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  1. Doublesix66

    Jasper vs. Big Stompy Robots

    you're forces are starting to assemble nicely love seeing an army slowly progress
  2. Doublesix66

    Corsair's CAVs

    Great work here corsair i might nick the terran paint scheme as it looks cool, also might have temped me to do my rach in that bold style as well. As regards bases which people have mentioned I got some MDf thin ones done to base mine on I just like the not as think bases which the one provide are http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/78751-cav-utf-painted-force-pic-heavy/&tab=comments#comment-1672657 regards '66'
  3. Doublesix66

    Cav Adon painted force (pic heavy)

    Yep i've got 40 cavs and 32 vehicles & 4 aircraft to do for this force... must be mad Right got some progress on these done the shading still quite happy with the tanks but still unsure about it on cavs will have to do a couple more test pieces, also cut the flying base down for one of the graves tanks as i think they look a little high atm you can se the two heights in the pictures once I've done the base I might warm to it a little more laters ..
  4. Doublesix66

    Minivember: The Last (2018)

    Those SOB miniatures are really nice for a boardgames pity it took them so long to get it produced, it did put a lot of people off.
  5. Doublesix66

    Old School Bloodbowl Teams (GW) (pic Heavy)

    Following on here are my other painted teams Amazon Halfings with Treemen as backups I played these in one league and they were called "the Flying Desperados' And finally My Skaven Team I used the old Rat ogres as line men with the strength attribute also long legs and multiple arms included here Now comes the hard bit which team should I paint next Human Chaos Undead Necromantic (mummies) High Elves Lizardmen Dwarfs Dark Elves Chaos Dwarfs Pro Elves (elf union) Gobins Ogre Orcs hummm... I am tending towards the Chaos Dwarfs laters
  6. Nice, I like seeing the way painting progresses it might look a bit messy at 1st but then the finished article starts to shine through, I use the brown starting colour/stain like you when painting smaller figures such as the old Warmaster 10mm figures.
  7. Doublesix66

    Jasper vs. Big Stompy Robots

    A friend of mine got the robotech KS I took one look at all the sprues and thought good luck not touching them too many parts for each one thats the beauty of the Cavs not a lot of parts to put together.
  8. Doublesix66

    Cav Adon painted force (pic heavy)

    thanks, yep these are tester pieces i suppose I could reverse the strips by painting yellow 1st with the green bits being added but might be a bit fiddly compared to the current way will tinker to see the best result for minimal effort as I've got 30+ of these to paint in all
  9. Doublesix66

    Old School Bloodbowl Teams (GW) (pic Heavy)

    Here's my Undead team (necromantic Horrors as the new lists has them) Also heres a painted Vampire counts team
  10. Doublesix66

    Jasper vs. Big Stompy Robots

    Looking good, you're a lot neater painter than the way i paint i do like the cockpit colour with the purple , are they going to be camo or purple & black look forward to the progress.
  11. Getting all, I have just been painting up a couple of teams for my friends to play blood bowl again, I haven't played for years since I was in the Waterbowl league, it was fun to paint up some fantasy again been doing a lot of sci-fi-fi and Modern military recently so it was a welcome change and has spurred me on to dig out the box with all my unpainted teams in it and get one done each month. This was the progress of the Wood Elf team which are called the 'Bare Arsed Chiefs' Nearly finished just needs the bases/numbering doing The other team team I was doing at the same time was a norse one same stage just needs the bases/numbering doing Been fun as I said I'll get some pictures of my other teams done which are Skaven, Undead (with werewolves), halfings, Vampire Counts, Amazon Raided my bits box to add some Team Score, turn & re-roll markers Just deciding which team to do next .. any requests
  12. Doublesix66

    Cav Adon painted force (pic heavy)

    Right Some forward momentum with the painting, BB figures pretty much finished bar the bases & Numbers so heres my progress on the Adon vehicles : Added the darker strips tanks look ok Cav but we'll how they look when finished So getting there once shaded will be interested to see how they look after all these are test pieces for the rest of the anon force I'm also starting a new thread for the Bloodbowl figures laters
  13. Doublesix66

    Minivember: The Last (2018)

    Good luck looks like quite a task your want to achieve there looking forward to seeing the progress
  14. Nicely done feels good to set yourself a task as hard a this with the time constraints and complete it