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  1. @Pingo Sorry to see you go. Your pieces were always so undeniably yours and your one of the only people that I've ever viewed as a miniature artist not just a painter. The expressiveness you could get in faces with your style always felt a bit magical.
  2. Awesome. The whole paint job is great but that gold with the blue looks incredible.
  3. The lionfish motif looks great and, like has been said, the underwater photos turned out really cool.
  4. That is all kinds of awesome. The butterflies really add a ton to the piece. Really like the newly undead skintone. Well done.
  5. This is such a clever idea and you pulled it off expertly. Very nicely done!
  6. Yeah these are super cool. The purple with the green on the skin tone works so well and then bright green glow really makes 'em look lit up with energy. I'm totally stealing this color scheme. Great job.
  7. For the Shirren there are the thri-kreen that have both unpainted and painted versions. Also you could try heroclix grasshopper, kamakiriman, or the drone from the halo series. The Kasathas are tough. Outside of the prepaint in the iconics pack, there's nothing I've seen that really matches the aesthetic. There is a salaak from one of the green lantern heroclix sets that might work. All of the mentioned heroclix should be fairly cheap as singles on the resell sites but they will usually have so so paint jobs. Otherwise wizkids is supposed to release the official starfinder stuff in 2020.
  8. Number 2. While the lighting in number 1 looks like a nicely painted mini, number 2 almost looks alive and it makes me feel slightly uncomfortable (in a good way). Well done.
  9. I would love to see them roll out a Warduke. @Dr.Bedlam I think the X-men release could be a cash cow for them on multiple fronts. Even though there are a million X-men clix out there the paint apps on most are pretty terrible. The ground you can cover with these is immense. Heroclix players who want nicer paint jobs (now introduced to mini painting, DND, pathfinder, etc); Miniature painters/RPGers who wanted to paint/play as/include their favorite superheroes but were put off by the horrible clix paint apps and/or the price/scarcity of previous offerings, now have an option that doesn't involve solvents and brushes and effort (now also introduced to Heroclix); Folks that are just into supes, in general, (introduced to both). This could be a pretty sweet little feedback loop.
  10. Haven't tried it one the Bones transparent minis yet but I've had good results with the Folk Art color shift paints on the transparent parts of the Wizkids unpainteds.
  11. I think the make-up works. The blush and the lipstick look really good and the eye shadow is a really clever way to bring that green into the upper part of the model. The NMM really turned out as well. The blending on the pauldron in particular turned out really impressive. The weathering is the only part that seems to still be missing something to me. Maybe a thin black/dark brown line across the top of the weathering lines could give it some depth in future attempts. She turned out really great though.
  12. Funny, I went the same half-orc route due to the soft facial detail. I really enjoyed the first go round with Cassie and am excited for round two. Thanks for all the pictures. Getting an in depth look into someone else's process has been fun.
  13. She's looking great. The raindrop cloak is awesome. I loved watching the process with the drops. That final highlight always feels like magic.
  14. I would be interested to hear how exactly you did the eye. Loving the whole paint job but you nailed that cataract look. Excited to see this one evolve.
  15. Not sure if it's my favorite still but this was my introduction to my favorite poet Stephen Dobyns Pursuit Each thing I do I rush through so I can dosomething else. In such a way do the days pass—a blend of stock car racing and the neverending building of a Gothic cathedral.Through the windows of my speeding car, I seeall that I love falling away: books unread,jokes untold, landscapes unvisited. And why?What treasure do I expect in my future?Rather it is the confusion of childhoodloping behind me, the chaos in the mind,the failure chipping away at each success.Glancing over my shoulder I see its shapeand so move forward, as someone in the woodsat night might hear the sound of approaching feetand stop to listen; then, instead of silencehe hears some creature trying to be silent.What else can he do but run? Rushing blindlydown the path, stumbling, struck in the face by sticks;the other ever closer, yet not reallyhurrying or out of breath, teasing its kill.
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