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  1. Consequence

    Bones 4 Dreadmere giant leeches

    What mini is that? I really like how they came out and I could use some good worms.
  2. Consequence

    Beholder and Friends

    Or he just told a joke! “Hey…hey boss, you must be a great teacher; just look at how many pupils you have!”
  3. Consequence

    Bones Ogre

    Great flesh tones!
  4. Consequence


    I love the color scheme. It's perfect for a traveling bard.
  5. Consequence

    77114: Faceless Horror

    Ahhhhh run away. That is truly horrifying; good job.
  6. Consequence

    Oathsworn Burrow and Badgers Pi-rat

    I really like the blending on the pants. Good job!
  7. Consequence

    Beholder and Friends

    I got a camera to take better pictures of some of the miniatures I've been painting. I hope my GM can use them!
  8. Consequence

    Blue Dragonborn

    I used Vallejo paints in a whole mess of colors. Does anyone know how to even out spray primer? It's been coming out very grainy lately.
  9. Consequence

    Blue Dragonborn

    Here is my newest D&D character. There are very few Dragonborn minis so i had to work with what I found. This is Khalla the dragonborn bard. I think I may have a problem with choosing high charisma classes...
  10. Consequence

    Sea Hag

    My party went looking for missing kids.We found one and returned it to safety and then found the cave of the baddie. We fought one but then her sisters showed up. Their horrifying presence shut down several party members( one guy straight up died from fright). After the fight( and resurrection of the party member) we found out that the hags were killing the children to procreate and the child we thought we saved and sent back to the village was actually a new sea hag. It was hunting for more children to consume when we destroyed it. I love it when DM's use creepy children as moral dilemmas.
  11. Consequence

    Anson Durst and Zaal, the Ancestral Advocate

    Wow those are amazing! I hope I can do that someday. The green necrotic fire is perfect!
  12. Consequence

    Sea Hag

    I painted a sea hag for a D&D session and she murdered a party member! My camera sucks so the pics are really fuzzy. Oh well, she was scary in the game.
  13. Consequence

    Margara, Dwarf Mage

    Meet Hatholda Stormforge, a firery wild magic sorceror with lots of charisma to spare! I had a hard time finding a mini for my D&D game but I think she looks like a sorc in these colors.
  14. Consequence

    Goroloth Abolith

    I have watched many hours of Youtube guides on miniature painting! They are very helpful!
  15. Consequence

    77395 Reaper Bones Cadirith Demonic Colossal Spider - Pic Heavy

    Oh my goodness, the base is amazing! This mini is ready for battle!