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  1. Hi It's been a while since I posted, I've got the next 4 mini's done. I decided it was easier to just post them as a group. Dwarf Halberdier 14397, Collin 03507, Alfred Redlute 02186, Bertrand Monk 02829, I think the monk's shading came out the best of this group, but it doesn't really show in the pics too well. I wish there was a bit more room between the eyes and eye brows. I've been painting the eyes larger lately, but on the next group, I think I will paint them a bit smaller. I broke off the end of the rope on Collin, since it was going to break anyway. I think his skin color came out better than the others. I've been trying to get better at shading the hair, it kind of shows up in the pictures.
  2. Lucian523

    Krug, Hill Giant and Satheras, Male Warlock

    I really like the skin tone colors you used on the giant. Also the basing you used for Saltheras, what is it? I looks awesome.
  3. Lucian523

    Cimri Staelish, Pathfinder rogue (conversion)

    Awesome conversion, I would have never known that if you hadn't told me. I hope I can get so fast at painting!
  4. Lucian523

    77323: Blightfang

    Great paint scheme!, also the speckles add a great color contrast! I look forward to seeing more of your minis.
  5. Lucian523

    Joeliyn the Blade Sister

    Hi Thank you for your great comments everyone! I've actually gotten the next two mini's painted I just haven't taken pictures of them yet. I'm making working making on shading my main focus for future minis :)
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    Joeliyn the Blade Sister

    Joeliyn the Blade Sister SKU 14604 I actually finished painting this mini nearly a month ago, but am just now posting it. Overall I’m happy with the results although I’m still working on figuring out how to shade the hair and face. Originally I painted the hair black to shade the blonde over it, but the dry brushing didn’t work too well. Its hard to see but I used two colors for the blonde. I used two colors of silver for the armor too. Painting that half eye was surprisingly difficult, much more so than the full eye, I had to try several times. I’m experimenting with the lighting to try to get the colors to show up better in the pictures. I added trimming and lapel pins to the red cloak to try to make it less plain. Hope you like the paint scheme!
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    Freida Krueger (77363: Deva) for the RPChallenge

    I really like the color scheme too, and also the blending of the orange and red on the dress. The base and mini look like they were made for each other!
  8. Hell Knight Captain SKU 60127 I’m not sure why this guy is called a hell knight captain, while he looks like a captain he certainly doesn’t look hellish. Anyway this mini looked cool so I decided to buy and paint him. I think he looks more like a late Roman Era or Byzantine Knight so I tried and went for that sort of look. This was the first mini where I decided to shade the armor, I painted the breastplate metallic steel over black and then tried to shade the leather a dark brown. I shaded the sword and scabbard, and tried to use a light silver on the edges of the hilt and gold ensign to give it more definition. I also shaded the pants and shirt. I decided to experiment and dark wash the red cloak, I also washed the beige clothing to add more contrast. I decided to freehand a beard on him to make him look a bit older, I tried salt n pepper hair but it didn’t turn out well, so I reverted back to plain brown hair. Cardolan Ranger SKU 02565 Next I painted the human ranger with the goal of becoming better at shading in mind. For this mini I dark washed his studded leather armor and the broach while using lighter colors to highlight the edges. I also highlighted the edges of the bow, quiver, and scabbard although its hard to see in the pictures. I painted his cloak a dark green then dry brushed a lighter green on top, then I added the emblem to his cloak. I tried to do some shading to the metal edges of the shield, but I think I painted it too light. I think I should have used more color contrast like I did with the sword blade. I’m going to repaint the base of this miniature, since the grass looked rather bad. I used flash for the Back picture to try to capture the shading on the cloak. Isabeau Laroche SKU 03364 I was inspired to paint this mini by the pictures of the awesome ones I’ve seen online. For my mini, I decided to attach the shield arm first before painting. I rotated the arm to be further out to the side, so I could paint the left side of the mini. Most people that I’ve seen seem to paint her as having leather armor, but I decided to go with a metal breastplate over black arming doublet look. This allowed me to get a lot of contrast for the black & silver armor which I think fits well with the red dress color. For the hair I painted it black first, then did two coats of blond over it, I think it turned out pretty good, especially the ponytail! I did some very light shading on the face but I see it doesn't show in the pictures. For the sword & shield I decided to paint both a light nonmetallic grey then shade the edges/high points with silver. I thought about doing a fleur de lise design, but the paint scheme on the mini didn’t look very French, so I decided to try a German eagle type design instead. Malbeth Blackhawk 02495 Originally I had painted all of Malbeth’s armor to have a silver & black theme, but then I decided that the mini was too monotone. It’s difficult to tell especially in the front picture but I used two shades of red on his armor, it shows better in the backside picture. I tried to drybrush his hair with lighter brown highlight but it doesn’t seem to show in the pictures, do I need to move to a more offwhite color? I used a dark silver & light silver for his leg armor. A couple questions; How can I keep the paint from drying on the tip of the brush so fast, when trying to paint the small details, I’m using a 30/0 reaper brush? Are the people who are painting the really detailed mini’s using more magnification? Like 5-10x? Thank you all very much for your comments on my other threads, I’ll try to get some basing/flocking to put on the bases. I was able to get good at painting the eyes because on the first two mini’s I painted them several times! The reaper guide on painting eyes is top notch, I was lucky to read it very early on!
  9. Drake White Raven SKU 03599 Ian Crusader Mage SKU 14214 Drake was the fifth mini I painted and the first to have shading! It took me a couple do the shading, the first time the shading was too subtle, I could see it when painting using the magnifier but not after the painted dried with the naked eye. This was also the first mini which had the outlined style eyes originally, although later I would add that feature to the first two mini’s I painted. I tried to use as many colors as I could on the wizard without making him look tacky, I wanted him to be kind of a flashy figure, after all he’s a young wizard! I didn’t want to leave his cloak plain as I had done on the prior minis I painted. He’s going to be my next D&D/Pathfinder character after the current one (Lorielle) dies off. Per standard procedure I’ve put 3-4 coats of matte varnish on him. I shaded the cloak, the hair, the mage staff, the gem on the staff, the boots, the green shirt, and the greyish pants but I’m having a really hard time getting that to show up in the picture. Any Advice? Ian is the next mini I painted right after Drake, I thought it was a fairly cool mini, although the Drake mini outshines him by quite a bit. Unfortunately when I painted him, I wasn’t really focused on shading, I added a gem to the sword, and shaded the scabbard and scroll case. But his clothing lacks shading, I tried to shade the hair, but I didn’t want to use grey because then I think he would look old. I painted what I perceived to be an arming doublet olive green, then contrasted that with a kind of burnt orange color for his tunic. Overall I think the color scheme that I used on this mini turned out pretty well, I did do some washing on the clothing to try to darken it a bit. I see there is a lot of glare on the 2nd mini, I'll try to keep that in mind when I post my next minis, have 4 left.
  10. Lucian523

