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  1. So I think we've pretty much got a firm answer on Reapers presence at GenCon. What about PaizoCon? I know Sean K Reynolds was fishing for interest from the con attendees for a painting contest with prizes from sponsors tied to categories "i.e. best painted reaper mini" Not ever been to a con besides ReaperCon (was either 2006 or 2007) - what kind of presence might one expect to see for this years PaizoCon?
  2. And this is the nice version you married. Now... imagine the MOTHER-IN-LAW dun dun DUNNNNNN!!!!
  3. I wasn't really looking into starting to use Future because I'm quite happy with my Model Master Acryl Flat Clear - I was more asking the question from an accademic standpoint of looking for the possibility of a clear primer and considering the impact on how the finished mini would turn out with no opaque layer to reflect back through the transparent MSP paints. Essentually it would be like painting with no primer coat, but the primer coat would still be there for the teeth factor. Apparently this isn't the product to accomplish that. I don't really have an overall reason for the attempt but was, as the topic subject indicated, attempting to think outside of the box. So, my next question would be for those that do use airbrushes, their opinion of the Vallejo Surface Primers? Specificly the Desert Tan for Zenithal Highlighting of miniatures primarly of a flesh shade.
  4. I've read multiple times that people will use Future Floor Polish as a topcoat to protect as apposed to the multiple sealers available (i.e. the Reaper brush on sealer, or Model Master Acryl Flat Clear ect). It creates a super strong shell around the miniature to protect it. This (Future Floor Polish) is acrylic based yes? If yes - then acrylic based paints will bond/stick to it very well because acrylic things like to bond to themselves. Say - you finished the mini and you put the this Future protect coat on, and then you decided to change one small detail and painted over the protect coat then resealed. That is doable with this stuff yes? I have done so with Model Master Acryl with no issues. Do people apply it via brush, or airbrush? If it is such a strong shell, and clear... could it not be used as a replacement primer? A primer that doesn't obscure because it is clear? I could really go out on a limb here and think, of combining Future + Reaper paint mixed together to create custom base color primer (fair skin color primer)?
  5. A couple of problems I can see... first, the webstore's shopping cart might be a commercial off-the-shelf product with limited/no ability to customize it, and I think with the next two problems some customization would be required -- First, the international shipping. In the Kickstarter the shipping model was that each pledge level had a shipping cost associated with it from $0 to $25. When selecting multiple pledge levels, up to 4 of any one, you pay only the highest shipping cost. Likewise each option or extra set had shipping costs associated from $0 to $5, and again you paid only the highest shipping cost of either the pledge level or the highest priced option, until you reached 5 of any single pledge level or option, at which point you added the associated shipping cost for each additional one above 4. At least, I think I got that right. I think the current shipping calculator is size/weight + destination based. Second, they would also need to partition the store to prevent non-Kickstarter options from being in the same cart as Kickstarter options. The Kickstarter production run will be a separate fulfillment process that means only selections from the KS are going in the box they ship in March. Anyway, both solvable problems, but might add enough complexity that rolling a new webform might be easier. They could still opt to do it, because not reinventing the wheel is a great thing, but it's not as easy as it sounds at first. While on the surface I will admit I didn't take the shipping for international into consideration. I now start to wonder what the % of international donations was. Secondly, how does their existing store handle international shipping? I assumed it would be identical and using the same practices / policies they already had in place. I dont live internationally so I never looked. Am I wrong on that they are not using something different for their existing policies for international shipping? I don't pretend to know reaper's store engine but I am aware they have the capability to generate single use discount codes which was my line of thinking for the amount donated as a discount. They've actually given me a special single use code in the past as a discount code for an error in a reorder. My intention wasn't to try and fit a square peg into a round hole. I guess I miss worded. You can have a separate "store" that uses the same back end engine with modifications. The modifications make the separate instance but accomplishes the need to not reinvent the wheel of having to come up with something completely new to fill the need they have. As I see it, to use my idea, the data they need to get from Kickstarter really just boils down to Who donated What total amount (John Smith = $275) to build the discount code and how to contact them individually by email (John Smith = [email protected]). Add in a specific number of the discount codes into the system. Generate unique emails to each individual with their specific discount code included (which can be automated) and send out the invite to those specific individuals by waves to reduce the server load over a set period of time.
  6. This might seem like a silly idea but as far as the RPM goes, wouldn't it be simpler to add all the levels available and additional pledge options as unique items to a special section of the already existing Reaper Online store - then generate unique customer codes of "store credit" in the amount already pledged by each individual. This solves the issue of being able to pick and choose what you want to get for donation AND allows you to give more by buying more items if you so desired but were unable to. I mean, why attempt to reinvent the wheel. You've already got the infrastructure storefront. For quality assurance, you can even release the codes in waves so as to prevent server overload and not be hit with 17k+ orders in one day.
  7. I was being good and updating my Amazon wishlist for my family because of the upcoming holidays. I tripped across this item. For those that are having trouble taking pictures of their mini this may help. It has the difuse screen built into a tent shape, two lights and a tripod to attach to your digital camera. A nice storage case to keep it all together when not in use too (yea right ) It's also pretty cheap at $35 for something that could help this much. I don't know if anyone has run across this item before and posted it as well, but I though, better be safe than sorry. It is made by AMERICAN RECORDER which you can search them out (and pay twice the price ) or go to Amazon.com and buy from them. Both sites has three types that you can get, but I'm providing a link to the smallest and most economical. The link for Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000MMI87...d=2S16O0SGUCC2X
  8. If it is a mascot or iconic to be used by something, maybe he is fishing for a name to call him... hence the lack of anything followed, just the picture. Sylvester? Sammi? Should it even start with an "S" or should it perhaps be promoted up to "T"? R= Reaper S = Sophie T = ... him? Tommy seems good and keeps in theme of the child-cartoonish.
  9. Clear and thin so I guess we're going with this is a soaking type. How often would one use this (once a week/month)? I imagion the answer would be difficult to answer based on individual painting habits and the amount of time used on the brush. Would over using this solution damage or weaken the ferule? What about the duration of the soak? 10 minutes/1 hour/over night?
  10. Ok I'll admit it, I've been horribly bad to all my brushes that i've bought over the past years. I never clean them. I've decided recently to switch brush types from synthetic to sable. Since the sable costs more I also decided I'd take better care of the brushes while I'm at it. There are no directions on the bottle of cleaner that I bought so I don't know what to do with it. (FWIW It's Better Way Brush cleaning Fluid") Is this stuff like a soak cleaner item where you set it in it for 30 minutes or is it like a follow up to water when you dunk your brush in water, you dunk it in this stuff. Do you let it set in it or rinse it with water afterwards.
  11. Ok so I know it is just a little bit early to start packing... I started looking around the house and started making mental notes of what I wanted to take. Then I looked in the closet at the one suit case we own. I'm going to need to get creative with my packing of this suit case. What are some things that people planing on bringing? Am I really going to want my dremel? Is it a good idea to put an arisol spray can into standard non-carry on luggage? Will it explode at 10,000 feet? If I put it in all in the carry-on will they take it away from me, and how do I explain why I want to take spray paint and power tools on an airplane with me?
  12. Kavidium

