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  1. I feel like this is a reaction to the oversaturation of heroes from past zombicide kickstarters. We get the same number of singletons, but more enemy variety instead of even more heroes with the balance concerns there. I prefer that balance.
  2. I backed The Edge and Nemesis. For both, the depth of detail seemed good, but there is a decent amount of flash to clean up. I'm happy with the quality, found it comparable to recent CMON plastic, albeit with more flash.
  3. I'm always sure I'll be able to skip their next kickstarter. And then they make me an offer I can't refuse. Lava is pretty niche, or so I keep telling myself....
  4. My snake statue had the same apparent defect. I went after it with a hobby knife to make it look more like a damaged scale.
  5. Yeah, as Talion said. Even with an imperfect color match, though, the penning of the edges can look much better for more colorful pieces. The gray does look fine on its own, just not quite as fancy as the promo pictures. For the bulk of past sets, the walls were neutral enough that the gray doesnt seem out of place.
  6. The price is much cheaper than Dwarven Forge or other 3d terrain, and the quality control and overall quality has gone up with each Kickstarter. Naturally it's pricier than self printed cardstock, but it's much easier to get ready for use, and very compact to store the walls. For newcomers, be aware the edges come gray by default. They have use pens by hand to add that extra detailing, which looks even better...but is time consuming. I've had only good experiences with their terrain kickstarters, and backed each one since the fantasy one.
  7. Fair warning for those on the fence for this. CMON has listed two KS exclusive expansions for the game now.
  8. I didn't catch that the rocks and so forth are hollow, too. Should help on the storage space for some pieces, which is a big plus to me.
  9. Thanks for sharing. Would be nice to see this in a KS update instead of only their facebook page. I am perfectly happy to have new myth content coming, but the timing will be important....and support infrastructure for the game proper - errata, etc, from the new custodians of the product line. And it needs to be something more than "Kickstarter 2.5 relaunch of the main game."
  10. They did a little better comparatively on ks2, forbidden fortress: 11 months late for US delivery of wave 1. But the shipping was still exorbitant in comparison to other ks. And any of the commercial add ons seem worth waiting for retail, since there is not a pledge manager discount off retail pricing, AND they charge major shipping. If you like their models, and can deal with the assembly, they have delivered twice. I will caution this ks seems more rushed, though; only renders and a whole lot if concept art, compared to painted resin pictures in ks2. The assembly time puts me off for this, as the quality of models is lower than cmon still though better than ks1 starter sets. Why should I spend all the extra time cleaning sprue connection points for a less detailed model?
  11. Next Shadows of Brimstone campaign is live, with early bird option only on the all in pledge. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1034852783/shadows-of-brimstone-adventures Spanish conquistadors and Norse vikings are the two sets this time, and it's a short campaign. Still requires assembly from sprues for the minis. Flying Frog is usually very late to deliver, but did ship at least wave 1 of their last kickstarter.
  12. I picked up a couple of epic monsters in first KS and was disappointed in their size: was expecting "huge" in Pathfinder terms and got larges instead. For the price, and that they are totally optional and not in any story missions, would recommend against them. The base game is quite difficult without them, imo. I can say the ks exclusive 3d plastic spawn markers are super helpful, as there are so many tokens on the board. I went for the rest of plastic tokens this time.
  13. This is a useful idea, and seems easy as an alternative to posts from the old terralinx sets, or to anchor battle systems terrain. But the mat size seems weird, and they could use addons which are just mats and bases. The page seems to be missing info on what countries they will ship to, which seems important...
  14. Yeah, the pricing seems too high for what they are offering for the physical pledge.
  15. A number of miniatures games from KS have announced they couldnt afford to go retail even though they wanted to. The Edge: Dawnfall, Deep Madness, Mythic Battles Pantheon, want to say another of Mythic Games boardgames.... SteamForged also announced at the last minute they were making certain RE packs KS only, which I had planned to buy retail. I'd like to see companies like this set up preorder quotas after the KS instead of doing reprint KS personally. If we get X preorders we will print and ship. Seems like it would be better for their bottom end and keep games nominally in print as long as demand is there. Also something I'd like to see from DF instead of wishes and guesses on restocks.
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