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  1. Excuses, excuses...back to work on the miniature!
  2. I really like where you went with the dress! The little guy tucked under the demon's arm has popped out nicely.
  3. Verticality is a two way street; up and down How about putting her at the top of a staircase? Perhaps she has just conquered something. Battle damaged steps, enemy banner/soldier at her feet...
  4. RAHR! Nice--I like the purple glazes on the base to tie the mini to the stones.
  5. Lovely work on the reds. Thanks for the recipe Should do well in the auction!
  6. Beautiful work on the skin tones and the warm/cold contrast is really nice!
  7. Really well done! I like all the colors--much more variety (read: realism) than your standard gray stone.
  8. More progress on the panda...I am enjoying this one quite a bit! The clothing and the backpack are quite far along now. I don't think I mentioned this before, but please feel free to ask questions or offer critiques!
  9. I do like it when the muse is singing to me...hopefully it will last! I was especially pleased with the robo-eye to again add to the sci-fi feel. Still in the very early stages here. The fur is essentially basecoated with some initial highlighting and shading started on the clothing. Now begins the dreaded color selection for the various bits. I think the saber handle will be black, the backpack more of an orange brown, the lightsabers themselves a blue to match the robotic eye and a light tan/khaki color for the sash. The fur will go lighter; I am deciding if I will keep the colors red panda as originally intended, borrowing heavily from Marike's fantastic studio rendition or if I will go a bit different since this is a space red panda
  10. Always love to see your stuff, SK! Enjoy the links
  11. Since so many of the cool kids are doing it, I decided to have a go as well. I am hoping this will help keep me motivated for the con this year. I want to enter all four categories this year, but we will see how it goes. The first will be either an Open or Diorama category entry, depending on how productive I am. In keeping with the sci-fi theme this year, I decided to take one of the Dark Sword Miniatures' pieces and give it a sci-fi spin. Meet the Jedi panda! This is Olivia, the Red Panda from DSM. I obviously have converted her polearm to the dual bladed lightsaber. In addition to that, I gave her a hood and also removed the left hand and gave her a skeletal (read: robotic) hand as well. Many thanks to Master Talespinner for his help during the initial part of this WIP! Here she is after a zenithal primer (and then going back and fixing the mold lines I missed...) Pardon the rough primering in spots; as I was correcting the sculpting/mold lines, I rubbed off some primer and quickly went in and reprimered spots.
  12. Thanks everyone for the comments! It is one of the reasons I love posting over here :). Corporea--The base was RMS Pine Green, shaded with VMC Royal Purple, and progressively highlighted with RMS Olive Drab, then Pale Green mixed with Leather Brown, then mixed in some VMC Pale Sand and finished with RMS Rosy Highlight. Kind of an odd combination for me, but I was trying to approximate the skin tone of an orc done by John Keys (aka Megazord Man) using the paints I had in my stash of paints. It was a fun experiment using these non standard colors (at least for me) and something I am going to strive for in the future. Cash--the leather guard was based with Vallejo Air Color Armor Brown, shaded with VMC Dark Sea Blue, then highlighted with RMS Oiled Leather, Yellowed Bone and VMC Ivory if I recall correctly.
  13. Hello all! It has been a while since I have posted, but hopefully I'll be more productive this year than last...This is my latest piece, painted up to support a new local game shop. It was some practice for fine texturing on the skirt (was shooting for a lion hide look, although I am not fully convinced of the effect) and the leather wrist guard, as well as stronger light/dark contrast and utilizing complementary colors to increase contrast. I may add some tweaks to him if I attend any big contests near Dallas in late April... . Comments, questions, and critiques always welcome!
  14. Totally off topic, but you have done an awesome job on the face, Moonglum!
  15. Thanks once again, everyone! I truly appreciate everyone liking and commenting. Loim, I did take some pictures along the way for the base work. I am finishing up the second half of a two part SBS article on the construction and paint work of the venomthrope for an online magazine that will go to "print" in a few days, but after that, I'll see what I can put together for the base.
  16. A bit of thread necromancy here, but earlier this week I was the gobsmacked recipient of this fantastic miniature! It was completely out of the blue and she is just stunning in hand--the blends are amazing and there are so many little details to take in. I keep going back to her to look for more :) Thank you so much, Joy!! She will have a treasured spot on my shelf.
  17. And this finishes my work thus far for the summer...I am so slow... I painted this guy up with a slight conversion for a friend's Pathfinder character. I really enjoyed it, but ooofff does Tre sculpt small!
  18. Thanks, everyone! I appreciate you all taking the time to like and comment Trodax, I totally agree with you on the "standing" pose of the original sculpt, which is the primary motivator to try and create something different and more "natural". Mamageek, I was very generous with the pinning of the model to the base. The model itself is made of GW's "finecast" and is quite light. The Omega base in contrast is made of relatively dense material. I shared your concerns about balance, but it actually is fairly stable. The blue lines are all freehand...I was quite ready to be done with little lines by the end of the project. I really don't envy the painters that took on the grunts and were doing twenty or forty of the little guys and had to paint all those little lines! Here is the unpainted conversion:
  19. It has been a bit since I've posted here at the forums, but I have been able to get a little bit of brush work in. This piece is part of a charity project that I am participating in. I am quite honored to have gotten to work with great group of artists from around the country for this. Some well known Reaper denizens including Martin Jones and Aaron Lovejoy have also painted up pieces for this year's Battle of Macragge charity armies for the NOVA Open Charitable foundation to benefit Doctors Without Borders. This critter is painted in the Hive Behemoth colors, along with the rest of the 1850 point army. His tail and 3 of the 4 limbs are converted/sculpted by myself to give it a more dynamic pose and to fit more in line with the fluff from the codex--apparently this thing floats in the air with the gasbags on its back and pulls itself along with the tentacles. A huge thanks for Andy "Talespinner" Pieper for his guidance in the sculpting process. The Omega bases have been specially created for the army and are currently available for a limited time at Secret Weapon Miniatures. 95% of the proceeds from the raffle of both armies with go to benefit Doctors Without Borders as well as a portion of the sale of the bases. If you have a moment, please check out the site at www.novaopenfoundation.org. There are actually five armies being raffled off for various charities. As always, questions and comments most welcome. PS: Reaper Admins: If I have overstepped my bounds with the promotion of the project, let me know and I can scale it back. Thanks!
  20. Brilliant! Congratulations on a well deserved golden Sophie on this one! Your pieces continue to be a great source of inspiration on storytelling.
  21. I hope everyone is recovering from ReaperCon this year! I was totally bummed to not make it this year, but hope to get back there next year. I worked on this guy over the past month. He is part of a group painting project at our local game store. I learned a lot on this one about freehand. As always, comments and critiques most welcome. I'll be happy to answer any questions as well. I plan on doing a SBS tutorial on the checkered barding in the near future.
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