for times when we arent home, he has a papered area in the laundry thats got a lino floor so it can be cleaned easily in the chance there is a mishap. Im usually home, though, so it isnt really a problem for us. Do you have a balcony he can go poo poo on? Then again, i guess you dont want him peeing off the edge of a balcony. lol.
  24. Glad to hear it :) Have you unblocked him or heard back from him?
  25. Yes. As long as you love him and kiss him and cuddle him, yes. Most definately. Oh and as long as you are in it for the long haul. I dont like when people get pups and give up on them as soon as they realise their broken leg or sickness is going to cost them a packet to fix or look after. It makes me sad. :)
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