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  1. Gorgeous! The colour scheme is very nice, despite being what was just on hand. The skin tones, the hair, the sheer stockings: all very nice indeed. Oh, and I think you've done a great job on the bottle, too. (I see what you mean about the back side but it looks to me as if it would only need a little work to bring it up to the standard of the rest.) And because I hope that, when I finally get around to posting some of my projects again, people will offer some constructive criticism as well as praise, let me just say that I'd like to see a little more shading to help define the sweep from her neck to her right cheek. Without it, from that angle it makes her face look a little puffy. Great job! I think you were maybe right to wait until you had some experience because I'd have to say that I'd be daunted by the thought of painting her, too. Lovely mini. Is she a Reaper sculpt? (You've inspired me to have her sit on my desk for a few years, until I'm ready to paint her. )
  2. And then I got bored with posting every little step (and I didn't want to absolutely wear out your patience!), so here's the finished mini. Now if only I had about 30 more, I'd get it down pat.
  3. Washes applied. (Black for the majority of the features, Harvest Brown for the bow and arrow shafts.)
  4. And now I've base coated the other features: Viper Green on the mini base Harvest Brown on chest strap and quiver Leather Brown on bow and arrow shafts Dragon Blue on the fletchings Honed Steel on the bow ends and the quiver ring Having the magnifying lamp has helped hugely in the painting but looking at the photographs really shows the fine detail (and the mistakes I couldn't see, even with the lamp!)
  5. After a lengthy delay, during which I ordered and eagerly awaited a desk magnifying lamp with daylight fluro, I started painting again last night. First step was to dry brush with highlight. I made sure I brushed lightly, with little paint. I may have overdone the caution. It was, however, an absolute delight to be able to SEE what I was doing! As you can see, having a daylight lamp means that the mini is much less blue in the image.
  6. I absolutely agree with everybody's enthusiasm for these - they look fabulous. I note, however, that you asked for C&Cs, so I'll just observe that the highlights on the flanks seem a little stark in the 3rd and 4th pictures. Mind you, I have no real idea of what the distinction between table top and other standards might be. And I'll add that I really look forward to being able to paint as well as this!
  7. Love 'em! So much better than mass-produced store-bought Christmas decorations. Very creative.
  8. What gorgeous blending you've done on the cloak! Is that wet blending? (Please pardon my ignorance!)
  9. Gnolls? Really? Yep.Hmm. I can't get the link to work but if you go to Collecting Citadel Miniatures .com you can find the article and photos. Thanks! It's true, Citadel renamed the FTG range from Gnolls to Goblins in 1982 & eventually integrated them into their Goblins range. I acquired them around then so they've always been Goblins to me - they are a bit small for Gnolls anyway. Link: http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com/wiki/index.php/Gnolls_/_Goblins_-_FTG_Fantasy_Tribe_%28solid_base%29
  10. Very cool! Deceptively simple colour scheme. Love the OSL.
  11. Yeah. I thought at the time that I was using fairly robust strokes. Again, probably unconsciously comparing it to painting terrain.
  12. Next step is to drybrush with base coat. Pretty straightforward. The figure is darker than the example - because of the Ebony Flesh, of course. I've drybrushed terrain before but the canvas is so much smaller here, it's difficult to see while I'm doing it. No doubt that, too, will improve with much practice.
  13. Right, stage 2. I went ahead and used a 1:1:8 mix of Ebony Flesh:Bleached Linen:water. On reflection, I might try 1:2:12 next time. The coverage is slightly patchy but I think most of what I missed will be covered by the dry brushing to follow. The colour is darker than I wanted (see above) but it is not the bruised purple that the photograph shows. That'll be down to the blue light from the LEDs I'm using in my O-so-cheap and scratch-built light box.
  14. Very interesting, thank you. Would love to be involved in that sort of endeavour (but that would require some skill on my part).
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