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  1. LOVE seeing old sculpts get top notch paint jobs! Lovely work
  2. Nice! Glad you are having fun experimenting with new style.
  3. What do you get when you cross Lodoni (#03266) with Thora (#02925) and two stick pins? Why Asajj Ventress, of course!
  4. A little more work done--added some Rosy Skintone glazes to the head for a bit of color.
  5. Some more work on the contrast. My main antagonist arrived today and I immediately got to work on her. There is more to come, but my first goal was to get the weapons swapped out. I think the length of the blades is satisfactory or are they too long? If you look closely at the blades, you'll see which part of the conversion is coming next...
  6. Green it is! Pleased with the eyes Needs more contrast yet, but a good start. Time permitting, I imagine I'll add some markings to the lekku (head tails) as well.
  7. Looks great! The blending is coming along quite well. If you are feeling adventurous, I might suggest a few glazes of another color on the skin to break up all that tan. Perhaps a subtle purple in the recesses?
  8. Congratulations on the win over at CMoN--now THAT is a feather in your cap!!
  9. The base looks great! Congratulations on getting promoted to professor (although I do find it somewhat ironic that you were getting clearance to hold off on doing any video for your fanbase, and now you have three classes to prep for in addition to finishing this!). I am inclined to agree with MS on the vine on the left; if looks a bit out of scale compared with all the other plant life in the scene.
  10. Cool pattern on the wings! I think your intuition about the underwings are correct; speaking from a painterly standpoint, IMHO they are a bit bright compared to the rest of the piece and certainly pull the eyes from the head. Speaking from a physiologic standpoint (if I may on an imaginary creature) the only reason for the underwings to be bright would be to startle a potential hunter (or dazzle prey for a moment, I suppose could be possible as well). Green camouflage would not apply to the underside of the membranes, as the creature would be flying when the underwings were seen and would logically be more of a blue-ish tone unless this was a creature that flew in the canopy of a heavily forested area.* *I have not read my "Ecology of the Wyvern" for some time, so my recollection of said creature may be a bit foggy.
  11. Progress on the little guy...still trying to decide what color to go with for the skin tone. I think I need to push the contrast on the robes further still. The Twi'lek have numerous colorful skin tones, so I could go with nearly anything. I was thinking blue would tie in with the panda, but a dark green would keep things on the cool side as well. The belt buckle will be steel metallic. The last pic is pretty close to scale--this is a pretty small youngling!
  12. The accessories are looking great! I know you don't want to get caught up too much in the details, but I thought some very subtle weathering on the bench might be a nice touch. Just a hint where some of the paint might have chipped away.
  13. I really like the monochrome piece--just a brilliant concept and you pulled it off wonderfully. As for the pic, I have recently made the jump to a better camera. For larger pieces, I think you really need to get something with a manual F-stop if you don't have it currently. I have a point and shoot without a manual way to adjust the F-stop and for anything other than a man sized model on a gaming or small display base, I struggled keeping everything in focus.
  14. Very nice! I agree with Corporea that some maps/rugs/tapestries would be a nice touch and fill a lot of the empty space that is there currently. I'm not entirely convinced personally about the scattered papers/overturned goblet myself, unless she had just had a tantrum about the current state of affairs. I guess those things would make me think more of a struggle.
  15. Still can't get over the iridescent effect--brilliant!
  16. Very nice work! You've captured the light reflection/chibi eyes well on these. As for the leather, I agree with robinh on adding another layer of highlights just along the edges of the clothing--sleeves and the overlap of the coat near the buttons. The green arms definitely add some nice contrast/separation to the brown of the coat. I also agree with adding back the reddish tones from the first guy.
  17. Totally agree with robinh--finish the RCon project! There is the whole rest of the year to do a video; your fans will wait
  18. Welcome to the world of greenstuff! You've done some nice work here and (at least in my experience) get more fun as you get more comfortable with it.
  19. While I'd like to see you "take a model to the next level", I never felt you churned stuff out--you have a remarkable to combine volume and quality!
  20. Sorry for the gap--unfortunately I have not gotten a lot done on the panda; I strengthened the contrast further (primarily on the robe), tweaked the midsection/sash and worked on the necklace a bit. I still need to work on the hands and feet, but everything else is nearly there. I am awaiting the arrival of a couple of miniatures from Reaper HQ, which will be mashed up for the primary antagonist of the scene. In the interim, I started working on some secondary characters, which hopefully will make the final cut assuming I can get the main antagonist finished. The NOVA Corp sergeant will be playing the role of clone trooper captain in the scene and I modified one of Reaper's kids to create a Twi'lek youngling with a metal file and a bit of greenstuff/apoxie sculpt. The sergeant obviously is quite early on, although I have done some initial work on the rifle.
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