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  1. I was rummaging through some old pics and realized I had not posted this guy up! He was a long time coming; I had originally started him with Kreve Lavelle at RCon 2013 as a sort of "paint along" as we sat together during the con. I (not surprisingly) was unable to finish him at the con that year, but worked on him here and there through that summer. In 2015, the stars aligned once again and Kreve and I attended RCon once more. I finished him up and gave him to Kreve. It was a nice exercise on a lava look for him. The base was done later in the summer of 2013 to match the hound and was again an experiment with lava and OSL. My apologies for not getting the entire piece photographed together, but you can see the slot on the top where the hound overlooks the lava flow. As always comments, questions and critiques welcome (although being two years old, the specific details of how I did this may be a bit fuzzy...)
  2. Thanks for the comments, everyone! Corporea, I wish I could take credit for the colors, but I was given the palette by the team leads :)
  3. Bleh. Sorry for the small pics...Here are some larger ones!
  4. Hello again, Reaperpeeps! It has been a bit since my last posting, but I have slowly been plugging away on a charity army piece for the NOVA Open Foundation. This is part of larger army that will be paired with and Eldar army, with the proceeds to benefit Doctors Without Borders. Have a look at the raffle if you have not done so already! In addition to these two charity armies, there are several others going to various charities. As always, comments, critiques and questions most welcome!
  5. Thanks everyone for the compliments! It was fun to do the conversions, which were my most complicated to date. I was definitely pleased with the marble effect. I had been looking into attempting to do a marble base for some time and I thought thjs would be a good opportunity. I think one of my favorite compliments when one of the judges asked it I had done it all myself or if I had laid down a prefab marble replica and then just painted the veins over it.
  6. All right! The finished diorama is over at the Show Off section now. Thanks to everyone that helped and encouraged me along the way! I will do a marble tutorial in the future, but I have a time sensitive piece I need to work on this month.
  7. This was my entry for the diorama category this year at ReaperCon. I had started WIP thread on this and I really want to thank all the folks that followed along during the process and offered suggestions along the way. It was great meeting so many people that I had only know via their forum names. Thank you for coming up and saying hello if I didn't grab you first! For those that don't follow the WIP threads, this piece was scratch built. The parquet flooring was done in a double herringbone pattern and cut from styrene along with the marble flooring. The marble itself was hand painted; no decals here! Each of the characters were converted to various degrees. The padawan is one of Reaper's Townsfolk children with this hair filed off and replaced with tail heads. The Jedi is a Darksword miniature named Olivia, the red panda. Her hood and robotic hand (which is not visible) were sculpted from greenstuff--many thanks to Talespinner for his insight on that particular topic. The polearm was repurposed into a dual bladed lightsaber with stickpins drilled into the existing polearm handle. The last model was my most extensive conversion. Using parts from Lodoni the thief and Thora the necromancer from Reaper, I tried to create Asajj Ventress from the Clone Wars cartoon canon in her Nightsister garb. Stick pins were again used for the light sabers and the handles were given the characteristic handle using a file to smooth and curve the grips.
  8. My name is Jabberwocky, and I approve of this thread. Awesome!
  9. Long day of working on marble! In the end, I decided on a cream color with an orange brown (VMC Flat Brown) to tie in with the parquet flooring. The main marble is slightly lighter than the edging marble tiles to maintain focus in the center of the piece. Still need to finish the veining and then begin attaching everyone. I probably will be going dark until after ReaperCon--I still need to fiddle with the Sith a bit more and the base has taken longer than projected. Thanks for tuning in everyone and thanks to everyone for their encouragement and suggestions!
  10. Looks great! Just in time Can't wait to see him in person!
  11. Initial colors for the wood parquet and the granite column base: I'm open to suggestions on colors for the marble edging adjacent to the parquet and the marble that will be on the column/floor
  12. Tick tock, tick tock... Decided to take the plunge and commit myself to many sleepless nights over the coming week or so: Preliminary basework:
  13. Hmm...I see what you mean now, Joy--almost like an OSL from the floor. Cool looking effect, but not what I am after. I may have to revisit that if I have time... Here is the initial base construction, Mark II. The panda of course will be off the cork and flush with the base, so the height difference won't be so prominent. Pondering setting them on a double herringbone floor pattern like this:
  14. Added some color to the skin tones and did a bit of detailing. Better...but still a long way to go--there is much to smooth out and further contrast is needed. Interested in the gallery's thoughts on the cool black belt against the warm black clothes. Sets the two apart, but I'm not sure that is a good thing in this case. The light sabers are nearly done, though .
  15. Boogie woogie woogie! Very cool effect on the lightning on the wings.
  16. I don't know--as much as the panda had the painting mojo flowing, this one isn't...I am happy with the conversion, but the paint just isn't coming together as I am imagining. There are some rough spots on the paint, I missed a mold line that I needed to correct, the eyes are giving me fits. Perhaps I am just at that the "this looks like *#@%" stage of the model. And I still haven't started on the base! Eep! I've been sitting on the fence with how to proceed. The concept will be the "The Great Jedi Purge", where the Jedi were nearly eradicated after Order 66. I have been going back and forth on whether I should keep it totally sci fi with the basing, do a ruins kind of look, or something in an academy sort of setting.
  17. Beginnings of the highlighting/shading process on the clothing. Went a bit overboard with the warm grey and will start pulling it back toward black, now.
  18. Really like the wings much better! Looking forward to the base work!
  19. Hmm...I seem to remember dks remodeling some eyeballs on sculpts that were not his. He obviously has a skill set I don't, but I would be curious if he uses putty of some sort or fills the socket in a bit with sealer and uses paint to create the illusion.
  20. Ahh...tick tock, tick tock... Basecoat, check. Looks like a heroclix paintjob at the moment, but hopefully things will get better!
  21. Definitely digging those jeans. Nice!
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