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  1. I called him a jerk too. I dont think the criticism was constructive at all. Some of it was horrible. He even goes so far as to say the artwork sucks and she should give up. Please. If anyone here honestly sees that as constructive, I dont think ill be posting any of my work on here anytime soon.
  2. I do a little every day. Occasionally I just plain don't feel like painting, i dont push it, i just do something else when I feel like that. Sometimes I sit for hours on end and get shirty when the sun starts going down and I have to turn my lamps on. :)
  3. I also love your choice of colours :) How do you make the putty actually look like waves? Whenever I try it comes out a bit of a mess so I just make it into something else and pretend it never happened.
  4. Argh. Best wishes. I hope shes ok. You too.
  5. *gasp* First of all let me just say that I love that base. Those pillows are adorable as is the blanket, and i hope you dont mind if i try my hand at making some one day :D Its not an easy thing to paint a miniature well, especially smaller minis. Anyone who knows anything about miniatures will agree you did a great job. As for the guy, what a jerk. *restrains from posting naughty words* I cant get over those little cushions. *giggles and claps her hands*
  6. Hehe. He's actually a Pomeranian x Maltese, though he got more pom than maltese, obviously. I dont know if they are the other name for American Eskimo... He also looks like a mini samoyed imo. :) I lub him!!
  7. I was going to say similar things. The flesh is what stands out the most. The eyeballs themselves look really really neat, all you need is to give him/her some pupils or larger pupils ( i cant really tell if you have or not ). How did you actually want the mane to look? Did it get close to how you wanted it before you gave up? Shading white happens to be the bane of my existence (well, one of them anyway, i also hate painting bone). The more I look at your mini, the more it looks like the primer is responsible for the mottled blotchiness. That, or, the paint on your brush is getting dry and you end up kinda drybrushing, hence the gluggy look. Good luck :)
  8. There is one of me in my profile... i believe its a halloween dress up picture. There is also one of me on my site, ill get a link... http://www.tinysouls.com/tinysouls/aboutme.htm :) The one with me and my doggy was taken before I owned a coolpix its kind of weird looking. O_o
  9. I think that's kinda terrible! But im poor and stuff :) I can get all 72 game colours from a hobby site in the uk for 108 pounds including shipping (roughly $250aud i think). I also enquired with another hobby store in australia about bulk buying. The owner only stocked model color vallejo but he said if i boughtt 60-70 he could do it for $3.70 a pot and free shipping. (his regular price is $3.90) He also said if I could get a few people together he would knock it down to $3.50 :) But Im saving up to buy the entire Game Colour set from the UK store. Sorry for the vagueness, (is that even a word?) I know that posting retailers on some forums is a no no, so I just left them out. :) I only really mind about the paints when I sit and think about how little you actually get. The GW pots I use frequently tend to run out or thicken quite quickly. Which is why I need to invest in some Vallejo instead. I still havent called that aussie supplier of W&N brushes. Keep forgetting.
  10. *claps excitedly* Be sure to post pictures when you are finished :)
  11. Im more willing to overlook the price of miniatures than I am to overlook the price of paint. Especially when I am painting the walls of my house, go to Solver and purchase a 500-750ml 'sample' container of paint for less than I would pay for a pot of GW or any other brand of paint. *sigh*
  12. I recently bought a few plain wood coasters from the craft section of Bunnings (hardware/plant/houseware store) for making display bases. Maybe you could do an egyptian alleyway type scene... with sand or sandstone floor and urns and stuff. I have no idea how you would make the urns though. Maybe some carpets.. hehe Im getting visions from Disneys Aladdin. :) Would be cool if you could do some kind of sandstorm... i think you'd have to be magic to pull that off, though.
  13. Digital M: Isn't it in Bookmarks Manager > File > Import... ? Then the window opens up and you go to Docs & Settings > Your account name > Application Data > Mozilla > Profiles > default > next folder > bookmarks.html That's how I do it anyway :) Its just annoying that the bookmarks are saved in such a hidden away place.
  14. Oh wow, that thing's amazing. I want one!!
  15. I really love your reds. So vibrant.
  16. I was just about to type that. Its gorgeous. :)
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