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  1. Voyage of the Rock Aliens, a terrific slice of 80s musical cheese.
  2. Watched 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople' (which is by the same director as 'What We Do in the Shadows', which was hilarious), and it was very funny and charming.
  3. The pink sure was a good choice, her colors look really nice so far. I look forward to seeing more!
  4. I'm having so much fun looking at your little world and its inhabitants. Thank you so much for sharing it!
  5. The replacement vulture arrived a while ago, but I just now got a chance to sit down and give them a spa day. A hot bath, a trim, and some green stuff and they're looking a lot better. :) Thanks again for all of your advice.
  6. The freehand on the shield does remind me of the kind of work you'd see in old bestiaries or illuminated manuscripts. I think it fits the figure well.
  7. I'd never considered working with translucents before, but that seems like very good advice. It came out looking very cool as well.
  8. It looks like you had a very productive year!
  9. I really loved One Punch Man, and Mob Psycho 100 which is by the same creator. They both tackle similar themes (exceptional talent and how it doesn't necessarily translate into happiness or success) but from slightly different directions. Mob Psycho was particularly notable because of the animation- the style is loose and some consider it ugly, but it's used to showcase amazing technique. Some scenes and the end theme are animated with oil paint on glass! Most recent movie watching was a documentary on the making of Creepshow, which made us all want to watch Creepshow, so we put that in the next night. It's a fun, colorful flick and it seems like making it was a great time. Other than the roaches. Favorite from the past month or so was a Spanish horror/black comedy Day of the Beast, which was terrific. A priest tries to commit all the sins he can so he can summon Satan and stop the birth of the antichrist. He's not very good at it.
  10. Wow! She's so lovely. You do superb work. There is so much to look at and think about, like the way you handled painting the leather strap on the shield, and the completely different freshly tanned looking waist straps. The tattoos look so natural and convincing. Thank you very much for sharing it with us!
  11. Great job on a cool sculpt. Love her expression and hair.
  12. I love the base, it looks grimy and covered in algae. You can really picture it being the deck of a ghost ship. The stripes on the pants are great, too. The whole thing is excellent!
  13. Last year I was asked to help paint some Warhammer scenery so a friend that runs a small store could start getting some games together. I've painted a number of buildings, ruins, fences, and pipes, but I think that The Garden of Morr is the nicest set I've gotten to work with, as well as the first that I got to assemble myself. It was also exciting to be able to apply what I had learned to this point and to see actual improvement. I hope that this year brings more painting and even more improvement! These are hosted on imgur, if you'd like to look at an unreasonably huge version of any image you can drag the image to your address bar and take the 'l' off of the end of the image name. I've only included one view of each unique piece so this doesn't get massive but I can add views if desired because I took a ton of pictures.
  14. I've painted some Warhammer scenery for a friend, but this is my first time painting minis. I think I need all the practice I can get, so I'll be trying to paint both.
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