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  1. just found this post now and just wanted to clarify for when I get to painting my water elemental. Will any brand of acrylic medium work as an undercoat to try and keep the translucence? Specifically I have Citadel's lahmian medium.
  2. See you at Decode.

  3. Looks great! I have a question though about how the top of the tower fits onto the bottom. I managed to find this set on clearance at the FLGS in my home town and snatched it up . When I look at the top piece of the tower there's a little tab on the end as if there should be a hole it fits into but there's no hole at the spot where it would fit together, though there does appear to be an outline where a slot would be. Did you fit it like this, or even have this little tab sticking out of the roof portion? (pictures attached)
  4. yeah I'm also checking back frequently for the large fire and earth elementals. hopefully soon!
  5. Hello! Is there any chance these bones models might be restocked SoonTM? I'm really looking to get some chromatic hatchlings to paint. #77271 - Blue hatchling http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/hatchling/sku-down/77271 #77272 - Green hatchling http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/forest green/sku-down/77272 #77273 - Black hatchling http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/hatchling/sku-down/77273 #77274 - Red hatchling http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/hatchling/sku-down/77274
  6. I've been waiting until Monday to place my order so I can get the mimic. Unfortunately I see that the holiday paint set is currently out of stock... will this be restocked on Monday? The news post on the front page that showed it along with the prior year models indicated that all those products would be available through the end of Dec.
  7. hm my best bet is probably going to be just ordering the exact stuff from the tutorial from amazon. fortunately it's reasonably priced and has free shipping in Canada.
  8. Hey there. This caught my eye as I started looking for ideas to make an icy base for the Frost wyrm Bones mini I recently finished painting. Although I found that brand of product at Michael's the other day they specifically did not have that crackle paint. The closest I could find was this Art Minds chalk crackle medium (see attached pic). Is this a close enough substitute? After reading the label I'm not so sure. I did discover after the fact that I can order the crackle paint in the OP on Amazon but I wanted to ask about this one as well. Thanks!
  9. well I've finally pretty much finished painting this mini and now I'm moving on to thoughts of what to do to base it. It'd be a 2.5-ish inch base (huge creature) and I'd like to make it look like it has burst out of the icy ground, sort of in the middle of the large slabs of ice where it broke through. Anyone have some ideas for hwo best to go about this? never done any basing.
  10. Hi guys. I worked at dry brushing the body of this frost wyrm last night and I've got that to a point that I like I think. Since this is my stand in for a D&D Remorhaz, what i"m wanting to do is to paint the heated effect on the inside of the frill on its back. As a reference, the picture at this link is the sort of effect I want to go for: http://forum.reapermini.com/uploads/monthly_03_2015/post-3328-0-23417000-1425746221.jpg As far as paint colours go, I do have the fire triad MSP paints (Fire red, Phoenix red and Fire Orange). unfortunately this doesn't include a shade of yellow for part of the brighter effect. My questions are: 1. What would be the best way to go about replicating this effect (i.e. order of painting)? 2. The only yellow paints I have are the Pale Saffron from my Reaper Learn to Paint Core Skills kit and Averlund Sunset by Citadel (which IMO seems a bit too dark of a shade). Would the pale saffron work for this?
  11. lol. I'm pleased that he turned out looking nice & fierce. I went at the facial details as carefully as i could and I recently got a new set of brushes that came with varying sizes of detail brushes so that helped.
  12. This guy was several hours' work, finished him up earlier this evening! I may end up updating the pictures at some point, I'm still trying to figure out the optimal settings on the camera I used.
  13. very interesting. do you know of a youtube video I might watch that uses this technique?
  14. I can be patient (I think lol). Looks like the stuff will be worth the wait. I really am looking forward to seeing what else will be in it besides the three large ones they've already shown
  15. I've noticed a few posts in this thread from people saying they're still waiting for their Bones III Kickstarter orders.. There any truth to that? I'd like to think the items would be shipped within a reasonable amount of time once the campaign ends and that one was 2 years ago from what I've seen.
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