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  1. awesome, allright thanks for the replys. Any reccomendations on what kind of point totals I should aim for when buying my first few mini's? Also, what is generally considered a good ration of CAV sections to infantry / armor / air sections? Thanks for the information, I'll be at the asylum on the 25th, I'll do my best to have some minis, and a decent understanding of the rules to.
  2. I am an oldschool battletech player, and a copy of the CAV core rules piqued my interest today. Anyway, I am looking to see if anyone around Denton, TX would be interesting in playing or already plays CAV. I obviously do not know the rules system yet, but I should be able toread over the rulebook a few times and get it figured out. If anyone is interested in playing sometime, just reply to the thread or PM me and we can figure out a way to get ahold of each other.
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