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  1. Thank you Metalchaos! The blood effect is Tamiya Clear Red with just a little bit of black. It is strange stuff. It dries glossy, but also straight from the pot is thick and kind of sticky after a short while. I applied with with a brush and flicking it off a toothbrush for the splatter. I have used it as a dripping effect in the past; it's not durable unfortunately. You probably could glue something to the model and paint it over that to get something that would last a little longer. I have also heard of people mixing it with UHU glue to get the stringy effect a bit easier.
  2. Thank you, Glitterwolf! It's pretty straight forward. The base was Moldy Skin, wish progressive shading with Ghoul Skin (surprise!), Carnival Purple + Ghoul Skin, then deepest shading with Blue Liner. The highlights were Bloodless Skin followed by Maggot White. I hope this helps!
  3. Thanks, Sanael. I have really been pleased to see a push in our hobby to use miniatures for more than gaming and help raise money for charities or individuals in times of need.
  4. These two were painted up after a discussion with Rhonda Bender (Bird With a Brush). They will be raffled off at a Tennessee con called Save vs. Hunger to support the Second Harvest chapter locally. The con is April 12th-14th, so if you are in the area, check it out! As always critiques, comments, and questions welcome!
  5. Do it! Do the OSL! I recently did a green magic OSL effect and would be happy to offer my thoughts if you like.
  6. Excellent job capturing the essence of the reference picture!
  7. Great job on the OSL on the eyes!
  8. Fantastic paint job on a very cool sculpt!
  9. You are very wise. There is not much to be garnered on TV. I still have a weakness for video games, but I much happier at the end of the day with a well painted model rather than a fancy set of pixels that has no real world value. :)
  10. Lovely work! Fanttastic work on the eyes. I did not know this model existed. I will be getting a copy...thank you!
  11. @CorallineAlgae Thank you! The recipient plays a shadow sorcerer, so I was going for a pale skin tone and he definitely walks a fine line between good and evil... @Baldur8762 Thank you as well. The colors I used were Titanium White as a base, Daler-Rowney Light Green ink (great stuff and I highly recommend it for stuff like this for its pigment and viscosity), RMS Viper Green and Rich Green for the OSL fade and GW Yriel Yellow for the "hot spots".
  12. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the likes and especially taking the time to comment. Thank you all again!
  13. Hello, Reaperpeeps! It's been a while. I hope you have been well and wish you all happy new year! I got the pleasure to paint up Trathus Varr as a wedding gift for a local gamer. The detail Sandra Garrity put into this is amazing! It was a joy to paint. As always, questions, comments and criticisms welcome!
  14. Wow! I need to visit the forums more often! Metalchaos you have done some serious leveling up since I last lurked over here. That is an awesome shield
  15. Wise Reaperpeeps: Quick question regarding the various spider sizes. Which spider would be best to fit on a 40 or 50mm base? Bones would be preferable, but metal works as well. I took a look at the spider models available, but couldn't really tell on most of them what would fill up a larger base well. Thank you! Jabber
  16. Centipede finished well ahead of schedule . This guy was based off of the reference picture shown, although I punched up the saturation quite a bit in some spots. Probably could have used some more work on the legs, but this at the end of the day is a gaming piece rather than display and more importantly was another experiment in the "sketch style" of painting as well as the use of Daler Rowney inks (in this case Burnt Umber and Sepia as well as RMS Black Ink and Red Ink. I definitely think I will be using inks more in the future for tinting purposes.
  17. *Blows dust off* Spider, check. Hopefully my next post in this thread won't be in 2018!
  18. You would be correct, Nameless; but I suspect you already knew the answer to that. He joins Sergeant Blackknife in the crew.
  19. Feels good to have one under my belt this early in the year. Of course, I started it in 2014, but that a minor detail... Pete will be part of a painting fundraiser for our local Children's Hospital later this year, assuming everything goes as planned. As always, questions and comments most welcome!
  20. Depending on your familiarity with putty and the model, a glob of greenstuff blended in is relatively easy.
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