    Black Legionnaire & Paladin Initiate

    Black Legionnaire SKU 02490 Paladin Initiate SKU 02795 The black knight was my 3rd mini that I painted, he could have been a paladin I suppose, but I wanted this particular mini to the opposite of the next mini, which would be the paladin. I think the red contrasts the black pretty well, and I like the silver and red scheme I used on the scabbard. Unfortunately because of the visor on the helmet, I wasn’t able to paint the eyes very well. I ended up using a matte color for the sword blade and highlighting the high points with silver. I also highlighted the edges of the hilt a little bit. This is the 4th mini I painted. The original plan for the paladin was to have him wearing crimson red armor, trimmed with white or silver, but when I painted him for some reason the colors did not go well together (likely due to lack of proper shading!) and the mini looked terrible. So I took paint thinner and a toothbrush and scrubbed the mini back to bare metal and repainted him. I’m glad I did as I’m much happier with this paint scheme, although the way I painted the armor doesn’t seem to leave room for shading in retrospect. I had the same problem painting the eyes on this guy because of the visor, so the eyes are the simple style.
  11. Lucian523

    Drake White Raven & Ian Crusader Mage

    Thanks! Before painting these metal reaper minis I sacrificed a few of my prepainted Pathfinder minis and 5 reaper bones minis in the name of learning. I found out the paint over varnish didn't stick well on the pathfinder minis, and the bones minis, I must have used the wrong primer, the paint didnt seem to adhere to them well either So thats when I bought new automotive primer and metal minis. That taught me that I needed a better magnifier (I only had a 2x at the time), smaller brushes ( i tried to trim down larger brushes with not so good results) and that I needed to watch some youtube videos. The youtube videos helped me a lot, even though I wouldn't start using all the techniques right away. I was also VERY fortunate to read the reaper eye painting guide early on. On the first two minis I had to paint their eyes, 5-6 times each to get them right, but it paid off in the end now I can paint them correctly about 50% of the time. Eventually I'll also work on getting some flocking as someone suggested to me in an earlier thread and work on the basing.
  12. Lucian523

    Year in review, 2016 Edition - Very picture heavy

    I really like the designs that you painted on the cloaks, also the lighting from the mage staves is awesome!
  13. Hi I just joined these forums but have been looking at them for a few months now, so far I've painted 10 minis. I'll make post for them, 1 post for two minis. Hope you enjoy! These were my first two test pilot mini’s that I painted about 3 months ago. Both mini’s have been revised, the Lorielle mini I have recently revised heavily. These mini’s I’ve coated with matte varnish several times so the paint holds up for gameplay. I also don’t store them loose. Lorielle, before painting this mini I had looked at the forums, which inspired me to paint mine similar to another one that somebody else had done. Originally when I had painted this mini, I did not have any shading done on it and the eyes were not outlined although I did mix the custom colors for the almost black armor and the blue dress. I recently went back and painted over the matte varnish to add shading to the mini, I’ve shaded the hair (kind of difficult to see), the bow, the dress, the pouches and belts, and added outlining to the eyes. I ended up having to completely repaint the right eye, I now wish I would have made the eyes blue to match the dress, but I didn’t think of that and painted them the standard black. This next mini is the second mini which I painted, I have not gone back and tried to add any shading to it, I think I’m going to leave it as is. This is about what the first mini looked like in terms of quality before I overhauled it. The bow hand broke off twice despite me using JB weld, so I had to pin drill it ( sadface.jpeg). Well I ended up pin drilling it kind of crooked and the pin drilled arm is now a bit longer than the other arm (Grrrr). Originally the cloak was dark red on both sides, but the paint chipped on the other side before I varnished it, I wasn’t able to make the paint the same color again, so I painted it Lilac color on the outside. Overall I think it came out okay, but I still like the first mini much more.