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  1. Looks really good, how do you paint so fast though?
  2. Hi so these are my first non Reaper brand mini's, these are the first 3 of 8 DGS brand mini's that I'm painting. Then I think I will do another round of Reaper mini's when these are done. On these mini's I tried to focus on learning how to paint the NMM look. so no metallic colors were used except on the buckles of the Legionnaire. The Gladiator is my first attempt at painting Black color armor, I wasn't really sure what to do here. I think of the three of them the Knight's armor came out the best.Any tips for painting black armor? Also I made a light box! but the pictures still came out a lot darker than I thought they would. I think it's because I was still using the camera flash.
  3. This is a great WIP thread, I think I may have to try this alternate eye painting method sometime.
  4. Nice Job on them all, I like the NMM !
  5. I've had pretty good luck with the Vallejo paint on primer myself using them to paint the metal Reaper minis. I haven't had any issues with the paint adhering or going on smoothly. I don't have any experience with the Wizkids/Piazzo pre-primed minis though.
  6. Looking good, I like your basing too.
  7. Great work, especially on the gems, how are you liking the non-metalic metal look?
  8. The eyebrows look great! I also think using a dark color for the mouth was a good idea, in order to get color differentiation. On the female mini's I like to use a dark lip color then high light the bottom one to get the color differentiation. Like on the Nonalla, I painted. But I haven't yet figured out what to do for the male ones, maybe I'll try a darker brownish or darker flesh color for their lips. The freehand on the cloak is great too.
  9. They look quite good, with the small exception of the back of the guy on right's cloak I don't see any lines. I think you did really well on the bases, I can't see any lines there at all.
  10. I really like the colors used for the leather armor on the rogues.
  11. Lucian523

    14552: Sylph

    Great choice of colors!
  12. Those all look awesome! Were those the bases that came with the mini's? Nice job on the shading, I really like the blue to purple fade, and the wolf pelt too!
  13. Hello again everyone, I've decided to just abandon the idea of a WIP thread because I don't login often enough to post the updates. Anyway here are my next three mini's, all from Reaper.Thor, Telemnar, & Nonalla. For the Thor mini, I decided against going lighter on the highlights on the hair and fur...ugh I just realized you can't really see the fur in the pictures :/ For the Telemnar mini, I painted a wood grain design on both side actually, but on the outside it's really subtle since it's been painted over. The shield came out well, The silver part of his armor not so much. I tried dark washing and brushing it but to no avail. I think everything else turned out well, I tried to highlight the hair too but it doesn't show well in the pictures. Nonalla was the last mini, but the first mini I've every tried OSL on. I think I did a pretty good job, the yellow is where the fire is closest, and it's more orange/red further away. Maybe I should have tried to highlight the tips of the fire too? This mini was specifically bought to be a practice mini. I'm working up to eventually painting the Domur High Mage Anniversary mini. C&C requested, how can I do better next time? Oh and someday I'll get some basing and flocking, when I order the next set of mini's. Thanks!
  14. Hi Baldur, I normally like to use Reaper's Rosy Highlight color, then mix it about 60/40 with some goldenrod color, and a touch of red. I found that produces a bit darker Caucasian skin color. Then to highlight the nose and stuff I just use the Rosy Highlight by itself, for the nose, chin, forehead and such. But you might try making the skin color a bit darker, then shading over the high spots with the lighter color again. You could try to make a wet palate to deal with the lack of humidity issue also, i think the larger brush, but with a fine tip recommendation is good too. Great start, just curious is that the bones or metal mini?
  15. Hi So, I think I'm finally done with the barbarian, I'll try to get a couple better pictures of him in the next day or two. The Elven warrior, is mostly turning out well. I has a lot of trouble trying to dry brush the edges where the reliefs are, so I ended up painting it all silver. (I had also trying to dark wash the indentations, but it never turned out well.) I didn't really like his shield design...but when I painted over it I could still see the old paint underneath, due to the thickness difference. So I ended up using a toothpick and scraping it all off..I'm going to re-prime that section of the shield and try again. I really like the wooden board design on the inside of the shield...I'm kind of wondering If I should try to paint the outside to look similar now. Then I could paint a coat of arms or something over the board design. For the sorceress, I decided to give up on the khaki pants, they are charcoal color now. I still haven't gotten good at painting light color clothing. This will be the first mini, I try to do a bit of object source lighting for. I had highlighted the hair already but the black wash must have been to thick, as it's now almost all black again. I think I'm ready to start lighting the red for the 2nd coat, and doing the same for the purple. Thanks!
  16. I really like the shield design on your Isabeau.I also like the shield with the runes and the one with the crown and checking. Did you paint all of these? I see you have more than one of some of them.
  17. I really like the highlighting on this mini.Hmm painting boards on the bases, I think I'll have to try that sometime.
  18. Hi everyone so I'm currently working on painting the 3 reaper mini's painted below. From left to right; Nonalla, Thor, and Telemnar. I'm mostly working on Thor pictured in the center first. Also for picture taking...Are the pics with flash better than the no flash pics? I've attached both for reference. No flash first, then the flash pics are second. So for Thor the barbarian its hard to tell, but I tried to dry brush his hair a lighter brown. I've just watched some of Ghool's painting videos on Youtube. Am I a lot better off if I try to actually paint on the highlights, or can dry brushing it on be sufficient? Also I'm having some trouble with his fur, I tried dry brushing a light brown/white over it, but is doesn't really look very good, what can I do to fix it? Or do I just need to go with an even lighter color? Thanks in advance!
  19. I really like this mini, it looks awesome! Thank you for showing us how this is being done.
  20. Hi I just started watching the videos on this channel today but they seem pretty good. The link is in the first post. You'll need to click where it says Ghool's Painting Tips. It auto imbededed or whatever.
  21. Sure thing, so I paint the mini text using a magnifier and a small brush like a 20 or 30, but you can use a larger brush so long as the point is fine. I prefer the smaller brush because I hold it by the metal ferrule when painting the text, whereas I normally use the brush handle for normal painting. I feel like I have better control with the smaller brush, the downside is the paint dries on it rather fast. I hold the brush like I would if I were using it to write, then I basically try to write in cursive. Hmm I guess learning that in grade school actually was useful.
  22. Thank you very much for posting this! As a new painter this sounds like it will be a ton of help. Watching some of his videos this evening
  23. Hi here are my next four reaper mini's, I'll start with the order in which I painted them. The left Dwarven cleric I painted first, I painted him to be a bit more of a wizard even though he's wearing armor. He was also the only mini in the group I painted metallic armor on. The next Dwarven clericI wanted to try a NMM style out on him, I black washed his armor too much and it came out rather dark, but I decided I liked it. I also freehanded the book. I painted the Rogue/Bounty Hunter next, Instead of black washing the armor I tried to use lighter colors to highlight it. I also freehanded her a nifty treasure map, instead of the usual wanted poster. Last but not least I've painted the Warlock, he's actually the first character I painted predominately black. I did shade the the black cloak but it seems after I put on the Vallejo sealer it darkened the shading . For his crystal on the staff I decided to go for an inverse look, instead of making the edges lighter I made them darker. I meant to paint a pentagram on his scroll, but I forgot ! C & C welcome of course! Minis are from left to right; Kyla Bounty Hunter, Barden Barrel Strap Dwarf Cleric, Grayrune Dwarf Cleric, Saltheras, Elven Warlock. They're all reaper mini's , Sorry I didn't add that originally.
  24. I really like the color scheme and the freehand on the shield is awesome!
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