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  1. Thank you everyone for your kind words and critiques! Keep them coming. I have a thick skin . Runelord, I was refering more to my appearance here at the Reaper forums than my time painting. I am probably one of the older "kids" here. I started painting back in high school in the mid '80's. Painted for a few years, but was pretty bad (what? Primer? What is that?). I was a basecoat (poorly) and play kind of painter. I got away from it for about 15 years or so and picked up the brush again in a few years ago. I paint quite sporadically, but have taken a lot more time reading and learning about the art and am trying to improve. So...I'll be able to spout a bunch about techniques and critiques, but can't back it up much with my skill. I look forward to learning with you all!
  2. Nice clean work on one and all. I might humbly suggest they get a bit of additional highlighting, but the camera always seems to not reproduce the highlights quite as well as in person. I might suggest a bit of weathering on the cloak of the skellie, but that is strictly personal preference. Keep 'em coming! Jabber
  3. I like him, 640k. The transitions are still a bit rough, but the close ups from the camera are so darn unforgiving. Keep up the good work!
  4. Amazing work! Ten hours of work...I am lucky to basecoat a mini and get a decent face in that time frame A real inspiration. That poor crusader doesn't look like he even had time to change after taking out the griffon! I can't wait to see The Hunter...
  5. Dick Clark's Rockin' Orc Bash 2005...
  6. If you were feeling really adventurous, how about a lava gargoyle? Black with red/orange/yellow cracks.
  7. Hello everyone! Been a lurker for sometime, but decided to post a couple of my latest minis. Please comment and critique! Thank you! The first is Edmund Dumond: Then Rowena, Barbarian Shaman:
  8. Hello all! Does anyone know of a location where I can find a paint chart that shows the equivalent shades of the reaper master series colors to a given citadel/Vallejo chip? I am slowly making the conversion to reaper master series paints, but the so much of the world has not yet seen the light... Thanks in advance, Jabber
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