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    Guthrie's Temple Dragon (03720)

    Looks really good, the basing is awesome too!
  2. Lucian523

    Enigma Fiama 32mm - My First Mini

    I don't know how other people usually do this, but I like to do my washing before applying the highlights and top layers of paint, to minimize the issue.
  3. Lucian523

    Drizzt and Guenhwyvar - D&D

    These look really cool looking, great job!
  4. Lucian523

    Elf Ranger Flat - Desert Edition

    This is really awesome, I love the subtle shadows of the bow, bowstring, and arrow on the clothing. Great choice of colors! Is there a backside picture too?
  5. Lucian523

    Ogre Chieftain - 77566 (Ogre Command)

    Great job on the armor, the dungeon door shield is really cool too.
  6. Lucian523

    60034: Seoni, Original Version - Blue

    Looking very good, welcome to the forums, hope to see more in the future.
  7. Lucian523

    Hobby Report - First and Best (so far)! [Group/Open]

    This is a pretty cool thread, this upcoming September will be the one year mark for my mini painting. The male knight on the left is one of my very early minis, he has no shading what so ever. The female knight is the most recent I think it's mini # 28, though I'm still struggling with certain things, photography included lol.
  8. Lucian523

    My Next Group of Minis (8)

    Hi Everyone, I've decided to give the WIP thread thing a 2nd try. I hope 8 isn't too many mini's to include in one thread. But now I've got this idea that I'm going to paint them in an assembly line type fashion and see how that turns out. The two mini's that I've already started on are the last two of the DGS mini's (on the right side) The two on left are both Reaper Mini's (Technic Captain & Eando Kine) I used a hobby knife to saw away at Eando's right hand until I could separate his hand from his body, then I bent his arm until it was near a 90 degree angle. I then used a pin drill to drill out a slot in his hand, so after I attach halberd I'll need to fix his hand too. The halberd is modded too, I added the spear tip by pinning on the top portion of a sword blade. I kind of wish I had some sculpty material, but it turned out okay in the end. I also added the sword/gladius to the valkyrie, I didn't know if the hilt would interfere with her shield arm so I pinned it onto the back, I kind of wish it was on the side now, but it's too late for that. Last but not least I bought 4 hasslefree mini's, I decided to try out the resin ones, these will be the first resin mini's I'll try to paint. I still have to wash these, the two mini's on the left I've already assembled, the one on the far right, I'm holding off on adding her shield until later, since it gets in the way of the face. The dwarf will also have a shield on his backside, I'm not sure if I want to attach it now or later. The last picture shows the difference in scale, the dwarf is the shortest of the Hasslefree mini's and the Ragnar looking guy is the tallest. I may have a hard time painting their eyes. So I have 3 goals in mind for these mini's they are 1) Use a lighter palate/selection of colors, all the last mini's of mine have had a very dark look, so I want these to be significantly lighter. 2) Get better at shading the weapons, I'm going to try to use color blending on the sword/axe/spear blades 3) To buy some basing material and give that a try on this round of minis (I may practice on a few old ones first). Thanks for looking, I'll be asking for some tips/advice as I proceed with these.
  9. Lucian523

    The NecroBard, Cyr's Lucky DSM Glitch

    I would use small wire cutters then file the rest of the hand off with a small file. I'm curious to see what others say.
  10. Lucian523

    Darksword miniatures: Male Warrior w/ Greatsword

    Wow that's a pretty cool mini, I haven't seen that one yet. I'm going to vote for leather boots too after looking at them a couple times. Do you still play UO?
  11. Lucian523

    Help with Kristianna & Bergun

    I like the idea of going with a lighter yellow on the amulet, you could also decide to go even lighter (white) with ease if you decided to after see how the yellow pans out.
  12. Lucian523

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: Duo of Drowners

    Another +1 for the skin color! Everything else looks good too.
  13. Lucian523

    Sheila Heidmarch

    Personally I think it's a really good color scheme. This is just my opinion based on my experience, but I'd say that you can't get good at something without trying it! I don't see the white and black as being a disaster, but maybe there could have been a few more intermediate layers of color building up to the highlights. For the face I think it looks pretty good, you might if you feel up to it make the whites of the eyes and pupils a bit bigger. If you wanted a natural lip color I think you could paint them a bit darker skin tone then highlight the upper part of the bottom lip a lighter color.
  14. Lucian523

    01602 - Reaper Miniatures 25th Anniversary, Tara The Silent

    That coppery color goes with the green oh so well. I fyou don't mind sharing, what material did you put on the base for the dirt/stone?
  15. Lucian523

    Broken God Cairan - an ub3r Show off

    Nice work, the basing looks really cool too.
  16. Lucian523

    Good morning, Midgar!

    Exceptional, the flowers in the basket did you have to add those? They look super life like.
  17. Lucian523

    Five Bones A Day for 30 days! (Completed!)

    They look good, thanks for sharing.
  18. Lucian523

    Barnabus Frost, Pirate Captain

    Lookin good, I really like his basing too!
  19. Lucian523

    Berserker, Male & Female Knight

    Here are the next three minis, which complete the set of 4 knights that I bought. I went with a blue team theme for them, to contrast the red theme that the second team of roman looking era minis will get. I need to get a better light for my lightbox, the small LED lamp that I thought would work doesn't appear to be bright enough, which makes me have to use the camera flash still. On the Berserker (ugh it's early morning and I can't spell well), I painted him to be all NMM style except his belt buckle. On the two Knights I painted their armor NMM, then used metallics for the highlights, and on the weapons, and accessories. After painting the first Knight (one in the last picture with the gold cloak) I went back to doing the outlined style eyes. For the Berserker and Female Knight, I painted their armor with a dark blue gun metal color, I don't think it shows up too well in the pictures though. The Male Knight I freehanded his shield, but the other Knight had the design already cast onto her shield.
  20. Lucian523

    Egg of Coot's Random Retro Repaints (Pic Heavy)

    I like some of these old sculpts, particularly the dynamic ones. Great job bringing them to life.
  21. Lucian523

    Photo Gallery from World Expo - Chicago

    Wow that train yard is pure craziness and I think definitely takes the cake. Thank you for sharing!
  22. Lucian523

    Damian, Tiefling Wizard

    Nice job with the dark color palate. I like the lightning affect on the orb.
  23. Lucian523

    Hydra Hunting Party Challenge

    Nice lookin color schemes, I like the skin tone too.
  24. Lucian523

    Knight, Gladiator, & Legionnaire

    Hi so these are my first non Reaper brand mini's, these are the first 3 of 8 DGS brand mini's that I'm painting. Then I think I will do another round of Reaper mini's when these are done. On these mini's I tried to focus on learning how to paint the NMM look. so no metallic colors were used except on the buckles of the Legionnaire. The Gladiator is my first attempt at painting Black color armor, I wasn't really sure what to do here. I think of the three of them the Knight's armor came out the best.Any tips for painting black armor? Also I made a light box! but the pictures still came out a lot darker than I thought they would. I think it's because I was still using the camera flash.
  25. Lucian523

    Thorvbald the Rune Mage

    I really like the shading on this guy.