    Who is going?

    I get to go this year! I used to post, but the last year and a half have been just lurking (I've not had a real vacation in 6 years.) Time off submitted to the boss (and approved!). ReaperCon Ticket purchased. 7 of the 8 classes I wanted to take purchased. Anne Foerster - Critique: Intermediate Robert "Jester" Cruse - Miniatures Prep and Assembly Anne Foerster - Basic Color Theory Anne Foerster - Working With Color: Applied Color Theory Doug Jones- Painting Freehand Designs John Bonnot - Painting Non-Metallic Metals Ali "Jubilee" Scheirman - Basic Skintones Flight booked. Car booked. Hotel booked.
  13. Kavidium

    Class Schedule

    So if I don't see a particular class in the online store, it's capacity is filled? I've not been to a ReaperCon yet, so my next question would be is if a class is full, is it possible to audit - just listen and watch instead of participate?
  14. Been lurking for quite a long time and not posting pics or comments. I've got to say that the two pictures are not of the same item, or either he painted the bust twice. I did a side by side compair on the screen. There are no glaring white huge stiches around the bust (expecially the two at the temples) he is actually holding. The eye area does not have any blue extending down into the upper cheak. There are other small details that if you look long enough you'll notice. These pictures are totaly different items. I would say that the picture he posted on the other site is, a drawing from who he was trying to emulate which he hoped to accomplish. The picture on Reaper's site is what was actually accomplished. The bust is fabulous, but the othersite is rather misleading and I'll still call it as two seperate items unless I see it personally.
  15. Is there any other dragon of the size catagory and by itself as in 2452: Amber Dracomancer with Dragon Perhaps 2539: Silver Dragon? Does anyone know if that is approximately the same size catagory? It looks like it is the next size catagory larger? I don't have a d&d shop ANYWHERE near me so I can only mail order, and all I know of is Reaper. Help?
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