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  1. That's an excellent piece of advice. I've almost gotten the first figure done and I'll take a pic of her tomorrow against a different background. Thank you all for your kind comments
  2. Currently I'm working on a set of 5 figures that have a bit of a tribal flavour to them. The first three are from Hasslefree, one is from Red Box Games and the other is from Bombshell Babes. These first 3 figures are at the "okay for tabletop" stage, but I'd like to hone them and take them up to a higher level. When one gets to this stage it is often helpful to have another pair of eyes to help find places where improvement can be made. Here are the first 3 from Hasslefree. All three need more shading and more highlighting. Comments and critiques are welcome.
  3. I love Frostgrave because there is room for so much creativity. I love this!
  4. I like these big projects. These will look great on the table!
  5. Stunning job here. I love the way you did the skin tones. So subtle and very real to life. This is a real stand out piece of work!
  6. The fabric is amazing! The sheen you've given it with those highlights is unreal.
  7. Stunning work on that Sophie. Everything about this figure really stands out. Love those skin tones, really draws the eye to her face.
  8. I'm painting a lot of RBG figures for Frostgrave. They're perfect for it. Yours are coming along nicely. Well done!
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