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  1. https://warlord.miniaturegameworks.com/discover-warlord/the-savage-north/ here's some basic stuff. Let me know if you want to know anything more specific and I can answer any questions from my copy of the book.
  2. What, specifically, changed to nerf them?
  3. I was about to rebut that, but I realizes that if you target the corner of a model you can squeeze out a few more targets.
  4. Ditto. I like this list alot, although my only worry is getting everyone in for burst of speed, Since aoe is measured in diameter, not radius, you can only get 9 models under it at most. Granted you can still hit the important ones, and coherency isn't a thing, but it's still something to consider.
  5. Well...in theory you could keep all your humans back, send the monsters in first and when they die, you send in your human troops with all the benefits.
  6. You know, Humansqush is probably right. You have a lot of Spy, so an extra tactics might be redundant. An armor of courage on the other hand can easily boost your squad to take out even the most defensive armies.
  7. you have 10 extra points, you may want to throw on a book of tactics somewhere, just for a little more control.
  8. I'm doing my part. trying to set up demo games at my local game shop to get other people into it.
  9. Musicians and putting large deflect models in the front?
  10. So I'm trying to screw around with Mercenaries and comming up with Janky lists using bondlaves. I came up with two and here's what I've got: Troop 1 (212 pts) Boris Mingla Bondslavex4 Elandaria Familiar Troop 2 (88 pts) Stone Giant Troop 3 (179 pts) Haranobu Bondslave x4 Gars Necka Familiar Troop 4 (132 pts) Hedassa, Cultist Leader Bondslave x4 Jos Gebblar, Necromancer Familiar Troop 5 (136 pts) Hedassa, Cultist Leader Bondslave x4 Leisynn, Wizard of Chaos Familiar
  11. Protip. Glue them to the bottom of glass bead counters
  12. THAT'S another use for bonslaves. Making cheap lead units so you can take more poerful solos. That gives me an idea for a mercenary team...
  13. They are ashkrypt's spell points and health. Take 5 with the mob rule and you are usually good. Or, using Lich's Bidding, you could keep them in base to base with a strong leader or good elite that you want on the front lines to keep them safe. Think of it as 5 points for an extra DT at max stats.
  14. https://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/bones giant/latest/77106 Here he is!
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